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Dear Subscribers,

we’re working on a brand new ebook for you. The goal of the book is to show you how to be successful at publishing your own ebooks. We are writing this book for you — so we’d love to have your input. It would help us a lot if you could answer these 3 questions:

  1. What type of writing do you want to publish?
  2. What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
  3. Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?

Answering these questions will help guide us to making the best book possible. We sincerely look forward to reading your answers, and to writing a book that will help you achieve your goals.


Jacob Jans
Freedom With Writing

Please leave your answers in the comment box below. Thank you!

Your Comments:

  1. Karen Murphy says:

    Hi I was wondering if there was anyway to get the free author’s Guide by postal service? I am on a computer that is not mine and am not a liberty to download anything. Besides that there is a block and you need the administrator to confirm it and she will not allow it. I would really appreciate it if I could have it sent to me by mail. Thank you in advance for helping me if you can.

    • irene erke says:

      I write fiction romance novels. My problem with self publishing is the cost. Right now I don’t have money for my bills. I would love to be a full time writer working from home. But how do you know you get paid every month.

    • Christina C. Williams says:

      It is in my heart to write twenty-five plus Inspirational Romance novels. I have written three, working on my fourth and written the synopsis of others. I have written a book load of poems and a small book entitled: “My Dearest Darling Daughter”. I live to write. If I could afford to just sit and write, I would write day and night none stop. I love to write. I really do. I am a storyteller. I am working on putting my stories in word.
      The only question I have is finding the funds to get my stuff out. I am struggling to balance my time with school, working extreme-part-time, six grandkids and living arrangement.
      I wake up every morning telling myself that “I can do all thing through Christ who strengthen me!” I do have a strong drive to write. I feel I must follow that drive to the ‘T’. I have something to say and it needs to be heard.
      I have come a very long way. Yet I do have a piece to go and I am truly looking forward to doing so. Thank you for helping me head in the right direction. Thank you so much. I am learning to utilize the computer system. This is quite a challenge for me. I love the days I can cuddle up with a good book. I find it very hard to cuddle up with anything electronic. I have demolished a few systems sleeping with them.
      Again thank you. I look forward to working with you.

    • Amy Hewett says:

      #1: What type of writing do you want to publish? I want to publish non-fiction.

      #2: What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? What will people take from my book after reading it?

      #3: Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?

      I would call all of my family and friends, dance around, ecstatically, and have a full blown adrenaline rush.

    • Tee Jai says:

      I am happy to assist in the new e-book process.
      1. I am interested in writing a non-fiction book; tht inspires and motivate wellness.
      2. I want to self publish. There are so many avenues, its a litle overwheming. So it wld great to know what you would suggest.
      3. I imagine gr8ness. I wld like to see my book reach everyone & branch out into children books. I see myself branching out to assist in rrviews.

    • Marian Reiley says:

      1) I would like to publish science fiction novels, short stories, I am thinking about writing children’s literature as well.
      2) How should I find publishers who would be interested in my writing and ideas?
      3)If I were successful in being published it would be really satisfying. I would want to publish other works so I could reach out and influence others.

    • dally joachim says:

      hello, yes i’ll answer questions. i’m writing 3 books, one about relationships. the reality on how to get exactly what you want in a relationship. marriage or hang out partner.

      2nd book, childrens book for kids also teaching them about life. safety and how to get help when needed.

      3.third which is the first book, weight loss book. i’m over weight so im useing myself as the first example. in two months once i loose the weight i will show the pics of the old me and the new. two months i will loose a lot of weight.

      now please understand my situation, as a song writer im sueing two multi millionaires for my songs now. also im getting ready to do many shows.
      i have no money what so ever, looking for a job and will be putting my songs on the radio in two months. so i am very bussy. need help not to be told to hurry up.
      and i also forget that im a movie writer with 50 scripts and wrote 1000,00.00 songs

    • Cashile Skosana says:

      Hi I am very excited at being part of this. Truth is I have’nt written anything yet. I studied Journalism for the love of writting, sadly I did not complete my third year due to financial reasons and ofcourse I could not ùgraduate. I love writing so so much but because of the work that I do now, I am unable to get time to write. I joined you dynamic people just so I could restore that passion I have and from reading everything posted here I am so motivated. Problem is I do not know how to even start writing a book lol. I need help from all of you. I love reading fiction thrillers and would love to write those as well.

    • Lou Ann Warren says:

      I’d love to write paranormal romance. Publishing cost are my main concern, I don’t have funding. I want to write the best that I can and not have to rely on working a job I have to get up to do at 6 am every morning. I want to successful enough to not have to work for anyone else but myself.

  2. Karen Murphy says:

    I have written a fictional novel, about to lesbians that are in the year 1994 and get sent back in time to the 1970’s. There are lot of twists and turns, drama and humor. By having a successful E-book I wonder if I would get royalties with every purchase or just the cost of buying the book outright? Having my own E-book published would be a dream and a goal that I wanted for a very long time. It would ease a lot of financial worries and give me the freedom of being my own boss. It would boost my confidence level, Not that it needs boosting. I am confident that my novel is great. And have been told by an editor and proofreader that it is amazingly bright and funny and would sell well. I also have a book of poetry and that would be the book I would like to have turned into an E-book. As a freebie to promote my style of writing to get my name out there before my other book is published. By having a successful E-book it would give me the opportunity to have money to promote my book the correct way with an agent and all the trimmings.

    • M J Henry says:

      I doubt that this will ever get published in this forum because they are trying to get you to publish with them, but here goes … Go to Amazon’s Create Space. It’s simple, it’s free, you get a printable version, and they will also publish it to Kindle Direct Publishing (for an e-book)which is also free. You get 70% on every e-book sold and … don’t hold me to this because I forget the exact figure …I think you get 35% on the printed version of your books that sell. You do have to promote your book yourself, which is something that I would think these folks do if you use them. Just a suggestion.

    • Elizabeth Evans says:

      1. I love writing poetry & short stories
      2. promotion cost and I’m such an introvert I rarely speak
      3 Have self published because of costs every where and it was exciting and worrisome at once.

  3. Deb Louis says:

    1. Nonfiction
    2. Compatibility with the range of e-software, and anything one can do to protect copyright.
    3. A success that starts bringing in steady cash will be my springboard to the “writing life”–finishing all the books I’ve started and outlined and first-drafted over the years!

  4. Dezera Davis says:

    1. I would like to publish a novel, collection of poems and a book of nature photos.
    2. My biggest question(s)about e-book publishing:
    a. Cost associated
    b. Distribution (i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Nobles
    c. Percent of Profit
    d. Top e-publishing site and a few runner-ups (including Pros and Cons of each company
    3. Publishing my own e-book would feel like I contributed something worthwhile to my community, society and provide a tangible sense of personal accomplishment. Success would mean creative freedom, financial security for myself and my family, and hopefully a legacy; proof it can be done. It is my hope to leave something intellectual, thought provoking, and inspirational. Praise, Encourage, Critique, Contribute, Do Better!

  5. Joyce says:

    1. fiction – mystery romance
    2. What are the different options for e-publishing and which ones are best?
    3. A dream come true since I write nonfiction professionally. I would love to make money writing my first love – fiction.

  6. carl lynn says:

    question 1 I would like to write short stories, novels.

    question 2 I am most concerned with the cost of publishing.

    question 3 As anyone else I would be thrilled.

  7. Donna says:

    1. Mystery novels
    2. Formatting of ebooks
    3. To be successful I would be thrilled and hopefully able to quit my 9 to 5 job and pursue more writing opportunities.

  8. Mary Kate says:

    1. Short novels (less than 50,000 words)
    2. I can do the writing but who edits, who designs the cover, who formats the pages? The technicalities are daunting. Also, how do I get people to BUY it?
    3. It would be a dream come true!

    • Glenda says:

      If you get answers on the “who will buy it?” I would like you to share. 🙂

    • Robin Griffith says:

      I can tell you who will buy it…there is someone in your universe who is waiting to read and hear what you have to say. There is someone for everyone…don’t worry about who will buy it. The Right Person at the Right Time will buy your book and hear your message!

  9. Michelle Owings-Christian (Cedar) says:

    1. Fiction and non-fiction/memoir
    2. Several concerns: a. Who do I contact? b. Do I need an agent even for self-published e-mail? c. How do I get the best “bang for my buck”? d. Will I be responsible for promoting the e-book? If so, how do I go about it? e. what are the upfront costs? I need to know those before I can do anything.
    3. What would success look like? Relief from some money worries; vindication of my conviction that I am a writer and people saying “Only if you are published.”; joy and motivation to complete other projects since the first one was a success.

  10. carl lynn says:

    I would like to see a publishing company review a writers e-book and if they thought it would sell offer to publish it. The writer would pay twenty-five percent of the cost up front and agree to let the publisher ten per cent of the sales.

  11. Yong says:

    1. Poetry; children’s short stories or poems with illustrations
    2. How to market and build personal brand as a writer
    3. I will feel accomplished and satisfied to have finally done it.

  12. carl lynn says:

    Thank you for the questions and I pray that someday I may publish an e-book of my own.

  13. Jodi Holden says:

    1. I would like to publish stories for children.
    2. Where can I find proof readers, illustrators, and what costs are associated with publishing e-books.
    3. Having my story published will make me feel satifised with the fact I have accomplished something.

  14. Heather says:

    1. Non fiction
    2. What are the options for epublishing including self-publishing? and which are the best?
    3. It means recognition in my field and hopefully opens doors to more ebooks.

  15. Evan Brett says:

    1. fictional Novels, short Stories, Opinion pieces

    2. Why bother? Who’s going to read them – much less, pay for them?

    3. Bragging rights.

  16. Rosanne Licata says:

    Series fiction.
    Ebook cover design that works for the whole series.
    I’d love to be financially self-sufficient through my writing.

  17. Tom Frye says:

    1.) Books for At-risk youth.

    2.) How to make formatting e-books simple as right now it is a major obstacle.

    3.) To be able to write for a living.

  18. Kathie says:

    I want to publish fictional books.

    I want to know how I go about getting a e-book published. Do I do this myself or through a company, such as Smashwords? If through a company, do I obtain the copyright and ISBN or would that be part of the package? What about the fees and royalties associated with publishing e-books? Would I only get a percentage of the royalties or all? Also, where would my book be available for purchase (i.e., on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)? What about advertisement, who would handle that, what is the cost and how much would it receive?

    To be successful in writing would be a dream come true. I have wanted this for the longest time and had even gone the self-publishing route once before but was not happy with the company or the results of sales. In the end, I pulled the book from the company and have been gun-shy about trying to get published again.

  19. jms says:

    1. Humor, because I can’t take anything seriously.
    2. N/A
    3. Rad.

  20. Samuel Carver says:

    1. Short stories and novels of fiction. Mostly fantasy probably, but, would like to do other genres as well.

    2. I would like to know about the costs and the likelihood of success and what a realistic view of success with it would be. I know a lot of writers have it as a second job since it wouldn’t pay the bills.

    3. If I was successful I would be happy to chat with fans of the story and hopefully go to cons to see someone dressed as one of my characters. It would be nice if it got to where it was a full time job that I didn’t have to worry about working somewhere else.

  21. Judy Sherling says:

    1. Non-fiction; stories for children or adults with occasional poetry for transition between chapters, etc.
    2. How to protect content online; copyright.
    3. If something I write and publish helps a single person feel better about themself or live happier, I will consider it a success. Beyond that would be amazing.

  22. Paul Bowersox says:

    1. Fiction-I’d like to publish a series of novels and a short story collection.
    2. How to generate sales to create a living wage and residual income.
    3. I see success as allowing me to write full time and quit my day job.

  23. Sam says:

    1) I’d like to make a career out of comics and serialized genre fiction.
    2) How to design the book so it looks professional with a minimum of time/money expended on my part.
    3) Success is tons of downloads. I don’t mind giving away a book or two to get me started in the field I like, and money can be obtained later. I’d like to figure out how to get my book in the right hands first and foremost so it will be talked about on blogs, Twitter, etc.

  24. Nancy says:

    1. Fiction and non-fiction

    2. How to reach readers

    3. Satisifying to think I can continue to earn a living writing and making a difference.

  25. Tracy E says:

    1. Initially non-fiction, perhaps a selection of blog entries written in form of 10 step guides or similar.

    2. Whether or not the ebook format would suit the content, how to put it into an ebook format, what’s the best market I.e. kindle versus the rest of the world and how to get it noticed once it is published.

    3. It would be a real confidence booster and something that would bulk up my portfolio of work nicely, which should help when attracting clients.

  26. Sally kendrick says:

    I am researching a true crimes book in Sussex. The chocolate box poisoner and a few others.

  27. Randee Head says:

    1. What type of writing do you want to publish?

    I have many interests. My areas of expertise are theater and education. However, I have some stories I am working on as well as some books.

    2. What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?

    I think I just need to go through the process once. The truth be told, I am really only aware of the Kindle format and .pdf files.

    3. Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?

    How I feel would depend on what I had published. It certainly would be nice to make enough money to live comfortably by writing since that is the thing I like doing most. I think I have some important things to say, and it would be nice if there were readers who felt what I had to say was worth reading.

  28. Susan Dewey says:

    1. Fiction – primarily Fantasy and Sci-Fi, or realistic.
    Essays – personal, reflective.
    2. How do you price them and target a particular market?
    3. I can write at my own whim and inspiration, rather than to hit specific points / SEO required by someone who feels free to micro-manage what I do.

  29. Marta says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish? To start, I am looking to publish a science fiction/fantasy trilogy, and book of poems.
    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? Reputable agents, and publishers that are accepting queries, and best and least expensive self publishing sites.
    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? That is great but it is not an easy task.

  30. Caron Allan says:

    BTW Freedom with Writing really did help me to get paid as a freelancer!
    1. Fiction and Freelancing as proofreader/ghostwriting/blog/content writing
    2. Need help creating more sophisticated covers
    3. Fantastic sense of achievement. Also, electricity and food!

  31. Wayland Smith says:

    1. Various fiction– thrillers, superhero works, fantasy, sci fi, urban fantasy

    2. Getting more publicity for my work. I have one novel out so far and am in three anthologies (one more coming out) but need to get more eyes on the product.

    3. Define successful. I’m with a small publisher, and I’m their best seller at the moment, so my joke is I’m “King of the Molehill.” If I could get to the point of making my living from writing, I’d be thrilled beyond measure.

  32. Patricia Farrow-Bowen says:

    If you answer even the first 5 or 10 comments posted here you will have covered mine. I’m undecided between non-fiction memoir of sorts vs. Fiction based on fact.

  33. Monette Pangan says:

    I’d like to publish an e-book on arts and crafts. I think one of the biggest issues about publishing is really marketing and making sure the ebook isn’t ripped off then sold on Amazon even while your own original work is also on Amazon. It’s happened to several writers I know. Success would mean that having ebooks out there will pay for bills–passive income!

