Announcing the Release of The LinkedIn Goldmine

We are excited to announce the publication of the Linkedin Goldmine. It is now available on the Amazon Kindle.

Who is this book for? It’s for anyone who wants to build a career as a writer. If you want to connect with magazine editors, marketing managers, and publishers then LinkedIn is the place to be. This book shows writers exactly how to build a LinkedIn profile, and then it guides you through the process of building your network and connecting with people who have the best writing jobs.

Get Your Copy of the Book Now.

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We want to thank the readers and subscribers to Freedom With Writing. As you may know, we gave an earlier version of this book to thousands of our subscribers. Your feedback helped us improve the book. Since the initial version, David Masters went through every section of the book, adding more detail, expanding and clarifying various sections of the book.

Why LinkedIn

I first heard about the power of LinkedIn from an old college friend. He was working as a freelance designer in San Francisco, and was earning a comfortable living.

I was curious, how was he finding clients? The answer, it turned out, was LinkedIn. I was surprised. I had largely avoided the website. But this was very intriguing.

LinkedIn, it turns out, isn’t just another place to post photos, or connect with friends.

It’s not just another time wasting social network.

It is a place where jobs are found, money is made, and freelancers are building successful careers. That is why we’ve created this book.

In this book, David Masters goes into detail about how to best use LinkedIn to create a solid base of clients.

By the end of this book, you’ll know how to find possible clients, attract their interest, and build powerful relationships. Relationships that lead to long term success.

I hope you enjoy the book. Your comments, questions, and queries are welcome. Please leave a comment here, or email the author:


Jacob Jans
Freedom With Writing

Your Comments:

  1. Leigh Ryan says:

    Excellent tool. Thank you for support as all I want to do is write. It is my passion to create worlds, bring characters to life and invite readers to insert themselves into the stories. When they want to experience this life and fall in love with the people in it, then I have done my job. How lovely for you to take the mystery out of the business end. Cheers!

    • Akhilesh says:

      Hi Ruth, I do not currently know our scuelhde for those dates, however looking at the diary there is unlikely to be a workshop or event at those sort of times/dates. It is possible and much more likely I will be working life modelling at one of those times, and you may be able to join me at a job, subject to agreement of whichever group I work with. I sometimes arrange sessions like this when people can’t make the workshop. Best to email for further arrangements. Thanks,

  2. Gregorio Santiago says:

    Just purchase the linkedin goldmine will let you know how good it is” till then”

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