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About Us

We're dedicated to helping freelance writers succeed. We send you reviews of freelance writing companies, assignments, and the best articles we can produce. Everything is free and delivered via email. You can view our privacy policy here, and our disclaimer. To get started, simply enter your email address in the form on this page.


Paid Publishing Opportunities

32 Publishers that Pay for Book Reviews

Next Show All These magazines, journals and websites publish reviews of books for children and young adults, seniors, women, LGBTQ community; of poetry, fiction, non-fiction; and books that languish on publishers’ backlists, on cinema, education, and religion, to name a few. Many of these magazines also publish work in other genres – features, essays, interviews,…

16 Magazines & Blogs that Pay Writers ($50 to $450)

Next Show All Here are the results of this week’s research for paid writing markets. Included are 16 magazines, blogs, and websites that pay for quality writing. For even more opportunities, be sure to get your free copy of The Paid Publishing Guidebook. Unemploymentville.com is a supportive and friendly place for people who are out…

The Ellen Meloy Award: $3,000 for Creative Non-Fiction

The Ellen Meloy Award is an annual prize to support writers and writing about the desert. Writers are offered $3,000. Writers are also “sent out to the desert to write.” According to their website: “The Ellen Meloy Fund for Desert Writers sends the willing and talented out to the desert to write. The annual award of…

Fiction markets paying $150-$540 for December 2018

Next Show All These fiction markets pay $150 to over $500. Some also accept other genres, like non-fiction and poetry. They are either open now, or have short submission periods coming up. — S. Kalekar Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores They want science fiction, fantasy, myth, legend, fairy tales, and eldritch, in written, podcast, video,…

How to Get Writing Jobs from LinkedIn

Why you should consider using LinkedIn to gain writing contracts Launched in March 2003, LinkedIn was essentially a means for connecting executive recruitment agencies with Fortune 500 executives. It has become an indispensable platform for connecting with business professionals, having an almost completely business focus in all its aspects. Its growth over the years has…

$300 for Travel Writing

World Nomads, an insurance company that offers travel insurance, regularly publishes high-quality travel writing, videos, and photo essays. They want the best travel writers to to share their stories — and they’re willing to pay for it. They pay 50 cents per word for short narratives, and up to $600 for photo essays. According to…

10 Blogs that Pay Writers $50 to $100+

Dear Writers, Every week we hunt down blogs, magazines, websites, etc that pay writers. Here’s our latest research. We’ve included payment rates, and direct links to submission guidelines, to make it easy for you to connect with the right publisher. Topics here include travel, “interesting stuff”, freelance writing, cloud computing, disabilities, and more. Thanks to…


Case Studies

Finding Paid Freelance Writing Work Using LinkedIn ProFinder

Case Study by Rebecca Benison. Background: A digital media professional with 7 of years of full-time writing and social media experience wanted to expand her freelance writing portfolio and earn additional income. She had been working full-time for a marketing agency and occasionally took on freelance assignments as offered through her alma mater – she’d…

How I Became a Regular Columnist for My Local Newspaper

Before I found my gig as a regular freelance contributor for a small local paper, I was working as a high school English teacher who enjoyed some sporadic freelance work on the side. I also maintained a blog all about writing, and I had held one regular, paid (albeit small) role as a contributor on…

How One Email Earned Me $825 as a Writer

When I decided to quit my full-time job in an office in New York City and freelance full-time instead, I had worked for two big digital publishing companies and interned for three. I had the promise of a bare minimum of $1,000 per month thanks to a contract with the entertainment division of the first…

How Everytown, USA Became My Travel Writing Goldmine

By Theresa St. John I decided that I wanted to be a journalist/travel writer in 2013. Of course, like many others starting out, I had big dreams and bright, shining stars in my eyes. I thought I’d be traveling to exotic countries, hosted at five-star hotels, spoiled rotten, all on someone else’s dime. And, those…

How I Earn $100 an Hour as a Freelance Writer (Despite Being Plagiarized)

The year was 2012. I was barely three months into my foray into the freelance world, and I was doing okay (or so I thought.) I hadn’t done much research before signing up to take on clients through a job board to bring in a little extra cash. As a stay-at-home mom of two girls,…

How I Earn $60 an Hour as a Freelance Writer

By Megan Headley Three letters leapt out at me when I read the job ad posted on the weekly newsletter of writing opportunities, and it was an acronym I hoped would mean little to other writers perusing the listings: BIM. To me, BIM meant building information modeling, a new type of technology taking over the…

How I Earn $4,000 a Month as a Freelance Writer

The Mongol Derby That Transformed My Freelance Writing Career For more than 20 years, I worked as a newspaper reporter at weekly and then daily newspapers. In 2015, as papers started trimming down their newsrooms, I decided to become a freelance writer and work from home my home in Anderson located in Anderson County, part…