  34. Heaven-Leigh says:

    1. I want to publish poetry
    2. My question would be will I have rights (copyrights) to my work because I don’t want to send my work and someone takes my writing and puts their name on it
    3.if my work could be pubished i’d feel so accomplished and proud of myself….and I’d be able to make this apart of my work because i’d make money which would be helpful in my household.

    • Kathleen Krueger says:

      As soon as you write your poetry down, you have established your copyrights. Then you can register your copyright if you want further evidence of your copyrights. There isn’t anything you can do to prevent plagiarism, unfortunately; it is a crime that must be fought after it happens.

  35. threenorns says:

    doesn’t matter what it is as long as i’m interested. that means probably not fiction. i wasted many years trying to write a fiction novel before i realized that writing a full-length novel was stone-cold boring. i’ve written a number of ebooks now but i think it’d be nice for once to have my name on the cover (i’m a ghost writer).

    how to market it effectively.

    i think it’d be cool.

  36. Jennifer Foreman says:

    1. Fiction
    2. As far as eBooks, I never thought of my material as being printed in that format.
    3. I consider any progress made in many and various ways through the publishing of an eBook as a success. However, I am still a bit old fashioned and enjoy handwriting and printed copies to make comments on.

  37. V. L. Dreyer says:

    1. I have already self-published numerous post-apocalyptic and paranormal romance novels. My interest in freelance was purely to supplement my writing income.

    2. I’ve already answered them all. In fact, thanks to your newsletter’s suggestions, I’ve now set up a nice little side business on fiverr.com helping other people to publish their eBooks.

    3. I’m already self-published and successful. It feels good. ;D The only down side is that royalties are paid monthly, 90 days in arrears. That’s a pain in the butt. I’m currently suffering through the post-Christmas dry spell.

  38. Dee Dee says:

    1. Fiction, non-Fiction, self help
    2. Copyright protection and electronic lending libraries
    3. I have successfully published an ebook recently and it was an awesome experience. I learned some lessons in doing so and always welcome new feedback.

  39. Joel Lund says:

    1. I’ve published 3 books (non-fiction & fiction), and have 4 more in the cue this year (mostly fiction).
    2. Steps/ideas/voodoo on how to simplify or speed up the process of finding/vetting allied professionals (interior/cover designers, editors, proofers, etc.)
    3. It feels awesome whether the book is printed or electronically delivered!
    Thank you.

  40. Charay Merritt says:

    1. Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry

    2. How do you protect them from piracy, illegal downloads?

    3. I am old fashioned also. I rather see my material in printed pages than ebooks, but if it was successful, it would give me bragging rights of course! and a jumpstart to my writing career and money!

  41. Sue Elvins says:

    1. The type of writing I am focused on publishing is non-fictional however my drive is beginning to lean towards fictional interestingly enough the more I begin to work on writing itself and learn how to build the chapters themselves.

    2. The question that continues to roam through my mind is the difficulty I will ensue when faced with publishing cost as it is going to be just myself who will be doing this matter and I would rather keep the book well formed but do everything correctly when publishing it the best way possible

    3. If I were able to publish an ebook it would be fabulous as I could share my knowledge with others through writing. I would then share the trials and tribulations of how the end was reached so persons know the publishing achievement can be reached by desire and persistance.

  42. Shaun Curran says:

    1. Science-fiction, horror, fantasy
    2. How do I break a self-published book out and advertise? I don’t know the first thing about advertising.
    3. It would be amazing! It would free up my ability to write more and more…

  43. Steve Brooten says:

    1. Fiction (murder, mystery).
    2. Formatting issues – how to correctly format for different venues.
    3.I already consider myself to be successful, as I generate most of my income from writing, but publishing a work of fiction would be exciting as I’ve never had fiction published before.

    • C,F, Charles says:

      I wrote a book entitled PEARLS – A Realities of Life Primer – Its listed on Amazon

  44. Cheryl says:

    I would love to publish a romance novel. If I was successful, I would be able to write for my mornings(4 hours a day) then the rest of the day would be mine. 😉

  45. AvalonMom says:

    1. What type of writing do you want to publish? Non-fiction short essays and poetry

    2. What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? “How to” details, start to finish. Specifics as to doing it via Amazon or other resources, whatever they are.

    3. Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? Invigorating, inspiring, and amazing!

  46. Dag Penpek says:

    1. Fiction mostly , and 1 self helpy book
    2. Cost in general – no one seems to be able to give ball park figure
    3. It would allow me to live and work part time wherever I wanted

    • Ilya Kralinsky says:

      It shouldn’t cost you anything to write and publish a book except time and effort. The cost of your computer, word processing program, etc., could be factored, but people generally have computers anyway. If you’re going to mail hard copies, then there is the expense of printing and postage. That’s it — very simple.

  47. JFWright says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish?
    non-esoteric, non-academic, poetry in clear language capturing unique observations and reflections of life, like Leunig, inspiring others to trust their own thoughts and perception enough to also write.

    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    How will poems look, on the page of an ebook
    and how will they be seen when the battery runs out
    in the machine?

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook.
    At the moment, almost as good as a real book
    until I see my work fixed onto a screen, forwarded
    to share virally with friends

    Imagine that you are successful with the book.
    Hard to imagine return of $$$s, if work is forwarded to friends and downloaded free. Does it depend on “traffic” ?

    What is that like for you?
    Great if it pays the bills.

    Congratulations on a new ebook that just wrote itself!

  48. Greta says:

    1. Fictional Mysteries
    2. Can I make any real money?
    3. Success to me would mean enough money to continue to write.

  49. Laurel Clark says:

    1. What type of writing do you want to publish?
    Non-fiction self-help and fictional fables

    2. What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    What is the procedure for layout and design?

    3. Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?

    I make money and can be independent. I travel and speak on the book.

  50. Valerie Strawmier says:

    I want to publish non-fiction ebooks for the most part.
    How can I outsource them to get a great product that will be profitable for me to publish under my own name? Also, how can I write them faster on my own and include quality information?
    When they are successful, they are providing a steady stream of income for me each month that I don’t have to repeat market every 30 days, but rather they are building up their own audience.

  51. kristen fitzgerald says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish? Screenplays, kid’s books, short stories…or maybe a novel :), poetry

    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? n/a (I could easily find out online)

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? awesome……satisfying!

  52. Tony Gamblin says:

    1.Fiction and non-fiction 2.How to get published and marketed 3.To a make a great living from writing.

  53. Suretta Williams says:

    I’ve published two books and my daughter has published one all through Lulu.com … they helped with everything I needed.

  54. Jennifer says:

    1. Memoir, Fiction and Biography
    2. A step-by-step ‘how to’ would be wonderful, with options and cautions included. I’d also like to know if/how ebook publishing contributes to/detracts from/works conjointly with printed published work.
    3. Success would be
    a. contributing by finding a market niche….reaching the people who want/appreciate benefit from what I’ve written.
    b. covering my expenses and even paying a modest income. I write for a living, but am not currently meeting all of my living expenses, and supplement with other means.

  55. Tiffany says:

    1. Fiction, mostly science fiction and traditional fantasy.
    2. My biggest question is how do you really decide what is the best options for your book when publishing an ebook, coming from the perspective of self-publishing.
    3. Being successful with my book would be Beyond describing. It’s what I’ve wanted to do with my life since since I was eight.

  56. Jenny says:

    1) YA and adult fiction.
    2) Marketing – how to let as many readers as possible know the books exist.
    3) Success means total control – no more waiting for months for publishers’ rejection slips.

  57. Beverly says:

    I write romance, erotica and poetry. While I am already published through my publisher (e-book format only, at least for now), I have often wondered how challenging it would be to publish a book on my own. With that being said, the challenges that one would face with publishing their own e-book would likely be formatting issues, copyright issues, and pay issues. Marketing is perhaps the biggest and scariest aspect of writing, whether you self-publish or are with a publisher. As for being successful, I think all authors enjoy knowing that something is out there with their name on it. For most authors, it’s NOT all about the money, at least not at first. After a while, the money aspect does become important, because for most of us, writing is our passion, and we all wish we could do it for a living. A pat on the back definitely doesn’t pay the bills. Making it “big” as an author would be my dream come true. I’ve already made plans just for that! 🙂

  58. Baer Charlton says:

    And Indie book store told me that they DO buy through Ingram’s but that if I publish through CreateSpace, Amazon shorts the distribution to 20% and no return.. instead of the industry standard of 40% and 6-mo return.

    CS won’t answer…. but is this true?

    I have a whole series lined up… crime series…

  59. Teresa Kuhl says:

    1) Fiction- Fantasy, science fiction, post apocalyptic, or any combination thereof

    2)I also want to know how to protect my copyrights when I publish. A secondary concern is that while I’m more likely to publish an e-book first, I would like to be able to publish as a print-on-demand piece of literature.

    3) It would be fantastic! The people I write about all have a lot to say and a lot of ideas that can help us in the more mundane world. I would like to see these characters and ideas out where people can see them.

  60. Gabriela B. says:

    1- YA Romance

    2- How is it done?

    3- Having a successful ebook would mean that my ideas for said book are good and worth reading.

  61. -Wyn Barratt says:

    1. I write poetry
    2. How much would an ebook cost? I have already self published a book of poems and am still in debt over a thousnd dollars. IN nearly three years I have only earned just over $21aud in royalties.
    3. I would be overjoyed to clear my debts from sales of an ebook but my experiences to date give me grave doubts.
    I cannot get another loan till I pay this one off!

  62. David Geer says:

    I currently have two books that have been published the old faction way. I used a Publishing Company and they did a poor job in helping me edit and promote the books. The first one was a book of about 80 poems mainly of my growing up on a small farm/ranch. The second was a fiction story set in the future, but at the same time set in the past. It has a twist at the end that is very forboding.
    My main question about self-publishing my own eBook would have to be the copywriting process.
    My current book I am working on is again another fiction one and I would love to create it as an eBook. It would be easier to promote and get it out to people on the web. It would solidify my desire to become a noticed author.

  63. Mike Wilson says:

    1. I write short fiction, mainly science fiction

    2. I could use the extra income a successful e-book would (maybe) bring in).

    3. To make it simpler to upload a manuscript and get it published on multiple platforms, without a lot of hair-pulling manipulations.

  64. Jima Kent says:

    1. Short Story & opinion pieces
    2. Where do I go to get my stuff published?
    3. I would have a sense of satisfaction; of achieving a goal; of contributing something original to the world.

  65. Demond Walker says:

    1.My goal is to publish my poetry.
    2.Is publishing expensive and what are my rights as they pertain to copy writing my work?
    3.Success would simply be the achievement of actually commuting to a dream and accomplishing it, just having it documented to show my kids that dreams are possible to achieve would be my success.

  66. Mike White says:

    1. I have written all kinds of articles online, news, sports, editorials, travel articles, about many subjects. I just would like to make more money doing it, when I am doing articles. I would like to publish more e-books and wonder what kind, other than fiction, sell best.

    2. I published my own e-book. It never made much money, but I did get quite a few very small commissions. I just wonder how to promote better and make more money. I unpublished it for another reason–not the small commissions. I just would like to make more money if I ever publish another.
    3. If I made a lot more money than with the one I did, words cannot express the joy.

  67. Jules says:

    My genre is self-help/ inspiration

    My biggest question about self-publishing is how many platforms to utilize.

    I have already published a small e-book. Every sale gives me a small thrill that someone is reading my words. If I were very successful, for me it would be less about sales and more about my work helping someone else.

  68. michele J Charvet says:

    What are the best places to publish an e-book where “they” will do the marketing to sell..w/o taking one to the bank.

    Good place to make money writing fiction or/and poetry..e-book.

    Any place where the publisher gets paid a comission on what one makes..so that the publisher will work hard to promote and sell it.

  69. Tom Bright says:

    Type of writing I would like to publish: A book of short stories or poetry that I already write.
    Biggest question on publishing: 2 actually, cost and marketing?.
    What it would be like to be published: A dream fulfilled, and and having my voice heard….

  70. Daniel Forman says:

    1. I’d like to publish Social Justice, Historical Fiction Short Stories
    2. How can I publish quickly with less hassle?
    3. An eBook would give me credibility that people could look up quickly.

  71. Sarah says:

    1. Nonfiction experiential
    Realistic Children’s Fiction
    2. Basic How Tos
    3. Having the opportunity to share experiences and have others find some help within my work. For children, having situations brought up that might be on their minds that they haven’t found words or feelings for yet.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share and participate.

  72. art croswell says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish?
    Fiction light mystery

    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    How long does it take to publish an ebook?

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for
    a dream come true

  73. Christine Atwell says:

    1. books about my life
    2. Biggest question about ebooks is how to promote them to get sales.
    3. If I had a successful ebook, then I would feel proud. I have doubts even the typical successful ebook would generate much money. But if I had lots of money from an ebook, then I would try to save most of it and of course spend some of it.

  74. Robyn Lee says:

    I’ve written a book on the humorous aspects of ageing. It’s aimed at the 60+ market.
    Re marketing: My biggest question would be, what is the best tool available for author marketing?
    The success part would be great! But the biggest buzz for me would be interacting with mature aged people and hearing about their humorous events.

  75. Laura M. says:

    Good question… Hmmmm…

    1.Three completed book projects: Sellable novel about popular culture and it’s influence on one family; cookbook for busy people; and a textbook with case studies for business communication instructors/students. Also, a book of my short stories and essays, and any future writings that haven’t been created yet!

    2.Like many others, what are the upfront costs as compared to projected earnings for each project? What are the caveats for authors, if any? How do I establish and/or maintain sole rights to my work online? What about educational materials? How do I make any money on my work (royalties, I guess)? This last question also applies to the Web site that I am trying to set up.

    3.I’ve wanted to be a published writer since my first construction paper-and-yarn assembled, crayoned “book” I made in first grade. So even in this new medium, which will most likely become known as “traditional” as other publishing mediums, to have my work published and to be able to learn a living at it would be truly fulfilling and exciting! I have published articles and book reviews, but I’d really like to get that completed novel out there before it becomes irrelevant!

    Thank you fellow writers, Laura M.

    • Laura M. says:

      OMGoodness – apologies, fellow writers and readers! I just committed the ultimate editing sin of using the contraction “it’s” when I meant the possessive “its”! And I’m always correcting students on that and the like. So sorry. 🙁

  76. Christina Seigerman says:

    1. Fiction
    2. How best to promote and get sales.
    3. If I had a successfull ebook, it’s be motivation to write another one, and possibly try to get into print books.

  77. Amada (pronounced: a.m.a.th.a) says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish? Christian novels or novellas. Maybe poems or short stories. Christian Fiction Book reviews.
    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? How will I get the money from them. Paypal is no longer an option for me so how would I sell it online and get the money?
    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? Awesome and would make me ready to write and publish a sequel!

