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We're dedicated to helping freelance writers succeed. We send you reviews of freelance writing companies, assignments, and the best articles we can produce. Everything is free and delivered via email. You can view our privacy policy here, and our disclaimer. To get started, simply enter your email address in the form on this page.


Paid Publishing Opportunities

How I Found a $150 Writing Gig via Social Media

More Case Studies: How I Earned $1,800 in Writing Income In One Week How I Earned $5,000 for Travel Writing With SEO How I Landed a Gig Writing YouTube Scripts ($200 Each) Social media has become one of the main ways that people earn a living these days. Whether it’s through advertising, product placements, influencer…

How to Write a Pitch that Gets You Published & Paid

Before You Craft the Pitch At 19 years old, Zachary Schwartz was determined to get published on Vice, a major website with millions of visitors a month. He’d never been paid to write before, and had never done any paid journalism. But he was determined. And he succeeded. If you want to write a pitch…

10 Publishers Paying $150+ for Short Stories

These magazines pay $150 for stories, and some pay more; they are open now for submissions, or have reading periods coming up. A few also accept work in other genres, like poetry and nonfiction.  — S. Kalekar  The Cockroach Conservatory: Volume 1 – The Working Zealot’s Guide to Gaining Capital in Pre-Apocalyptic America  For this anthology,…

LiisBeth Pays $2,000 for Feminist Articles

LiisBeth,  the feminist entrepreneur’s digital magazine, pays up to $2,000 for articles. They are interested in “intellectual service articles, profiles, policy critiques, op-eds, interviews, and personal stories regarding experiences in the start-up space, including incubator/accelerator experiences.” They are a “reader and community supported zine that examines entrepreneurship, start-up culture, and the innovation eco-system through a progressive feminist lens.”…

Writer’s Chronicle: Up to $1,280 on the Craft of Writing

Writer’s Chronicle is currently accepting submissions from writers on a variety of topics. They are the official publication for The Association of Writers and Writing Professionals (AWP). The annual AWP conference attracts tens of thousands of writers every year. They are open to submissions from February 1st to September 30th. This publication is sent to…

11 Blogs & Magazines that Pay for Writing About Games

Who doesn’t want to get paid to write about games? The following is a list of 10 publishers open to writing about a variety of games. Some of them focus on video games; others on tabletop gaming.  All of these publishers pay writers. Keep in mind that you may need to negotiate payment with each…

$5,000 Writing Contest for Renegade Journalism

Narratively is currently hosting their second annual Untold Story Award for writers. This year, they’re looking for “Deep Dives on the theme Renegades.” They want proposals for non-fiction reported stories. That means you don’t need to write the story before getting the $5,000. The winner “will receive $5,000 to fund their story.” The contest is…


Case Studies

How I Earned $1,800 in Writing Income In One Week

As freelance authors, sometimes we struggle to land new clients, especially if money is tight or new opportunities aren’t panning out as planned. Pitching our writing skills, posting resumes online and reaching out to positions available on the internet can be rewarding, but these submissions can be buried with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of…

How I Earned $5,000 for Travel Writing With SEO

By Elen Turner I’ve been writing in one form or another for several years. My writing career started with a PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities, and the academic papers that resulted from my research. After leaving academia, I wanted to broaden the type of writing I did (in fact, that was a reason I left academia)….

How I Landed a Gig Writing YouTube Scripts ($200 Each)

By Emma Valentine Landing the first pitch can be difficult. That first e-mail is vital – it sets up who you are, what you’re about, and how capable you are or getting the job done. It sounds obvious, but a well-constructed first e-mail is the only way to put your best foot forward. As a…

How I Negotiated $700 for Ghostwriting Six Pages of Writing

I’ve been a writer for five years now, and although I got my start in the Travel industry, I learned that sometimes you need to broaden your horizons in order to increase the amount of money in your bank account. While travel writers have certainly found ways to earn more, I found that getting experience…

How I Landed a $2,000 Travel Writing Gig Without Previous Experience

By Sue King Taking your first tentative steps into the world of freelance writing can be intimidating. When I started out, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. The first year or so of my travel writing career was a steep learning curve for me. I was however, lucky enough to get a…

How I Landed a Paid Blogging Gig via Freedom With Writing

This writer landed a monthly blogging gig –– fully paid. She found a lead on Freedom With Writing, sent a pitch, and secured the job. Here’s how she did it. Emily-Jane Hills Orford is what some people would describe as a mature writer. With decades of writing experience behind her, she has noticed the many…

How I Earn $500 Per Article as a Writer for My Alma Mater

By Charles McKinney One day three years ago, I received a LinkedIn message from the alumni magazine editor of the graduate school I attended and had graduated from just the previous year. She had stumbled upon an article I had written for the National Journal (now The Atlantic) and wanted to know two things: if…