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About Us

We're dedicated to helping freelance writers succeed. We send you reviews of freelance writing companies, assignments, and the best articles we can produce. Everything is free and delivered via email. You can view our privacy policy here, and our disclaimer. To get started, simply enter your email address in the form on this page.


Paid Publishing Opportunities

$2,450 Humor Writing Challenge

More than ever, we need humor to help us process and deal with the difficulties of the times. If you’re up for finding a path towards bringing humor and joy into the world, then The 2020 Slackjaw Humor Writing Challenge just might be for you. This year they are offering $2,450 in cash prizes, plus…

13 Themed Calls for Submissions ($50 to $400 Per Article)

Here are thirteen calls for articles, covering topics such as video games, technology, music, politics, and, of course, COVID 19. All of these publishers pay the writers they publish, anywhere from $50, up to $400 or more. If you’re looking for more opportunities, The Paid Publishing Guidebook for 2020 is now completely free. Get your…

10 Calls for Short Stories ($100 to $350 Per Story)

These magazines pay $100 to about $350 for fiction. Many accept other genres too, like non-fiction and poetry. They are open for submissions now, or will open shortly. Deadlines are approaching quickly for some calls. – S. Kalekar Flame Tree Publishing: Strange Lands Anthology This is a speculative fiction anthology. Their guidelines say, “Packed with…

8 Publishers Seeking Writers ($50 to $3,000 Per Article)

Dear Writers, Here’s our latest research on publishers that accept submissions directly from freelance writers. We’ve researched payment rates and found editorial contact information to make it easy for you to connect with the right publishers for your work. If you’re looking for more opportunities, The Paid Publishing Guidebook for 2020 is now completely free….

26 Free Writing Contests With Cash Prizes (Up to $50,000)

These are prizes for writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, screenplays, for translators, and journalists. Prizes range from $75 to $50,000. Writers may want to periodically check the organizers’ websites or social media accounts in these difficult and rapidly-changing times for any potential changes to dates or even terms (especially where entries have to be…

$1,900 Short Story Contest – Open to All Writers 18+

Arizona State University and the Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative are currently hosting a free writing contest. The theme: What would our world look like if we actually respected and lived within planetary boundaries, and actually restored planetary damage. For this contest, they are seeking short stories up to 5,000 words in length. The grand…

Nine Themed Calls for Submissions ($50 to $350+)

The following is nine calls for articles, covering topics such as art and artists, COVID-19, quarantine, city planning, homeschooling, and more. All of these publishers pay the writers they publish, anywhere from $50, up to $350 or more. Jacob Jans Fatima Saif contributed to this article. Sixty Inches From Center is accepting “pitches on art…


Case Studies

I’ve charged from $50 a page to $500 a page—Here’s what I’ve learned.

Jenna Inouye According to Indeed, the average salary for a Freelance Writer is $22.22 per hour. But as freelance writers, we don’t get paid by the hour. We get paid by the piece, by the page, or by the word. That can make figuring out our own rates complicated. Over the course of my career,…

How to Find Freelance Writing Clients that Actually Pay

When you think of finding freelancing clients, what happens to you? If you’re anything like I was at the beginning, your chest clenches, it’s difficult to breathe, and the cold sweats take over, while you attempt to Google freelancing gigs. The cool thing is, freelancing gigs are easier to get than you think, and it…

How I Traded $5 Per Article for $1000 Per Article

My writing story goes back to my childhood years. I was the kind of kid who would pick a Danielle Steele novel over going to the race track with my family and friends. I remember being a very keen listener to my parents’ conversations or even the news anchor on TV. I did not do…

How I Went From Getting Paid $30 Per Article To $1999 Per article

My writing career started as a suggestion from a professor while I was getting my master’s degree in psychology. I’d been dreaming of writing for years, but never quite felt comfortable or ready to take the leap. It also didn’t help that the one time I shared my writing dream with someone they asked me,…

I’ve Earned $26,822.86 Writing on Medium in the Last Seven Months. Here’s How.

By Shaunta Grimes I’ve been writing on Medium.com since May 2017. When I started, writers didn’t get paid. The biggest draw was that there were readers there. Instead of posting into the void, people actually read and responded to my work. Big fun! And since the bulk of my income has always come from my…

How I Got My First Paid Publication as a Freelance Writer

By Susan Lewis The first time I was published, I was so excited and happy that someone was actually willing to pay me for my work. I had been trying to get paid for my writing without any luck. I knew it could happen but I didn’t know how to correctly go about it. It…

Case Study: How I Landed a $2,500 Fiction Writing Gig

Case Study:Turning What You Don’t Know into What You Do KnowBy Anne E. Johnson Sometimes landing a great writing client has a lot to do with taking advantage of your unique background outside of writing. And the more creatively you apply that background, the more interesting gigs you can get.  I’m one of those artsy…