  78. kimberly says:

    1. What type of writing do you want to publish?

    no specific genre, just publish good writing that may just touch someone. So far so good.

    2. What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?

    why am i publishing electronically yet once again. Real question; with no creative control and an ebook published by the seconds, knowing 1% may sell, why be a publisher?

    3. Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?

    Having published 6 books another tomorrow, an author would have to define success. Any writer publishing hoping for money, has gravely been steered along the wrong path. While I sell books, it’s a bonus every time but not my motive/

  79. Jim Burns says:

    1. Most likely nonfiction.
    2. What are the finances of doing this kind of venture?
    3. I’ve published two books, one nonfiction, tradition, one fiction, nontraditional. The first one sold 15,000 copies, the second, 500. I would be ecstatic if ebooks worked for me, with both volume and royalties.

  80. T Andrews says:

    I am writing a paranormal series.
    what is best way to get it published ebook/ or hard copy or even both?

    If I could get published and people would buy my series. I would be in heaven and would of finally accomplished one of my many goals in life before I die.

  81. Connie Kuramoto says:

    1) Wanting to write a historical novel based on my grandparents life and a how to garden book written in an informal fun style.
    2)How to make money at this
    3) I would be so happy to finally have accomplished this in my life and make some money at it.

  82. Wolf Bailey says:

    I have a book an ebook already for publishing but I am unsure of the cost associated with publishing a book, who is responsible for designing the cover of the book and in what format should the

  83. Anita Mott says:

    1. I write historical fiction about people who never became famous. I have published 6 so far. I also put 4 of them on KDP
    2. I don’t plan on using my same publisher again because the last two were not good experiences. Personally, I think they publish everything that is sent to them and don’t really read them.
    3. My good feelings come from people who write nice reviews. I’m not selling much, although the e-books have done much better. I think that the prices for printed books turn a lot of people away. I’m a semi-handicapped person and don’t do a lot of promoting. Haven’t had much luck on the internet. Word of mouth seems to do the best so far.

  84. Michele A. Belluomini says:

    1. Book is a group of linked stories based on myths from various countries.
    2. How much does this type of publishing cost? What are the returns? What about PR and distribution??
    3. Successful in that the book is considered serious and bookstores are willing to have readings from it; maybe even a library presence. Do bookstore and libraries take self-published books seriously????

  85. Michele A. Belluomini says:

    1. Book is a group of linked stories based on myths from various countries and traditions.
    2. How much does this type of publishing cost? What are the returns? What about PR and distribution??
    3. Successful in that the book is considered serious and bookstores are willing to have readings from it; maybe even a library presence. Do bookstore and libraries take self-published books seriously????

  86. Brian Howland says:

    I am retired after 44 years of public service. I want to write as a way of contributing to other people. There are many routes to take. Fiction and non-fiction both would work for me. I could write mysteries from experience with real mysteries.
    The biggest questions are cost to me and how to do it.
    It would be nice to supplement my income but my real satisfaction would come from encouraging people to follow their dreams
    I would like young people to learn what people only learn in therapy later.

  87. Zee Mink says:

    1. Fiction and poetry
    2. The mechanics in e-book publishing
    3. It would be gratifying selling my work and knowing others enjoy my efforts.

  88. Michele Truhlik says:

    1. Nonfiction
    2. I wonder what kind of marketing support would come with self-publishing
    3. The dream that every writer has but few ever experience: successful best-seller that works to achieve financial stability and freedom so I can buy a little cabin in the woods as my writing getaway, and then I can also divide my time between my homes in Austin and Portland. LOTS OF TIME TO WRITE!! Lol!

  89. Kausar Saiyed says:

    1) Fiction, how to, educational stories, workbooks,and novels.
    2) Althpugh I have self published 2 ebooks on amazon, I would lije to learn more about the format for the eeducational books. It is my goal to make affordable educational books and ebooks that students can benefit from. Education should reach to everyone effortlessly.
    3) It will feel great to be a part of others’ learning journey. Besides, I would like to get recognised as a good writer.

  90. Angie Johnson says:

    I have a variety of pieces I would love to publish. Everything from fiction to nonfiction, poetry collections, screeplays, theatrical pieces. I’d like to start with a few of the romances I have written in the past but yet to complete.

    What are the timelines from submission to publication?

    I dream of publishing a book that receives high reviews and goes on to be made into a movie! Retiring from my career and working on the hundreds of story ideas I have started but never finished over the years!

  91. Jane Walz says:

    1. How-to, procedures and informational content.
    2. Guidance on how to price an e-book and best to sell it (Amazon vs. own web site/blog, for example)
    3. Generating residual income from my e-book.

  92. Robert Stearns says:

    1.) What type of writing do you want to publish? Initially the semi-autobiographical sort dealing with aspects of being an American Indian in today’s America…but everything from SciFi to history, adventure to romance beckons.
    2.) What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? Answer: How to profitably and widely distribute it.

    3.) Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? Answer: A modicum of appreciation and understanding leading to future publications (and profits).

  93. Richard M. Renneboog says:

    1. Whatever I feel like writing and have written well; fiction and non-fiction
    2. Having published several on amazon for Kindle already, my biggest question is why don’t ebooks sell better than they do? Why do authors have to do free give-aways just to get their works out to people who wouldn’t otherwise buy them (guilty as charged, myself…at this point I don’t have much change to spare on ebook purchases, and I don’t have a credit card to make them with anyway). It would be a lot easier if amazon had its own online payment plan like PayPal, or would use PayPal…
    3. What does success look like to me? I get comments from strangers about how they enjoyed something I wrote, how it made them think about something, even how they thought it was a complete crock of crap. It would mean I’m not totally invisible and that there is some value to others in what I write, and along the way somebody maybe thinks it’s worth turning into a movie. And oh yes…there’s enough money coming in to keep the bills payed and perhaps travel a little. Too much?

  94. Rebecca Vance says:

    !. Fiction
    2. I read up on the general publishing questions, but my issue is formatting. As an indie author, we must pay for everything, so that makes it difficult for those of us on a fixed income. I am not artistic, so I know that I’ll have to pay for the cover and editing. I would like to learn how to do my own formatting because I can’t afford to pay for it. I would also like to know how to make the different e-books; epub, mobi and pdf’s.
    3. I hope that once I am published, I will be able to grow a fan base and write more books. I hope that I can be a full-time author and support myself with my writing and I can get off of disability.

  95. linda simser says:

    I want to publish fiction…short stories and novels.
    I would like information about the best way to format and market the ebooks.
    When I publish them and people buy them, I will be thrilled!

  96. Alyssa Smith says:

    I want to publish fiction mainly, or anything that comes to mind. Perhaps something in the form of fanfiction? It is certainly not something that is common, and I think it would be beneficial for a lot of people to see how things could have been, perhaps with a different perspective or an added character, I think it would also be a sort of tribute to the original author (who would get credit for their characters and what not of course).

    How do I get started being published?

    it would be beyond all my wildest imaginings, it would mean I wouldn’t hate my job and I know I have control over every aspect of it. And I would finally be able to give my family their dreams as well.

  97. Anon says:

    1) At some point, I would like to write and see published one or more books of my poetry, then possibly a nonfiction book.

    I may also be editing books of all kinds (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry) for other people. So I would like to learn as much as possible about self-publishing and publishing e-books, so I can share this information with the authors.

    2) My top questions RE: publishing my own e-books: a) How much will it cost me? and b) What are the most efficient and profitable ways to market and distribute them?

    3) Obviously, it would be amazing to see one or more of my e-books be published and do well!

  98. Tyler Harcus says:

    1) Fantasy and Science-Fiction, and some DIY guides.

    2) How to effectively promote the ebook to a larger market.

    3) Success at publishing ebooks would see me out of debt, with a jump-start into writing real novels and possibly a “cult” fan base.

  99. ML says:

    Thanks for asking.

    What type of writing do you want to publish?
    Nonfiction to support several lines of business and sell on website. I also want to publish an ebook for our writing group and a memoir for family.

    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? How does a writer decide which route to take with all the options available now. The pros and cons of all the options.

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? Ebook success would give me freedom to write and share at any time on any subject. Success to me means passive income from sharing info on a topic that can help others in some way. Ebook success would allow me to diversify my income streams.

  100. Lois says:

    I am not sure if I know enough about how lucrative self-publishing an e-book really is to answer these questions. I am just dipping my toe into writing and not even sure I will ever get published as it is. Sorry I can’t be of help.

  101. Elaine Olelo Masters says:

    1. narrative non-fiction based on living overseas, plus re-printing children’s books that have gone out of print and I own the copyright.
    2. How do you market them? I’ve had one full-length non-fiction published for a year now and have not been paid for it (amazon, b&n, etc., only send royalties when they reach a certain level.
    3. e-book success would let me inform and entertain lots more people, plus it would provide me with a bit of money.

  102. Daniel says:

    1) Non-fiction, journalism/reporting-style books, as well as fiction—both short stories, including one or two narrative poems, and a novel.

    2) Is there a point to publishing an eBook if you do not have an existing audience i.e. blog/website subscribers? Can eBooks be sold to people other than your already-existing readers? If so, how? Can you shop eBooks to publishers? If so, what are publishers looking for and how do you pitch them?

    3) Success = cash. I don’t see any reason to publish an eBook other than to make money to fund other projects. Is there another reason? So success to me looks like deposits in my bank account.

  103. Christopher says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish?
    Nonfiction centering on spirituality, religious practice, mental health

    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    What is an effective marketing plan that is easily worked alongside other work? How should print and ebook be related , especially in terms of effective marketing?

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    It will provide a steady reasonable income stream. Others will be being impacted by the content. It will be connected to other works. Lot will be opening other doors.

  104. Joe Rector says:

    1. nonfiction book of columns
    I’ve already published 3 ebooks and have found the process interesting and sometimes challenging.

  105. Mattie Buckley says:

    1. I love writing fiction. Even though I really like other styles like journalism, having something original by me would be more special.
    2. I guess my biggest question would be who can I refer to help me edit if need be?
    3. Getting my own work published would floor me. I haven’t accomplished a whole lot in my life, have pretty much just kept my head down and worked the whole time. So, to get something that I love doing out there and get a positive reaction…there’s really no words for how great that would be.

  106. Adrienne says:

    1. I like to write romance/erotica. Also would like to write some beauty tips books.
    2. My biggest question would be how to go about marketing my book. I am not on any social media right now and I do not have a blog. I wonder if there are other avenues to get people to buy my book.
    3. For me, being successful would be sheer perfection. This is something that I have wanted to accomplish for so long and to make a name for myself. I would feel as if I had truly made a name for myself, while hopefully intriguing and entertaining others through my books.

  107. Sherry says:

    1)Since I’m from a small town I would like to see more books on small communities in either fiction or non-fiction.

    2)How would I market my writing through an ebook?

    3)If I had my own work published it would be a dream come true. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do since I was a teenager. That experience would be a very happy and exciting moment for me.

  108. Michele Renee Monique says:

    1. Writing based on life experience to inspire others is what interests me to self publish. Human interest stories, current time, stories that reveal truth, with journalism that engages the general public in a positive manner for societal change is my thing.
    2. Wondering how to stop blogging and giving out my ideas or positive insights for free. It’s time to learn how to get a solid branding and marketing plan in place. Money is an issue so how do I proceed to self publish while ensuring personal copyrights and legal protections are secured without money? (Meaning, to hire a marketing firm vs. proceeding entrepreneurial style with self publishing)
    3. Writing a book and or a series of books has been a lifelong dream. To see this come into being would exceed my imagination of what it would feel like. There are no words to express something that I’ve yet to experience, other than I’ll let you know when I get there.

  109. Ilya Kralinsky says:

    First, please edit your e-book. I’ve ignored a lot of the e-mails from Freedom with Writing until recently, and I’ve found some pretty bad errors in spelling and punctuation once I have read them. This post is a perfect example: the body after the greeting begins with a lowercase letter when it should be capitalized. I understand there are some errors that slip by, but the errors I’ve found are painfully obvious. Insofar as questions: 1.) I publish fiction, 2.) I’ve already published books and e-books, and 3.) having published books, I’ve been to the mountaintop on the fact that publication honestly doesn’t mean a damn thing, but reveals that there is a whole new ballgame of business issues and publicity that no writer ever considers hidden behind his or her typewriter or computer. Your work will not be judged on its merits, but on your ability to publicize and gain name recognition; this is why morons are publishing best-selling books. Work hard, be smart, and you’ll get somewhere — the advice we’re given all our lives — proves to be total BS once you publish your first book. It’s easier than ever to publish a book. Publishing a quality book is the issue. Consider writing a guide to language (prose), plot and character, instead of telling people how to publish the first 50,000-100,000 words of crap off the tops of their heads. It’s just the truth. I probably could have been more diplomatic, and I apologize for that, but it’s all just the truth, plain and simple.

  110. Barb Mascilli says:

    1. Fiction (serial killer type), inspirational, funny, spiritual, endless possibilities.
    2. Tied for biggest question: how to start and how to promote.
    3. Freedom to go places in writing I would have never been able to go otherwise.

  111. Laural says:

    1. children books, short stories, articles, poetry
    2. Through books written by me, author meetings, and book signings if needed.
    3.while having my book published would be a dream come true, i would hope that my work would inspire others to follow their dreams and I would keep writing since that is my passion in life to share my unique view of the world with others.

  112. Karen says:

    1. parenting memoir
    2. How do I get my book READY to be published and know when it is there?
    3. WSuccess would mean I would quit my day job and write full-time while still earning a decent living.

  113. Marie says:

    1- fiction
    2- How do I publish and make it as profitable as possible, to replace working out of the home?
    3- It would be empowering, liberating, and give me the ability to provide a better life for my daughter and myself.

  114. Laural says:

    Also how affordable is e-book publishing? I have seen many different prices and it seems to me that it really isn’t any cheaper that traditional publishing nor does it offer the protection of a copyright so my work wouldn’t get stolen from me. These are my biggest concerns.

  115. Kathy says:

    1 – Romance
    2 – I have self-puclished through CreateSpace. What’s the easiest way to market yourself without spending a lot of time and money trying to sell yourself to various stores either online or brick and mortar.
    3 – Bring in steady cash which will enable me to contrinue writing and finishing the books I have in various stages of completion.

  116. dwayne says:

    1. Spiritually-nutritious poetry
    2. How do I stop frantically doing nothing for the birth of my book?
    3. To finally get that book out of me & into the world would be like a flower evolving from germination to blossom.

  117. Marie Saint-Louis says:

    Hello Jacob,
    Thank you for asking for subscribers input.

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish?

    My debut book R.S.V.P.from Heaven will be ready to be published later this year.

    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?

    The entire process and ensuring it looks beautiful and professional for my readers.

    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?

    Yes, I would love to learn more on the whole ebook process. I’m writing an ebook that is all about beginning your own spiritual daily routine. For less than 10 minutes a day, you can enhance your wellbeing with thoughtful reflection and prayer.

  118. Dr. Niama L. J. Williams says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish? Poetry, memoir, personal essay, blogging.
    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? How to design/put together the INTERIOR of the ebook.
    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? Well, I have epub versions of each of my self-published books with Lulu.com, and I would love to see sales of those books skyrocket in sales. I also have three small ebooks that I will be giving away with different aspects of my new website, and I would love to see those mushroom my list and site statistics.
    Thanks for all you do, and wishing you the very best with your new ebook!!!

  119. J. Anthony Mitchell says:

    1. I’ve written a fictional novel loosley based on events in my life. Although I’m not famous, I’ve had an interesting journey, socially, emotionally & intellectually.
    2. Where do I start, how do I begin the process.
    3. Successfully publishing my book would probably mean a request for a follow up book, which means that I found an audience. Anything else that comes from it would be gratifying.

  120. Donna Rioux says:

    1.Children’s books that make the adults that read them laugh also. The little witch whose spell mistakenly makes the vegetables in the garden take on personalities instead of growing faster like she had planned. Stories with a twist that makes you think. A lady who loves to quilt and her husband is a drinker and abusive. Well she sews a block called the drunkards path and he follows a path in a park while drunk, falls into the lake and drowns. I love writing letters to the editor with an opinion that is outside the box.
    2. Marketing. I want my stories to have a wide range of readers. What is the most effective way to reach my audience that I can afford.
    3.To be successful would be wonderful. To know somewhere someone is reading to their child about the little witch’s spell lessons and they are both laughing. My kids could recite the favorite parts of their favorite books when I read to them. For a kid to love my character that much that they recited her as someone read to them would be amazing.
    or for someone to read the end of the quilter woman’s story when the husband drowned, figure it out and say holy crap, she planned it, would be very cool. (spoiler alert, but oh well).
    oh, and to be able to quit retail and make a living being creative… priceless.

  121. Angie Blackwell says:

    1. Non fiction, both creative and self help
    2. How to pull it off with the greatest professionalism and credibility

  122. Glen Averill says:

    I want to publish books on Christianity. I would like to know how to upload these books to the Kindle library. These books would be free of charge, and success would mean that many people download them and read them.

  123. Marya Morin says:

    I write fiction, humor, romance,short stories, slice of life and custom poetry. I would love to self publish, but simply CANNOT afford it. I also find the self-publishing guidelines confusing to follow, nor do I know the first thing about writing something in book format or preparing it for publication.I can’t even figure out how to make chapters in Word. Though I’ve been published in several magazines and short story books, I would love to have something that’s just all mine out there

  124. Nikki says:

    1. Creative non-fiction
    2. How epublishing works from soup to nuts with in a language easy to understand.
    3. Validated

  125. Suzanne Zaw says:

    1. Writing? Letters that span lifetimes, short stories, articles based on real stories of frail aging elders, or adventures overseas in disaster zones
    2. Question asked by others..who wants to read e-book, and how so we get to a format that helps tell the story?” How to” steps to publishing an e-book, or who do we hire to make it enticing?

  126. Eva says:

    1. I write nonfiction and fiction.
    2. My issue or concern with ebooks is how will this affect my chances of getting published by a major publishing company. Also, is there a need to be published by a regular publishing company if I have an ebook.
    3. If I were to be successful with an ebook, it would be great to have many people read my stories.

  127. Jemma Jaxen says:

    1. I would like to publish fantasy and magic realism plus some non-fiction.

    2. I would like to know if a website is required and if so, how to sell my Ebooks from there and protect the copyright, because I feel that, globally, that would be so much more difficult as the same laws don’t apply from country to country. I would also like to know the type of Ebooks that sell the most.

    3. I want to work from home and be self sufficient as a freelance writer, particularly from my own creations so writing Ebooks would be ideal for me.

  128. Bennett Parrish says:

    1. Mostly fiction.
    2. Understanding and dealing with formats – I gather that Adobe type PDF files are pretty interchangeable within the industry however that does not guarantee optimum legibility or reading experience.
    3. I shall have done so shortly. I will then dust off the next one and publish. My goal is 6 titles out there this year.

  129. Ginger Cook says:

    1. Id like to publish a e-book for all my children and grandchildren someday. Something unique for each of them. I’d like to write articles too, so just the best story ever!
    2.To learn all the right procedures to take to bring my book to life!
    3. Successfully filling a long lived dream of mine, wow, it would be really hard to contain all my excitement!!

  130. Beth Almeida says:

    I want to write and publish a Christian fiction book. My question about e-publishing is how to avoid the mistake of formatting incorrectly. If I were to become a successful author, it would look like an entirely new life. I would buy a small home in the mountains of Montana or Washington State so that I could wake up and write every single day inspired by such a glorious view!
    Being an editor with an ebook publishing company, I have picked up a lot of tidbits on editing and formatting, but doing it on your own is a scary thought because there is no one between you and any mistakes you might make.

  131. Ken Lord says:

    I’ve done something in many genres. I draw the line at erotic. My work must be God honoring.

    Createspace, Lulu, Smashwords.

    But the big issue is promotion. Watch out for those who want to “edit” and take on your book with a thinly veiled “promise” of getting it placed.

    The simple truth is that unless you have a platform, few established publishers will even consider you. If you are an axe-murder, you can get published. If you are a celebrity, you don’t even have to be edited. Despite this, pay for editing if you can. At least ask somebody to proofread your manuscript. And go to one of several platforms where you can get it published for free.

    Watch out for the print for pay crowd; so much of this you can do for yourself. But unless you are tops in your field, write because you like to write, and then take what shekels you can when you can. If you want to make money short term, mix the work on your manuscript with ghostwriting assignments (Elance, oDesk, Textbroker, and others. Do what you must to promote your cash flow — and then write what you like, even if your first draft must be 50,000 words during NaNoWriMo.

    • Laura M. says:

      I enjoyed reading this, Ken. Thank you for your input. Laura M.

    • Laura M. says:

      By the way, Ken,do you have any suggestions for building a platform or a “brand,” since these seem to be buzzwords heard frequently? Thanks for any input, Laura M.

  132. Georgr says:

    I am a person who likes adventure, ancient knowkedge and science based novels. That paints the picture for my perfect ebook. My bigest challenge is the whole editing area, i have no clear knowledge.(auditor guide). Being successful is a motivation to write more.

  133. Peter V. Dugan says:

    1. Poetry
    2.How to format Word easily into epublish format.
    #. Very cool!

  134. Tony Q says:

    I write speculative sci-fi on the order of Rod Serling’s style of writing with the ironic message embedded in the story. I would like more of the elements of style for writing “mature audience” science fiction/fantasy fiction and not so much of the cookie cutter laserblast/zombie Apocalypse/cookie cutter material that’s out there now. I hope to write a novel as I’ve already published a collection of short stories and want to further fine tune my skill set and get more into the marketing of an ebook.

  135. Amber says:

    1) poety or children books
    2) would I be able to get a hard copy of the publish by ebook
    3)having my own book publish would mean the world for me cause having something I wrote publish for the world to see and read.

  136. Rotosis says:

    I write many different genres from kids to adults, sci-fi regency, romance mystery etc. I am lucky my imagination it good. I have e-books on amazon. My suggestion is use Createspace website for publishing it is free though with a bit of a learning curve. Fiverr website for graphic art it cost $5 a gig i tend to use 3 gigs. At present I am investigating Smashwords so my e-books can be read on any reader. You have to market your books yourself. It is awesome to have a print of your book in your hand though I am still learning the formatting for printed work. Would like to see a easy understandable book about e-book formatting.

  137. Patrick B. says:

    Although I’d eventually like to “progress” to writing a novel, I would love to write an e-book which would be interesting, useful, and profitable! I wouldn’t really know where to start, though. (How would I organize my time toward getting an e-book written, edited, and in shape for publication?) A successful e-book would mean so much in terms of having some financial freedom, and would encourage me to write more!

  138. Kim Miller says:

    I want to publish children’s fantasy and some adult novels too. My biggest question about publishing an e-book is will it be successful? If my book was published it would be great to see it in print and sell it. I would also love to see them as hard copy books too.

  139. Karen Kincel says:

    1. I have written and published (ebook and paperback) one mystery thriller, and am working on my second.
    2. My biggest question is, how can we make more money on each book, rather than paying most of it out to the publisher, and what are some good ways to market?
    3. So far, I have been successful, but between working full time and writing, it feels like I am working another full time job marketing my book. Every publisher I’ve checked into is not taking submissions. Is there a list somewhere of publishers who ARE taking submissions? And the publishers I’ve spoken with want an exorbitant amount of money to publish with them. The idea is to MAKE money – not PAY a lot of money with no guarantees. Whatever happened to getting a contract with a publisher?

  140. Samantha Stambaugh says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish?

    romance, children’s books, mystery, bios, autobiography, self-help, everything!

    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?

    cost, how to begin, where to go, who to trust, best information, formatting, self-pub or small pub house

    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?

    renewed faith in my abilities, helpful income, less stress, dream come true, success through more writing

  141. Rebecca Hammerle says:

    1. Fantasy/fiction
    2. Where would an ebook be shown/avalible from? Whould it be just on a site or where ever ebooks are sold

  142. Wendy Scher says:

    1. Essays, editorials.

    2. Can people actually make a steady profit with e-books?

    3. I can’t really imagine being successful with it… so I don’t know what that would be like…

  143. Bharatee Narsi says:

    I would like to write books on spiritual enlightenment, cyber bullying and motivation.
    My challenge is that I have become a victims of cyber bullying and do not feel confident to post articles due to hacking and the hacker leaving my devices inoperable. ( 4 computers and. An ipad) which becomes an inconvenience to do other things
    For me, the greatest pleasure is to uplift people by creating an awareness to problems and providing solutions thereto .

    Thank you

  144. julie mcintyre says:

    mainly a series of short stories for now on the lives of different characters and those around them the impact these others have on their lives. some may be extended at a later date.
    as far as getting my stories published online, i am not sure how to get started.
    how would i feel? it would be a great esteem booster for me and enable others to read my work and where desired…………..give me feed back.

  145. Phyllis says:

    1) I want to publish Christian inspirational books, essays, and creative non-fiction stories; 2) My biggest question is would the books sell, and do I have to have a large audience via social media, and a web presence to sell tons of e-books; and 3)It would be awesome have a successful e-book, but as a writer, I would also like to publish a printed version.

  146. Doe Jackson says:

    1. The type of writing I love to do is fantasy. The further away from real life the better it is.
    2. My biggest question? I would say it is if I would get paid since I make very little at my job and how do I get started.
    3. Success for me would be the proof that I could do it.

  147. D T Pickup says:

    1. I have a compendium of short stories of romantic erotica for older readers. Also a fantasy/sci fi story and an apocalypse type story.
    2. How to prevent plagiarism.
    3. Publishing E-books and selling them would vindicate my passion to write.

  148. Susan Day says:

    I write both fictional and non fictional ebooks. I find that it is difficult to recreate the images of my children’s books as eBooks (they are designed for print). When the files are formatted the images seem to be corrupted and move. This makes reading them near impossible.

    My non fictional books are about dog training and I feel that lack a certain kind of flare because they’re all fact based and don’t have images. The reason I didn’t put them in is because I didn’t want to make the files too large.

    I publish fiction via Amazon and Smashwords and my non fiction books are delivered directly via DPD.

    Any advice on either of these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Susan

  149. George Agak says:

    I would like to publish poems and a short novel. having my e-book published and selling will be a great achievement to me as it will supplement my income.However i would like to know how much i can receive on every book sold.

  150. Sarojini Pattayat says:

    I love writing poetry.
    I can not believe, if ever book published without any financial support from the writer.If you are facilitating the publishing I will be glad enough to be a published writer.

  151. onyinye says:

    I write novels and short stories. my concern is is it safe for me to publish online. will my works be widely read or get the awareness that i desire? morose, it is an option for me as i don’t have the capital to embark on self publishing, and again will i make money doing so, i i really want to earn a living as a full time writer. thanks

  152. onyinye says:

    i would also like to get information’s on how to get funding’s
    for publishing. thanks

  153. Sharon Scott says:

    I wrote my memoirs, I have written both Fiction and Non-Fiction.
    The cost of publishing an E Book, I am disabled and writing from home is all I can do. Can not have a nine to five job. Also how do I promote myself.

    If I did get published it would be a dream come true. If I could make a living of writing and get off disability and government assistance, get my own home instead of a very small subsidised apartment, I would be so happy!

  154. Denise Lysaght says:

    I have written, edited and e-published 2 comedy novels but it is difficult to market myself as an unknown. I need help with promotion

  155. R. Fry says:

    1) I write a lot of poetry and short stories, but I also have a sci-fi trilogy and two other novels I’d like to have published. I have enough material to write a self-help book as well. 2) I want to know more about writing a query letter (possibly a sample of how it’s done) and to know more about how someone can be a published author without spending a lot of money to do it. I’ve talked to some publishing company reps who offer me “package deals” to do it, and I don’t have the financial means to do all they’re expecting. I’ve heard of CreateSpace and it all sounds good, but would like to know of other e-book publishers that could also do the same thing. I also have questions re. copyrighting my work and about using pen names. 3) To be a published author would be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream and achievement, as well as the chance to inspire and encourage others (that would be esp. true of the poetry and the self-help guide), and an opportunity to earn a much-needed second income.

  156. Charles Thomas says:

    1. Novels
    2. The full process from creation to publication
    3. Initiating a steady stream of publications over a short period

  157. Theresa Hall says:

    1.) I write fiction, nonfiction pet books as well as photography books
    2.) Help with writer’s block as well as the best way to publish and generate income from you work
    3.) If my own ebook was published it would be great to show my work to a broad crowd as well as receive constructive criticism on how to improve or if everything was done successfully

  158. Uche Edokobi says:

    1. I have actually been into different types: Christian motivationals, Children’s novels, poetry and Novels(romance fiction).
    2. How to get started, the cost implication and publicity issues.
    3. This will really be a great achievement for me and will be the much needed pedestal upon which i could build my dream of a writing empire.

  159. Hettie says:

    I write my memoir and other personal essays.
    Am looking for magazines which pay for contributions, be it online or in print.
    Have questions on profitability of Ebooks. And do not have the cash for publish on demand as that is also an option to publish my books.
    Would be great to see my writings published be it in Ebook or print format. Is a code to unlock an Ebook secure enough to restrict unsolicited copying? How do I insure to be paid for my work?

  160. Brian Lipensky says:

    1.Mostly fantasy fiction
    2.How do I get publishers to even think about looking at my work?
    3.I’m thinking that being published would be like a small ego boost. It would feel good knowing that my work would be reaching an audience outside my own family and friends, and maybe it’s giving some enjoymenmt so someone who needs it, say a sick or lonely person, either gender, and age. My stories are mainly for young adults, but old adults can enjoy them also. I’m sure I’m not the only over 40 year old who has read all the Harry Potters, or J.R.R. Tolkein’s novels. (Actually I reread those when I found out that the first Lord of the Rings movie was coing out, the original reading started while I was in high school.)

  161. Hettie says:

    An Ebook with useable information will be welcome. I do appreciate you asking your members for our input as so many of these “informative” Ebooks one can download from the Internet, has a lot of rambling and outdated information that an up-to-date and informative Ebook will be welcome.
    I find your article informative and to the point. Thank you.

  162. julie mcintyre says:

    a series of short stories for now but some may get extended at a later date.
    about getting published: i’m not exactly sure as to how to get started.
    how would i feel about having my work as an ebook? my work would be out there for others to read – main reason for writing

  163. arsheel says:

    i would love to write fiction

  164. Cathy Bryant says:

    1. Nonfiction – How To.
    2. How to deal with the technical side of putting the book together and getting it out there.
    3. How to promote the book alongside my traditionally-published books – usually the publisher takes charge, but how do I do it when I’m on my own?

  165. Peter Crookshank says:

    There are really No Limits on the Genre … Fiction , Adventure, Science Fiction , ( given I did adequate Research , of course ) , Poetry , Sex … but primarily Informative and Educational topics that leave the Reader with a sense of having learnt something , without actually having to have attended a Class ! I think my biggest question would be , How do I find the Motivation , Focus and Discipline in all of Life`s Turmoil and Disruption to stay headed on the same tack and actually FINISH the blessed thing ??? I can`t even Imagine how much Satisfaction I would feel at Just having Completed the work , let alone being a recognized and respected Writer , but , I would have to say that , If Nothing Else , I would be extremely motivated to Publish MORE and GREATER works , just to enjoy the Reaction of the Readers , Positive AND Negative and the Sense of Real Accomplishment that brings. Ahhh ! , but I Dream LARGE don`t I ???

  166. Frankie Johnnie says:

    Thankfully, I published my non-fiction books
    Poor Man’s Guide to selling ebooks FBK
    Poor Man’s Guide to Marketing and selling eBooks over the holidays.
    Biggest challenge: You wear all the hats. That’s hard.
    Success: Ah, sweet success would be wonderful.

  167. Caity Farley says:

    I’ve written an urban fantasy for adults with incredible yet deeply flawed characters, I’ve done all the research into self publishing, fomatting, marketing, cover images. It’s boggled my brain at times but I believe in my book so I’ve worked hard to figure it all out and produce a professional looking piece of work. I just don’t know how I’ll recieve the money I earn on it. The trouble is that I’m a South African and even though Smashwords and BookBaby offer PayPal as a payment option, PayPal doesn’t really work here. They have a partnership with one local bank and they in turn allow members of other banks to create an online banking profile to withdraw funds after you’ve allowed them to do the paperwork version of a full cavity search. My only other option is to use Payoneer and link it to my PayPal account, but the charges are a bit on the steep side. The finance issues are a nightmare if you live outside the U.S.A, I still have to apply for my ITIN as well. It has been one delay after another and a frustrating process on the whole, but once I am done I think I will be the happiest person alive for at least a few days.

  168. Tracy Ralls says:

    1. I want to publish fiction (thriller).
    2. Biggest question about publishing ebooks: Why is this better than the traditional route: agent/publisher?
    3.Success with an ebook would mean exposure and personal satisfaction.

  169. Natty Bimmel says:

    1. What type of writing do you want to publish?
    General fiction, fantasy fiction, humorous non-fiction, academic-made-accessible non-fiction
    2. What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    Is it financially worth the effort?
    3. Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    I would like to write full-time, so if it brings me more work/enough financially to live on, then I’d be happy.

  170. Lovelli says:

    I am interested in the copyright licenses for working with open projects. Let’s say that I would like to illustrate the Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan (spelling book for Indonesian) to build my portfolio in design, what are the things that I need to arrange? I’d like it for profit, as I have previously been warned about the legal implications of volunteering, so I need to know how to do this.

    I think we need an app just for this kind of process. I have several apps that allow artists to sell directly to buyers whatever their artworks may be, so there are initiatives toward the intentions in real life.

  171. Crooked Paw says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish?

    ■ Fiction; thrillers and fantasy, maybe combine the two. And there is a piece of literature lurking just under the surface.

    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?

    ■ Biggest question: How? Would also like to know how intellectual property is protected. So often, you hear about people’s work being stolen and nothing can be done about it because “it’s in the public domain”.

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?

    ■ The simple fact that it is published would be a validation of my belief in myself that I am capable of telling a good story. If it were successful would be icing on the cake.

  172. Polly MacDavid says:

    1. general fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry

    2. i don’t know anything about e-books & don’t know if it’s really the way i want to publish.

    3. success in any medium would be fabulous.

  173. Leighton McCormick says:

    1. General fiction, historical fiction, and young adult.
    2. Costs involved, difficulty finding quality agent and publisher representation, and on-line marketing abilities (expertise in selling via Internet).
    3. Enough income to write on full-time basis.

  174. Joyce sippel says:

    My writer’s group recently published an anthology on Create Space. It’s easy!

    If this site is going to do this take some clues from Creat Space.

    Our book is now available not only as an ebook everywhere; hard copies can be purchased through Amazon and B and N.

    “We Remember, We Create, We Write” Check out my group’s book- we did it and so can you!

    Joyce F. sippel

  175. Pilar Guerrero says:

    1. I would like to publish a memoir.
    2. I’d like to have more information about royalties, how much I can actually make per book sold, in at least five self-publishibg websites (Kindle, Lulu, etc).
    3. It would be the beginning, an awesome one, then I will immedialtely be thinking how to publish the next one!

    Thanks for asking! Best of luck!

  176. Holly says:

    I write YA and Adult Fiction. I love short stories and novellas.

    I published through Amazon but my biggest issue is promoting it. Bringing in the sales. Amazon was so easy to publish through but its just beyond that initial publishing that got me.

    I was so excited to see my book for sale.It was a dream come true but I was les excited about even working on my second book because of the marketing. I

    I think also I would like to see comments here limited to so many a page so we don’t have to scroll forever to get to the comment box.

  177. Summer says:

    1. Sci-Fi/Drama
    2. My biggest question is what are the advantages of e-publishing yourself for free vs. paying for a service to do it (why pay when I can do it for free)?
    3. My book is successful to me when there are people who can’t even go to the bathroom because they don’t want to put my book down. Or it’s 3AM and someone is STILL awake because they can’t put my book down. Any money I make from it is just icing on the cake.

  178. Rochelle says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish?
    a.Historical fiction (from the Bible and American History)
    b.Inspirational/motivational books
    c.Small group Bible study guides for women
    d.Natural Health and wellness

    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    How do I make it profitable without having to give most of it away for free? How to I market to my target audience? What are the costs to do this?

    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    It would give me great satisfaction to know that I have enriched someone’s life with my books. It would open up doors for speaking, coaching, and seminar opportunities for me. It would provided a decent living and allow me to work from home and be more of an mentor/advisor in my other business instead of having to put so many hands on hours into my office.

  179. Mei Yee Leong says:

    1. Creative Writing (Children’s Novel)

    2. Would the book be on the radar of some well-renown and respectable publishers? Does it reap much reward/income?

    3. Feeling great that I have some sort of exposure and impact on the literary and publishing world! Would look great on my CV and no doubt it would open some doors for me too to gain a wider recognition.

  180. Jacqueline Evans says:

    1).I have always wanted to publish any of the books that I write. My sister and I by the state of New Mexico was considered to be one of the worst abuse cases they had ever heard of. I never thought so myself, to me there was always people out there that I thought had it much worse. I was detached from what I had been through, so I thought about doing an Autobiography but that just was too traumatizing and then I was told to do a memoir which was not much easier, so then I thought of doing novels of stories of people who were going through what I did only it would be fiction novels based on true events, but I would get started and then get into a slump not knowing how to turn the character into me.I have been through hell and back, have died several times and somehow survived. I lived on the streets and then got my own apartment at 16 then left and traveled the United States ending up in California at 18 marrying a man just as abusive as my father and because my boundary for abuse was so high I did not have the strength to leave him until my second child was 4 weeks old and he started abusing my first child. I also have worked in the medical field for over 20 years. I am 40 now. I have studied health and nutrition and held the hands of the terminally ill as they passed into the next life and when one of those terminally ill just so happened to be one of my best friends and I would massage him for pain relief he told me I was in the wrong field and in his will left me two massage tables and told me to go to school to be a massage therapist for that was my calling. I had been doing it all my life but never did I think to make money at it. so I did and I am also a natural-path and make my own healing oils and teach people how to eat and exercise to lose weight and get in shape and all the stuff I make naturally I am selling because it changes peoples lives, but yet I have so much missing. I want to help more than the people I touch on a day to day basis. I write poetry and music and lyrics, and stories, and children’s stories. I want to write on health and nutrition and so much more. People call me snow white and all kinds of things because children and animals love me. I believe in the supernatural because God showed up for me in so many ways when I was a child all the way up till now, saving my life, keeping me from death. I have seen angels and demons and so so so much more. I have been kidnapped, abused, attacked, tortured,raped, held hostage, bullied, and so much more that I don’t know where to begin. I have been told by people that did not even know I was a writer that they saw famous books in my future and me on tv and talk shows. Well I have already been on TV but not for books but still I don’t know where to begin. I would need help with that. I write poorly, meaning I don’t have the best grammar and spelling and my terminally ill friend who died would edit my stuff for that is what he did and he believed in me so I would need an agent, a good editor, that would not through my writing out because I suck at grammar. So basically I need to know where to start? How to put my thoughts into order? What should I focus on first?
    2). When you publish your own books, what is the cost for editing, and rewrites, and design of the book, and just all the up front cost because, I will be honest, I am married to my second amazing husband and we had two children together and my older boys are grown now but my daughter will be 16 in august and my youngest son will be 14 in October and I have been ill for years. I had a mental breakdown in 2007 which my counselor told me would probably happen since I have DID which is Dissociation Identity Disorder or the old name was Multiple Personality Disorder. I know what your thinking,” OMG! ” The movie Sybal,”. Well the truth is we all have it to some degree. Like have you ever heard the expression, Your inner child? Then I have Borderline Personality Disorder which to the psychiatry unit is like the worst kind of cases to ever fix besides, well I don’t want to put down the besides, It might scare you off, If I have not done so already. I also have PTSD! Gee, I wonder why? LOL! I’m just kidding,” I am not really joking about this it is just that when I have to write down just my diagnoses for psychiatry and I haven’t even gotten to the physical limitations yet well it is a bit discouraging!As research has shown your mental health can affect your physical health so I have a whole list of problems I don’t want to bore you with which almost killed me this October. In fact I had Klebsiella sepsis of the blood or the old name Blood Poisoning and none of the doctors could understand how I survived! I am a fighter and I have a close relationship with Jesus who I have met on occasion. Scare you off yet? These limitations have left my husband the only one who is able to work work, I bring in disability and what I can when I am up to doing a massage or selling any oils. So is there anyway to get someone to read any of your work like it enough, to sign you up covering all the cost for a percentage of all the sells the books will make. I assure you there will be a lot of sells and not because I think I am a great writer, it is because I believe that what I have to say, people are going to want to listen and hear. I believe that my story or stories will help people and maybe even change some of their lives.
    30). When I finally publish a book it will give me a since that I have finally done something right for a change. That I have taken this broken person that I have been for such a long time, a person who thought her life was worth nothing, and open my self up know matter how unflattering or humiliating it may be in some of the books, but by being truthful about overcoming living as a victim and learning through much trials and tribulations how to live as a victor with God at the realm, help those who may not otherwise have been able to help themselves. Then and only then will my suffering, not have been in vain. What it would be like for me, would be speechless! I would have finished something I had started long ago and preservered no matter how long it took me. I finally won!

  181. Chas says:

    1) I’m publishing mostly fiction at this time. I have dreams of writing so great controversial thing about religion or politics but for now I look to entertain my readers.

    2) My biggest question about publishing my own e-books right now is promoting the book after it’s released. I can write. I’ve published before. My book has gotten 4-5 star reviews from my readers, but I have no idea how to reach a broader audience.

    3) Being ‘successful’ with my book(s) is the brass ring for me. I’ve dreamed of being a successful writer (that is, supporting myself writing) all my life. For me that’s Heaven on Earth.

  182. Marian says:

    1. I would like to do memoirs, particularly of interesting older people I’ve met in recent years (before they expire).
    2. I’m not sure yet of an appropriate length (although I know this matters less with ebooks than print) or how to find an audience beyond those who knew the people, none of whom are famous, because I do believe that their stories are worth sharing widely.
    3. It would be wonderful to be able to do this and actually be successful enough to do it full-time from anywhere and not be tied by work to any particular location!

  183. Alli Reed says:

    1. I write fiction, mysteries and comedy.
    2. I worry about the costs of self-publishing and successfully marketing the finished product.
    3. If I were to publish an e-book and be successful as well, I would then be able to write all the time, which is what I long to do.

  184. Jeanne M. Glaser says:

    1. I want to write historical fiction for grade school children about the history of our local area. We had a ranch run by three brothers that ran a Wild West Show and Circus that travelled the world and covered 100,000 acres. A former governor of out state lived in our town and built 2 mansions. We have a lot of history here that I would love to introduce the children to.
    2. The cost of getting the book published while still keeping to the integrity that I want to see in it along with the art work that I believe will help tell the story.
    3. Being successful would be watching the children read and learn and enjoy the history of our town and eagerly waiting for the next book in the series.

  185. Nicholas Meis says:

    1. Fiction and non-fiction, articles, and technical writing.
    2. I am under the impression that self-publishing and e-books do not generate the revenue that mainline publishing is able to bring.
    3. I would like to write full-time without having to change my standard of living.

  186. Wendy Koenig says:

    I write mostly fiction and poetry.
    I would like to know more about developing a market audience.
    I have published ebooks before. It’s always gratifying when people I don’t even know stop me and tell me how much they like my books.

  187. Connie says:

    1. Self-help, informational books for educators, motivational, children’s stories, and fiction.

    2. Logistics of self-publishing (nitty-gritty how-to, step by step with contact info and trusted collaborators in the editing, graphics, printing, marketing, and publishing arenas) – and advice about how to best benefit from selling the combination of paperback and ebook versions.

    3. I would love to be able to help, inform, and entertain people with my writing, helping them to improve their lives and build their confidence in their own abiilities. It would be perfect if I could retire from my “day job” and make enough money with my writing and public speaking to travel to interesting places, meet new people, and just enjoy our “new retired, but active life style” with my husband! Is that too much to ask?!?!

  188. Tonya willman says:

    1) I write poetry,children’s stories, and romance.
    2) my biggest question would be how do I do it,where, and is it cost efficient enough that I can afford to do this. As well as how much I could make and how do I receive payments. (Guess that was more than one question.). Sorry.
    3). Publishing my own eBook would be quite exciting. I have had one book of my poetry published through a publisher. It was quite expensive and I did not make any profit in doing so. But monetary gain was not my intention of completing my book. It was one of my bucket list dreams to see my poetry in a book form. I would like to publish more. But simply cannot afford to pay to publish again at the rate I did before.

  189. Kavelle Gordon says:

    1. I would like to publish a Poetry Book
    2. Cost involved and how to challenge competitors
    3. I would feel quite excited and accomplished to know that I have worked very hard towards my goal and I made it. I have a talent and want to share it with the world and finally, I can say YES!!!!! I made it in this competitive world..

  190. Christopher A. Cooke says:

    I have already published (via traditional publishing) one YA Fantasy novel: Dragonfaerie (2010 Reliquary Press, 2013 Tate Publishing). I continue to write in that genre, as well as contemporary, sci-fi, magical realism, and genre blending works.

    As far as questions about self-publishing, there is much I already know as I have been researching putting some of my works out on my own. However, I have noticed that when people ask me about it, they seem to be unaware of things such as ISBNs, marketing resources, editing, cover design, binding, and how to get their works into brick and mortar book stores.

    Were I as successful as I’d like to be, I would be able to not only leave the technology field forever, but I would be able to return to school for medicine, give money to green initiatives and charities, and would still be writing like it is going out of style.

  191. Pat says:

    I write only nonfiction so I would like to publish an ebook about the uses of vinegar. My biggest problem is with the mechanics of creating and marketing an ebook. When I think about it, it seems overwhelming. I know it can’t be that bad, but it would be nice to have a some concrete information about it.

    How would I feel? It would definitely boost my ego.

  192. Shweta Jha says:

    Non-fictional content dealing with socio-economical issues; What exactly do we need to get ourselves published? ; the first success will inspire me to write more and more books.

  193. Jean Bourque says:

    1. Non fiction
    2.When you get work published as an e book, my questions would be in regards to marketing, promotion and distribution.
    3. Success means the writing supports me and my preferred lifestyle.
    I will look forward to seeing what you write! Thank you for letting us voice our opinions!

  194. Carolyn Reese says:

    I write scripts…mainly horror or fantasy.

    I have already written an eBook but I am the only one who has purchased it Amazon Kindle Anomalies From the Zoo Zone.

    Lastly I would consider myself a success if I could see one of my scripts sold or even optioned for whatever amount.

    I have five scripts listed on INKTIPS…lots of log line hits and an occasional synopsis hit but no buyers. The thing I am writing on now is called The Prayer based on John 9:31 about God not hearing a sinner’s prayer. Log line would go something like…If God doesn’t, then besides the usual suspect, who does hear a sinner’s prayer. She does but tries not to listen. One day, it is crucial that she listens and prays he will pray again when she hears a plot in prayer to bomb the Church she is attending because it is NOT Holy enough.

  195. Gregory Lawrence Stewart says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish?

    Answer: Plays, film scripts, and short stories.

    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?

    Answer: Will a self published ebook stand out or just get lost in the blogosphere?

    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?

    I would hope that if I were successful my script material published as an ebook would be copywrited and I would get royalties from anyone who would want to produce the material. I would most likely feel overwhelmed but if it were to bring in income of some kind I would produce my plays myself.

  196. kate kindle says:

    I like info on collecting email addresses for mailings to customers. I write mystery fiction and light nonformula romance.

  197. Hope Elliott says:

    1) I have a lot of experience starting and operating non-profit organizations and have been consulting and writing grants for years. I would like to write a simple, easy-to-follow E-book on non-profit start-ups.

    I also have had an interesting life, full of chance meetings that I would like to write about.

    2)I have questions about marketing, distribution, up-front costs, etc.
    3) Publishing my first E-book will be a life-long dream of leaving a legacy to my family, and leaving an impact on the world.

  198. Bentley Gilbert says:

    I want to publish murder fiction with a political setting. Anxious about how overwhelming the whole process seems at times. I imaging becoming published will be a terrific thrill, as exhilarating as the writing is.

  199. Sherry says:

    1-Fiction adventure with self discovery to include a moral, non-fiction “how to”, poetry, magazine articles, non fiction, newsletters, copy writing, greeting cards, screen plays, etc.
    2-How do e books get promoted? How do people get to know that the e-book is “out there”? I have read enough to understand that an e-book which sells in volume will usually be printed by the publisher to sell.
    3- living life on my terms while livable wages arrive via mail.

  200. RainM says:

    1. My first Romance Novel (Contemporary)
    2. Visibility – Formatting
    3. Startling? Great news. I would hope it means a publisher will contact me as a result because I have more where that came from.

  201. Courtney says:

    1) I’m looking to publish poetry and inspirational romance (faith-based).

    2) For the poetry book, graphics, designs and copywriting. For the romance, mostly formatting and proofreading. For both of them, marketing concerns me.

    3) I’ve been wanting to be a published author and poet since the 2nd grade, so I can definitely see this happening, with people really wanting my books. I guess the next thing to think about would be what to write next, if I should do this full time, and what to do with the income coming from it… ;D

  202. Lrahn says:

    I would like to publish Real Life success stories.
    How can I publish and ebook and know it will be a success.
    A successful published book leads to a motivated and inspired writer. People know the difference from made-up to true life events and it is very easy to spot when a person reads a book because most of us use the same old words. Real life success has expresses Bumps-in-the-Road.

  203. Redrose1 says:

    I like to write true life stories. I’ve self published and it costs thousands. I ended up giving my books away.

    E-books are great, but one must have experts in their corner in order to obtain the best results.

    Money is not my main concern. Having the ability to share with others and some compensation would be my ultimate goal.

  204. Scott Bumgarner says:

    1. I want to publish for Kindle.
    2. I want to learn exactly “How To”
    3. Sorry, I can’t answer this, as I have not published anything as yet; although, I have lots of content to choose from such as short stories and poetry.

  205. Paula Milburn says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish? –

    I have 3 things ‘on the go’ at the moment…. a book of poetry which is in editing stages; A barely started (few scenarios written, *basic* plot, character profiles etc but as it’s a historical (family drama)prose spanning around 150 years, there is a lot of research to be done; and a tongue in cheek look at customer service via true anecdotes from both ends of the phoneline!

    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?

    Cost mostly!

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? –

    Personally it would be the biggest thing I’ve ever done to prove myself. To prove my English teachers/lecturers *RIGHT* (and a sort of thank you for their dedication and patience with me) and to prove the naysayers *WRONG*!!

  206. Terry Palmer says:

    I have two eBooks on-line already. The non-fiction one was mostly edited, the fiction piece is not. I think most of the people will agree that the cost of editing is prohibitive, especially if you get a line by line edit, which is a good way to go to ‘get it right’. that also depends on the editor. I’ve worked with some wonderful editors who weren’t afraid to take a moment and help this wandering author, beyond a mere edit. In order to defray the cost, I’ve also tried the writers groups that edit each other chapter by chapter, but, umm, to be polite, if they don’t understand your path, niche, or writing style, it can be um, interesting. I can envision what it would be like to have a book on-line as an eBook because I am there and it is great. so to is the responsibility to my readers to keep improving and editing my eBooks so they are the best they can be. hope this helps. Terry

  207. Cheri M. says:

    I have a series of children’s books that focus on looking at things in a positive light even when things are bleak. The characters are engaging and fun. My problem is I am no artist and finding a fit with someone that sees my vision and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, is difficult. It would be nice to have an alternative to a full blown artist with a high cost per hour. I also need someone to design a cover. Ebooks are supposed to be much less costly to produce but so far unless you have a borax cover and only type, I am not finding that to be true. I Need alternatives to the standard track.

  208. Jeannie O. Harsha says:

    1. poetry and real life essays
    2.costs, rights, marketing, longevity as an ebook
    3. I would feel successful if I knew my writing touched others in some way – made them laugh, cry, feel a sense of shared humanity…Being financially compensated is the right of a writer.

  209. Ronald Huff says:

    1. I publish poetry and would one day like to publish comedy, as well.

    2. I am most concerned about the cost of publishing an ebook.

    3. It would be so awesome and fulfilling to publish my own book.

  210. J. Pearson says:

    I wrote non-fiction on psychology-related topics.

    I have published hard copy and e-books, and am most interested in how to maximize income from e-books.

    Tell me how!

  211. Lisa Rie says:

    1) Fiction, mostly fantasy
    2) I know authors should promote themselves and their books, but should they start their promoting before the book is published (if they are unknown) or wait until their first book is out?
    3) If I published a book, I would feel a great sense of accomplishment.

  212. Jae Holt says:

    1. I write fantasy fiction.
    2. One question is how to successfully promote my ebook across platforms.
    3. Having already self-published an ebook, the success that I would imagine is an increase in readership – which would mean that I’ve managed to be entertaining!

  213. Chrystal says:

    1. Mystery/Suspense is my genre.

    2. Will my ROI (return on investment) be cost effective and/or worth me publishing my own books.

    3. It would be an astonishing accomplishment to achieve success publishing my book.

  214. Susan Marie says:

    Question #1 Short Stories and Novels
    Question #2 How much it costs to publish an ebook
    Question #3 It would be my wildest dream come true

  215. Paul Kandarian says:

    1.) Humor essays and travel writing
    2.) Cost of self-publishing and marketing it
    3.) Would be lovely, could focus solely on book writing as opposed to the freelance writing I do all the time now.

  216. Stephanie Dawson says:

    1) fiction and non-fiction, children’s books
    2)I really do not know anything about publishing ebooks, that is why I subscribe, learning as I go, how to contact appropriate publishers is my biggest need at this time
    3) I am a publsihed writer, and every time it’s awesome 🙂 an ebook would be a new experience, I currently write for an online magazine, I think it would be 10 times more amazing than that!!

  217. Mark Shiffer says:

    1. That is part of the problem for me. I’m haven’t really found a niche. I do like history though, so non-fiction or historical fiction would be what I might like to write about and publish.

    2. The biggest question for me would be how to promote and market a book.

    3. Being published and having critical and financial success would be a dream come true. It would make me want to keep going and write more.

  218. Peri' says:

    I enjoy creative writing, either fiction or non-fiction. This has been going well,however the idea of writting a complete book has not really been a consideration. Not sure I have the “dedication” to endure the task. That little “glitch”, I believe, is truly what keeps MOST of us from actually writting a book, let alone consider publishing. All writings are better served with a publisher or editor that is not the author.
    I would be delighted to attend a “signing session” for my best selling book. Do “E-books” have signing sessions?

  219. AR Neal says:

    1. What type of writing do you want to publish? I am interested in publishing a collection of short stories and flash fiction.

    2. What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? I am concerned about marketing–I do not want to spend every waking moment annoying friends and relatives with blurbs and blog posts about my book; is there a better (and not outrageously expensive) way to market our material and actually, maybe, sell a few copies?!

    3. Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? I would love to have my writing out there in a different way; I have already self-published a novella. I gave away a few e-copies and sold I think two in paperback form. I envision that a successful book would be a springboard to future writing opportunities.

  220. Sharon Eastman says:

    I write fiction mostly but it tends to stray into the fantasy realms sometimes as well. Unlike most people, my biggest questions and concerns are not about profit. My concerns are mostly about the costs associated with publishing a book, EBook, print or both. My other concern is distribution and publicity. I know that I’m not going to be the next Big-New-Author anytime soon and that it’s going to take lots of hard work and determination to make any kind of living from writing full time. I just want to know that my time and effort is going to get me at least part of the way there eventually. I don’t want to pour my soul into an eBook that people can’t read because no one knows it’s out there. If by some miracle I actually could successfully make it in the ever-fluid world of professionally writing for a living, I would be over whelmed with the joys of finally being able to share my biggest desires and wildest dreams with people that would appreciate them.

  221. Zack Kopp says:

    1/ I write all kinds of things but my talents are currently best applied as an author of creative fiction.
    2/ My biggest question about self-publishing, whether hard copy or e, is how to advertise most effectively and sffordably.
    3/ I imagine I will be extremely successful once I make a taste of my skills available to a receptive audience. It’s good to know.

  222. Rebecca says:

    1- I mostly write fiction, though I tend to like mysteries, sci-fi, and thrillers above everything else.
    2- Comparisons of self-publishing verses regular publishing could help, as well as the difference between doing it as an ebook and a hard copy.
    3- I’m a person who has at least 3 books at home in queue in my reading list and a reading list that acts very much like a proverbial hydra in that with every book I knock off at least two more take it’s place. I enjoy good stories and I’d like to share some of my own.

  223. Bill Lazarus says:

    I want to publish my novels. I’ve never used ebooks and would prefer to go through a publisher: my English teacher years ago told me never pay anyone to publish a book, and I never have. I’ve had six published so far and written many more as a ghostwriter. I don’t measure success by book sales, but from the satisfaction of starting and completing a project. I’m a writer, not a salesman. I would prefer to leave the commercial end to others. That’s hardly unique. The biggest problem we all face is separating ourselves from the hundreds of thousands of others who are producing books. I have plenty of books, but no way really to let enough readers know. I doubt ebooks can resolve that problem.

  224. Aileen says:

    I am interested in short story writing and poems.

    Being able to publish an eBook would be a great mile stone accomplishment at this time.

    How would I go about publishing an eBook to earn a living. and would be sustainable over a long period of time.

  225. Migdalia Torres says:

    1- Children’s New Fable and Storybooks
    2- How do you go about too get an E-Book fully Illustrated.
    3- I could imagine my Children’s Story taking off and been feature in The Macy Day Parade as New Characters. This is my long time dream too have New Children Fairytale Books and see them come too live as a Toy Balloon in the Macy’s Day Parade in New York City.

  226. Fred says:

    1. A)Poetry
    B)Science Fiction
    C)My fictional Autobiographical (5 in the series)

    2. Marketing. Publishing 2 books of poetry with only a few sales. Marketing!
    3. I would just love to eat well again, like when I had a job. Retired now and working hard to finish my novels. I can say that I felt Super when my book of poems was published and I want to get that feeling again with all of my novels.

  227. Sarah says:

    1. Historical novels
    2. Marketing for success, without it being a full time job
    3. My idea of success if minimal marketing and maximum exposure, resulting in enough income to travel to find new stories to write about.

  228. GK says:

    1. Eventually, I want to publish fiction, and I may or may not do that first as an e-book. I might publish some non-fiction as well, but I guess I have a hard time seeing myself as an expert on anything 🙂 I want to start a blog first, and see how that goes.

    2. I guess I wonder if publishing an ebook makes it less inviting to companies who publish hard-copy books to consider acquiring publishing rights for them.

    3. Actually, you have inspired me to try self-publishing a small volume of poems through Amazon. It should be up within a week 🙂

  229. Katherine says:

    1. Suspense/Adventure Fantasy Fiction and Self-Improvement as subjects. From short stories, to articles, to books.
    2. How technically complex/expensive is the entire publishing process?
    3. Being a successful e-book author would feel deeply satisfying and invigorating. As more people were exposed to the challenges and ideas proposed to each reader I would feel joyous that so many people would have also been excited to take action in their own lives.

  230. Chris Whitenack says:

    1. Fiction mainly, but non fiction in a literary fiction style, chap books, ebooks and paper publishing.
    2.What are the best ways to promote for higher sales AND literary recognition?
    3.You asked for it:
    I will wake up and check my mail one morning after publishing. They have come. In droves. My social media sites have gone beserk. Twitter has asked me to launch another site to free up their hardware. Publicists are dangling publishers in front of me like meat in front of a starving lion. Everyone is trying to be my friend. Stalkers have put tracking tools on all of my sites. The IRS has questions. Paypal is telling me they can’t accept all of the funds sent to my account, because the max has been overrun ten times over. Amazon is calling my house waiting for my shipping orders.
    I hire a lawer, a tax accountant, and a security force, and make sure that none of my families addresses and phone numbers are in public record, i.e., new phone numbers, email addy’s and sealed documents for all pertinent legal documents.
    Yeah. Like that. Panic inducing. I give myself a week before making a public release statement. That kind of thing.
    Tour dates to begin in the fall, pending my next release.
    If you’re gonna dream, dream big. 😀

  231. Cheryl says:

    1. Fiction and review books
    2. My biggest question about publishing an ebook would be the cost as well as how to get started.
    3. I would be so happy that my book were successful. I would encourage more writers to write their ebooks.

  232. Gwen Corder says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish? Children’s fiction and nonfiction.

    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? How do you get started? What resources do you need to start?

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? I would be extremely happy and valued as a writer.

  233. Charmaine Bergman says:

    1.Science Fiction/Fantasy. Prose soft fiction

    2. Cost/band width to load/ability to add illustration/profit margins available

    3. Knowledge that have shared something creative with the world is very substantive to the personal self esteem. It is easy to share through links to those who are interested. And hopefully there is some cost recovery for birthing the baby of your creativity

  234. James Hutton says:

    #2/Data Base for History
    To be able to let Readers peak in side my mind and soul.
    Without them knowing me and like what they read.

  235. James Hutton says:

    With Not Knowing Much About Writing it is hard to have
    criticisms,or opinions, but i like what i see so we will see.
    Thank you

  236. Conlee Ricketts says:

    I write both fiction and non-fiction, but have a short non-fiction idea that I am currently writing that I would love to make into an ebook. It seems like a perfect fit.

    The Technical stuff! Covers, formatting, cost, how-to format.

    As soon as I finish the ebook I would love to use it as a free-giveaway for my website as well as have it to share on social media etc.

  237. Anonymous says:

    1) Fiction (covering all ages/topics, whether it’s a short story, novel, series, or a collection of poems)

    2) Anything regarding to obtaining and KEEPING copyright protection, the cost associated to publishing, percent of profit, promoting my ebook, finding legit companies, editors, illustrators, etc., and the pros/cons of publishing ebooks.

    3) Utterly astonished and grateful, I’d continue writing and putting my work out there in hopes to keep bringing joy to others with my work and make my passion a career.

  238. Judy says:

    1. Mostly short stories, novels, anything fiction.

    2. After the writing is done what are the actual steps to publish an e-book?

    3. I would be thrilled and if I could be a success at it-that is making enough money to live on- that’s all I really want. I don’t care about being rich or famous, just enough to live decently and take care of myself and being able to write to accomplish that would be wonderful, a dream come true.
    I have a self-published novel I wrote and published through Authorhouse called Methow Valley Morning. It’s not making much money at this time. I’ve sold a few copies.

  239. Donna Nicoll says:

    I have published 2 books with Amazon. Both a bit different from each other but basically a good, character based story, with romance and sex and the highs and lows of the journey.
    I published my second book on createspace first. They provide a formatted template and a cover create program. It requires some patience but it is great. Createspace then allows you to put it on Kindle ebook with no effort apart from the click of a mouse.
    It is easy but the promotion and trying to sell is difficult. There appears to be not much of a screening of content and a lot of rubbish is available and many resort to serial versions, which as a reader, I have no time for. I like a complete story.
    So most help needs to come from how to actually sell the book once it is done!
    As I live in Australia, I have an issue with the high postage and time to get the hard copy. Also the American IRS is a pain ! In Australia we pay no tax unless you earn over 18,ooo. In US I was ripped off 20 dollars from a 60 dollar payment! Now have posted W-8BEN form so hope that tax is now 5% as should be. Amazon owns both Createspace and Kindle but they are not linked for some reason, so the form can be submitted online for Kindle but not Createspace so had to do print and send to them. Another cost!
    So there it is. Make of it what you will but look at what they are providing. Need to learn how to sell it!!!

  240. JM Scott says:

    1. I write all of different genres including poetry.
    2. I have self-published several kindle books and there are two things I would love to know and they are promotion and how the heck to get any kind of review on Amazon. I have pretty much outright begged for any kind of review and I get none. There’s got to be better ways to get reviews and to get your books out there.
    3. My dream has always been to be a successful writer. Of course, when I was younger (not that I am too old just technology has changed so much) I thought this meant writing books and making oodles of royalties and movie deals. That has changed because the internet is changing and now I want to write books either print or online, sell those books and make enough money to continue to do so.

  241. Don Hudson says:

    1. Non-fiction. Currently the subject is education.
    2. I am being brutally honest. Hurt feelings in this instance is denial and cover-up. Self-publishing ebooks is a racquet, a criminal racquet. I have had contact with several “publishers” in the last 5 years and in the end they all turned out to be money grabbing rio-off scams. Writer’s are led down a pretty road until they reach a “wash-out”. Then, to go any further, the writer is required to pay some kind of fee/deposit/application retainer. Nothing happens unless the writer pays this money up front.
    The on-line publishing business has rewritten the rules of publication to insure they get their investment up-front, first. Once any initial payment is made by the writer, a series of subsequent payments is mandated. These on-line merchants call themselves publishers but that is just not true; at least in the traditional sense of book publishing.
    This may be how on-line, electronic publishing works, but it is usury and exploitation before it ever gets to be publishing. It also lowers the standards for all publishing. It states and practiceses, clearly, the skill and quality of material submitted for publication is irreverent. In the truest, nastiest sense of the term, “vanity publishing” is the actual and real intent of electronive publishing. In the last five years, I have not met a single electronic publisher that is not finally a scam artist. That is true of companies like Publish America, Amason, and at least a dozen other electronic publishers that I have had personal contact with.
    I have read your explanation of collaboration with Amazon, and honestly I don’t believe you. My sense is, hidden somewhere in your leagal mumbo-jumbo, is a money pit waiting to trap an unsuspecting author.

    3. What that is like for me is anger, frustration, disappointment., distrust It is dangling an enticing carrot in front of my eyes and doing so without a spect of conscience. This whole ‘writing for life’ web-project is twisted; it sounds like a supportive effort to help writers share their work with a larger audience than they can reach on their own. But none of the opportunities I’ve seen are collaborations with an author aimed at a potential audience. They are all profit collecting machines. As is obvious, I think all electronic publishers are crooks. I don’t know if you are but I’d believe it first. Another reason I say that is because this whole on-line writing project does not supply and support what it claimed to do in the beginning. My efforts to join discussions never get acknowledged. Why is that?

  242. Rose Woodruff says:

    Wow! So many responses! I really can’t add anything new to the mix. Thank you and I can’t wait to read your new eBook!

  243. Jessica B. says:

    Hello! My hope is to write fiction one day, but most of what I write at the moment is non-fiction, analytical type writing. My biggest obstacle to self-publishing is just knowing where to start. And, for me, success as a writer looks like being able to support myself and my family. I don’t look to hit it rich. I’m really not even interested in being rich. But being debt free and not having to work a 9-5 job would be splendid.


  244. Michael Eash says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish?
    Fiction: Christian, Sci-fi, and Fantasy.
    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    Are there any techniques for marketing ebooks that are different and/or better than marketing print books?
    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    For me, being successful with my book(s) would mean it attracted enough interest and sales for me to keep publishing and make a living.

  245. Rand Lee says:

    1. What type of writing do I want to publish? Science fiction, fantasy, New Age, occult, horticulture
    2. My biggest question about publishing my own e-books is, Are there any low-cost or profit-sharing services that specialize in e-book promotion? Promotion seems to me the greatest tool for ensuring an e-book becomes profitable.
    3. Success with an e-book means I could afford to have my teeth fixed.

  246. Bonita Vergara-Jones says:

    I have created an ebook of animated poetry that covers “Phases of Life in Prose”. Each poem is animated , interactive, accompanied by music I created, and will play on various iPad’s, iPod’s, android tablets, pc’s, etc. Each phase is a book of seventeen poems and will appeal to each age group: Childhood; Teenagers; Young Adults; Newly married, Single, New Parents. And as one ages, so life’s phases move on to caring for parents, aging, finding life’s total worth. I have learned much in life and I wish to share those teachings of life though its “Phases”.

  247. Carolyn Frasier says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish?
    I want to publish inspirational/devotionals with illustrations and photography.
    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? How should I handle the graphics credits? Would a devotional e-book sell?
    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    To be successful with an e-book would encourage me greatly. I would then want to continue writing and expand my offerings.

  248. Mikki Rice says:

    1. Fiction: Christian, horror, suspense.
    2. Is publishing an ebook really worth it? In other words, how successful can an ebook really be?
    3. If my ebook was successful, I would feel like a real writer; a published writer. I would feel like I can do it; it’s not out of reach; I do have the talent. I would feel like I need to get started on my next book!! =)

  249. gary boyd says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish? religious book on the rapture, the second coming, the great tribulation and the the kingdom to come.
    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? The cost, time, managing the resources, and what exactly to put in it.
    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? It would make me want to publish more.

  250. Sandy Ozanich says:

    Question 1: I would publish poetry and essays.
    Question 2: My biggest question would be, how do I get my book in the marketplace?
    Question 3: When I am successful publishing my ebook, I would feel accomplishment and the urge to write another book, sharing the things I know something about. It would be great fun

  251. Julie Perrott says:

    Q1 – I am currently writing a non-fiction eBook that is self-help and will be looking to publish it on KDP, but once this book is finished I will be commencing a novel, and again may use KDP but would also look publishing via other online publishers, with the view to moving into print down the track.

    Q2 – My biggest question would be in relation to the structure, and formatting of eBooks, including; cover design, contents pages, copyright pages, and indexing etc…

    Q3 – After the shock had worn off I’d be calling everyone I knew, to say “see, I did it!” But I would also grateful to have some helpful information re my subject out in the public domain.

  252. Niki says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish?
    The book I want to publish is a self-help book.
    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    Formatting is my biggest challenge right now. I want to do it professionally but I don’t want to pay. If I can’t get it, I will surrender eventually.
    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    That success would be a validating experience and open a new world to me.

  253. Kim Mosteiro says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish? I have written some poetry over the years, and have written one that I have turned into a Children’s book. From this I have written a couple more and have many ideas for more; it would be a series like dr Seuss, but mine are about adventures with grandma. I also have a start on a fiction, in the Stephan king gender.

    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? Money, I am on disability.

    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? So awesome to have one of my biggest dreams come true! I know that children will love my stories, and I hope my fiction scares the begeezees out of you!

  254. Hilary Kerr says:

    I want to be a jobbing writer. I want to write magazine stories and articles, newspaper features, essays, books of short stories, and the occasional novel. Thanks for your help.

  255. Pat says:

    Short stories
    Concerned about copyright and the risk of people plagiarising my work
    I’d just like to feel that people were enjoying what I produced and wanted to read more of it. Earning some revenue from it would be an added bonus!

  256. Josas says:

    1)I would like to publish fiction
    2)I would like to know the cost of publishing my own ebooks, the technicalities involved and how i would get returns as regarding money and being known
    3)i were successful, i would feel like my living was not a waste

  257. Jonathan Traynor says:

    1. A mixture of fiction and non-fiction.
    2. Marketing existing and new stories.
    3. Retirement from being a wage slave and sloughing off the suit of slavery in order to concentrate on my writing.

  258. Frederick says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish?
    Researched articles and short stories, fiction.
    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? Simple (main) steps & cost.
    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    Exhilarating, and of course to make a commercial success in hard copy as well.
    Thanks for your info

  259. Mahogany Hill says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish? I write poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. I want to be open to any genre based on whatever the inspiration is…
    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? Though I want to get the word out, I’d like to get paid to do it. What is the earning potential in e looks and how does the self publisher get her/his name out and get people buying it?
    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? I would be happy working in a creative field. Not very many people get payed doing the thing she/he has always wanted to do. AS A MENTOR, this would give me an awesome testimony to the youth and young adults I serve. I wouldn’t just be talking about giving attention to your dreams, I’d be living it. Evidence is the best prescription for a hopeless community…

  260. Terri Cabral says:

    1. What type of writing do you want to publish?

    I like writing novels about interesting animals and people – I have written a novel about my cat, Thisbe, (sort of HER memoir as told to me from her POV) and I am working on a novelization about my aunt’s life – it was very interesting.

    2. What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?

    I have published through Create Space on Amazon and on Smashwords. I have had success with both but feel the books are easily copied or “borrowed” with nothing for the author.

    3. Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?

    Well book signings are out of the question but I would like to make a decent income from the ebooks I sell.

  261. Rhiannon Hopkins says:

    I want to publish novels without regard to a publisher’s bottom line, I don’t want to be told to sex up or edit a book to make it more market friendly. I am not interested in commercial success if it means some kind of formulaic, this sells, that does not judgements, from people whose only interest is profit. My work is not and never will be mainstream but my limited audience thus far have given me feedback that shows me where I need to edit and that people generally like what I write and want more of it after a first taste. When it comes to publishing E books, cost is a factor at the moment,and having dipped my toe in the waters of Kindle publishing I found the formatting was a nightmare, is there an easier way to deal with that stuff? How would it feel to see my novels as successful e books? Satisfaction does not begin to cover it.

  262. MariTere Smith says:

    I am a short story and screenplay writer. I would like to one day get published without a lot of red tape, or sell a script. And like the other writers above, I would love to live off my writing. But it seems that will not happen until I can get something published in a BIG way. I would like to know in more detail what it truly takes to get published. It does seem daunting.

  263. Jane Tolman says:

    What type of writing do I want to publish? Non-fiction/memoir/personal essay/short stories

    What is my biggest question about publishing my own e-books? Would I be taken as a serious writer if I hadn’t had my books published in hardcover first? Anybody can publish an e-book, but how does the reader know it’s any good?

    Imagine if you are successful with your e-book. What would that be like for you? Of course it would be a huge boost to my self-esteem. If I made enough money from it, I would farm it out to agents to try to pick up someone demanding regular work from me and helping me place it in high profile magazines, etc… I also would get going on another piece if I hadn’t already and definitely do Nanowrimo and Shostowrimo every year to see what I’d produce and what I could use from them. And of course, I’d use Freedom with Writing to help keep my name out there and get the plum assignments, and I could credit them in my e-book.

  264. Terrie says:

    I would like to publish Romance Novels

    I am interested in all aspects of publishing and what are best cost effective ways are to do an ebook.

  265. Margi Bettelyoun says:

    I love essays and memoirs, but over the last few years I have developed a passion for fiction!
    I am unsure of how to format an ebook and get it “out there”
    I would love to sit and listen to the breezes tell me stories that I could write and publish.

  266. Erin Lee says:

    I have a variety of projects that I am working on, so a book that covers a range of styles would be good for me. My biggest concerns about self publishing are the costs, because I have no money, and marketing, because selling myself is not so easy for me. If my book is a success I will celebrate a bit, then start the process for another book and keep the momentum going. I think the hardest thing for me is just getting through the process the first time- fear of the unknown so to speak. Thank you for all the help and advice you offer.

  267. CoCo Milardo says:

    1. I love writing fantasy and short stories. Also, autobiographical nonfiction/stories.

    2. My biggest concern about publishing my own ebook is what steps to take to get my ebook in front of the people I’m writing for.

    3. Publishing a successful ebook would be like winning the lottery. It would be my first step into the world of a professional writer.

  268. Rena says:

    I’m currently writing a Sherlock Holmes book. I’m curious about formatting the files, how large font should be, should the book be all in one document or folder or what before submitting to Amazon e-books. Success would be to make enough sales so that if I query a traditional publisher, I’d get their interest in having them publish it in book form.

  269. Patti Nicholson says:

    #1 – I would like to publish both fiction and non-fiction. #2 – For me there is just a lot to learn about the whole ebook publishing processing in addition to the cost (since I have a very limited budget at this time).
    #3 – Publishing a successful book would be wonderful but also humbling – that others actually wanted to read what I have written.

  270. Avonelle Silcott says:

    1. I love writing poetry, fiction, skits, short plays, creative stuff!
    2. I really never thought of an ebook until I read what you wrote about them and how much easier it is get them going and published rather than the traditional route. I guess my concern would be how to get readers to read it and how to make profits.
    3. If I could publish my own ebook, I would feel so accomplished and proud of myself! If it were successful, that would be the icing on the cake and it would push me to write much more! It would be very encouraging for me!

  271. Stephanie Fox says:

    I’d like to publish researched non-fiction, probably historical or journalistic. I don’t know anything about e-publishing so I don’t even know what questions to ask. I am not sure how I would ‘feel’ make any difference, but I’d like to be able to make a bit of money and get picked up by a publisher.

  272. Suzanna B. says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish?
    – I am most interested in publishing sci-fi and fantasy fiction stories, both short stories and longer formats.

    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    – What options are available? What companies or processes do I have to choose from, and what are there biggest benefits and downfalls?

    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    – I think having success in this area would really spur me on to more writing and more publishing. I know I have a gift and I want to share it with the world, but I haven’t quite gotten to the sharing part. If I could have any sort of publishing success, it would mean I would be more financially capable to produce more stories and touch more readers through the lives and decisions of my characters.

  273. Jacqueline Gaines says:

    1. What type of writing do you want to publish? I want to publish a book that gives the real life account of a woman like me.
    2. What is your biggest question about publishing your own e-books? Does it cost a lot of money?
    3. Think about what it would be like to publish your own e-book. Imagine that you are successful with the book.
    What is that like for you? It would be my biggest thrill of my life to know I actually wrote it and made a success of it.

  274. Mary Patterson says:

    I am writing supernatural/sci fi books.
    How do you market your book and how much does it cost? Once it’s published, now what?
    To be able to put into words and create a story that people get caught up in and want more. That would be a dream. Hard to describe one of those moments when you go into shock, but happily so.

  275. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    1. I am currently writing a nonfiction, historical book. I love researching and writing about real life people in history who are not well known. I also love writing about Jesse and Frank James and their family, though they ARE well known. The possibility exists in the future to write mystery books too.
    2. I’ve researched how to self-publish. I think the way to break into publishing is to do 3-books because the cost is less. But how does a budding writer get moving into marketing and getting a publisher to print a book too? I am also a graphic designer, so I can design my own cover, obtain and make a UPC label and have done book layout myself for others. That helps me on the cost scale of prepping a book for print, but what about e-books?
    3. Getting my book out there, having it published is a dream come true. Writing is all I want to do 24/7. There are a million ideas in my head and being able to publish and have people read it and to earn a living from writing – it’s the dream job!

  276. Diana Rouse says:

    1. non-fiction & fiction, as well as short stories.
    2. which is the best publishing company that will give me the larger portion of my royalties?
    3. satisfying. accomplished.

  277. Bill Harry says:

    I’ve had 25 books published and have another five on the go. My first was published in 1977. Most of the books are now out of print and I’d like to re-write and re-published most of them as ebooks. During the 90s I had my features published in newspapers in 50 countries around the world. I’d now like to know the best way to have someone represent me to syndicate my feature writing again.

  278. Brian Beasley says:

    I will be publishing poetry. I have hundreds of poems to chose from. My problem now is the issue of funds. I cannot afford to invest in anything other than bills for the now. It would be my dream to eventually publish three books of poetry. If that happens, I just might put the pen down and sleep for a whole night. Thank you for your time.

  279. Barb P-L says:

    #1: What type of writing do you want to publish?
    Poetry, Self Help, Inspirational, Journalism, Blogging

    #2: What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? Copyright protection, Cost, Marketing

    #3: Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    It would be great if my work made a difference in someone’s life.

  280. BeeJay says:

    I enjoy writing fiction short stories and I would like more info on finding places willing to take a chance on a newbie writer. My own e-book? woohooo!!!!!

  281. Catt Foy says:

    I have already published a novel on Kindle. I will be publishing e-books on non-fiction topics as well as poetry and fiction in the future. My biggest question has been how to format the book properly. If I imagine success, I see the books selling like hotcakes, producing a living wage for me, and attracting the attention of a traditional publisher or at least an agent for the novel.

  282. Rodney says:

    Right now, I would like to find resources for publishing travel articles and stories.

  283. hülya n yılmaz says:

    1. What type of writing do you want to publish? Poetry, short stories, novel-length prose of the autobiographical fiction/fictional autobiography genre
    2. What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? The cost. I am recently published with no personal cost, after being one of the essay and poem contest winners. I have no experience in publishing an ebook but, as I noted, the cost is a critical aspect for me, as I have no financial means at the moment.
    3. Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? Creative writing has been a true passion for me since middle school, when I was published (poems and a short story) in my country of birth. To make a living, I am teaching full-time – despite having earned my Ph.D. long ago, I haven’t been able to be on the market for a deserving position. It is still a passionate claim I place on myself to be a full-time writer. That is why I studied at an online college to earn a FreeLance Writer license/diploma also at this close-to-retirement-stage of my life.

  284. Jack Tyler says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish?
    None fiction on historical and social issues such as: Education in the Mixica (Aztec) Empire at the time of the Spanish entrada into Mexico.

    Bataan and Corregidor – The greatest defeats in the history of the U.S. Army.

    Common Core State Standards – Doing to American Education what collectivization did agriculture in the Soviet Union.

    The Ebola Epidemic in Guinea and the threat to America.
    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?

    How to get a quality product to a small audience?

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?

    Great = hope to be invited to talk a conferences as a knowledgeable expert in the field.

  285. Terresa Roden says:

    First off, I want to ask that you add me back to the subscriber list. I accidentally clicked unsubscribe by mistake.

    1. I want to publish both fiction & nonfiction.

    2. What the best way to prep for publishing that would work over several platforms without too many changes per platform would be.

    3. Marketing and publicity concerns

  286. Sara Hund says:

    1. I want to write nonfiction and fiction.
    2. How do I go about finding an editor and publisher?
    3. Publicity concerns

  287. Kelly Erickson says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish?
    Novels for teens to YA and collections of short stories

    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    How to do it? What to do, in what order, how to format, how to get an isbn, how to get print books as well as ebooks…

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    If I published a book that was successful, I wouldn’t be so nervous about publishing another, and another…
    However, defining “successful” seems to be the place to start with this question. I would be happy if a few people read it and liked it, excited if a lot of people read and liked it, and thrilled beyond compare if a WHOLE LOT of people read it and loved it.

  288. Joan Voight says:

    I write business and career journalism.
    My question: What are the time and financial commitments involved in an e-book.
    Success means paying for the costs and labor of creating the book, reaching hundreds (or thousands) of readers, winning over national editors and publications which would lead to regular monthly assignments and travel gigs.

  289. Sherah Newcomb says:

    I want to publish both fiction and non fiction. Frankly, I am not completely on-board with e-books. While I understand that that’s the way the world is going, I have a special spot in my heart for real books, because there is something magical about being able to hold something you’ve created in a tangible form. I would prefer to have the option of both an ebook and hard copy published. There are so many other voices out there, I would also be concerned about what to do to market it to stand out from the rest and attract attention so my voice is heard. Publishing my book would bring me a sense of accomplishment, since I have had the current story I’m writing in my head for a long time. It would free up creative space so I could continue on to the next thing.

  290. Sheryl Ann says:

    1. Nonfiction
    2. Compatibility with the range of e-software, and anything one can do to protect copyright. Don’t want a total mess-up like I already had with common paying to online publisher that didn’t work out.
    3. A success that starts bringing in steady cash will be my springboard to the “writing life”–finishing all the books I’ve started and outlined and first-drafted over the years!

  291. Davina says:

    First of all, after having to scroll allll the way down to comment, I’ve forgotten what the questions were.(this comment box should be at the top)

    I write poems and short stories (mostly erotica).
    I have NO idea how to get my work published. I think my issue is – despite what others say – I don’t think my work is good enough to publish. I’m my worst critic and I’m constantly editing my work. But I would like to publish it and see how well it does. I have a friend who published an e-magazine and she asked her friends to write something for the magazine. Seeing my work in print with my picture next to it felt AMAZING!

  292. Teddi Johnson says:

    I would like to publish a poetry collection as well as nonfiction.
    I have recently developed a desire to publish an ebook as well as Kindle singles and have lots of questions about how to publish both types.

  293. Glenn Willis says:

    hese 3 questions:

    1- Q: What type of writing do you want to publish?
    A:My writing is Helpful hints for in the wooe working shop, Reolader’s shop, and short stories, (2,000 words or less), in fiction or life experience. Have won awards in my writer’s club.

    2-Q:What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    A: Is there a suggested length, format, and look? (I have never seen an E-book before.)

    3-Q: Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    A: Of course my book would make me rich beyond my wildest dreams. If it didn’t, I would hope folks would enjoy the read.

  294. Charryse Berry says:

    I am working to publish my poetry: 3 collections.
    Ebooks: How are royalties obtained, do you pay for the books to be on amazon.com, etc., and how do you track sales?
    The book has a great cover, a reflection of my complexities, an awesome dedication page to people who have supported me over the years (alive and deceased), the poetry would be a collection of love pieces, nuerotic, erotic, melancholy, excitable, encouraging and messages of overcoming.

    Each collection would have a different cover and different dedication. They’d be copywrited. I would do online and personal sales, because I am a great sales person.

    I would want a book signing (More than one) at varies popular places through out Kansas City.

  295. abraham tum says:

    Fiction (covering all ages/topics, whether it’s a short story, novel, series, or a collection of poems)

    2) Anything regarding to obtaining and KEEPING copyright protection, the cost associated to publishing, percent of profit, promoting my ebook, finding legit companies, editors, illustrators, etc., and the pros/cons of publishing ebooks.

    3) Utterly astonished and grateful, I’d continue writing and putting my work out there in hopes to keep bringing joy to others with my work and make my passion a career.

  296. Will Pieper says:

    I’m not yet ready to publish, probably 3-5 months from a manuscript that would need editing ,proofreading, legal changes, permissions and a rewrite. Non fiction, health related, personal anecdotes and processes with life altering surgery. Where is best place to find these services. I may not self publish, but submit to publishing houses. I’m interested in what you put together.

  297. Karen Lee says:

    1) Non-fiction focusing on eating for health with a plant based diet, and my own cookery book
    2) I have no idea where to start!
    3) It would fulfil a life long dream plus would mean I was connecting with numerous people enabling them to improve their health themselves – that would be so amazing!

  298. Eric Sutherland says:

    Help other Authors by proofreading, editing, correcting grammar and text flow and format their books and e-books covering Business, Technical, Fiction and Non-fiction.

  299. Bobby Barbara Smith says:

    I write non-fiction & poetry. My concerns about self publishing is will it be taken seriously. And will it harm my chances of being published elsewhere? If it turned out to be well received and opened doors for me, I would be delighted!

  300. LA Bourgeois says:

    1. Right now, I’m interested in integrating my knitting patterns into my fiction writing.
    2. How do I promote my ebooks after publishing?
    3. I’m excited and pleased. Now that my book has been recognized, I feel like I can push further into this field and be free about my choice to write.

  301. Tonya Overstreet says:

    I have written a progressive poetry book for children called “Unraveling the Fabric of a Fabricated World.” I am working on the illustrations right now.
    My biggest concern about self publishing is picking the right company to work with, and marketing. I fear I will invest my humble savings into creating a book I’m unable to circulate.
    I would feel I had contributed to creating a better world if parents read my poems to their children at bedtime. Such small contributions can go a long way.

  302. M. Natzke says:

    I would like to publish young adult fiction novels.

    My biggest concern circles copyrights and what the best avenue would be to publishing, albeit e-book or traditional. What would some of the best venues for e-pubs be? I’ve heard several venues for promotion and with everything being so intent on social networks, the computer is our greatest tool for self-promotion.

    Success comes in many forms, I think it would be euphoric just to submit a work for publishing–that in itself is a success no one can belittle. If it was actually deemed a successful print, well, to that I would have a long celebration with my friends and family, contrived of sessions of jumping up and down and screaming with complete exuberance. I would be nothing without them and support is just another form of success, to have those that believe in you long before you could even start to believe in yourself. It would be the beginning of a journey I’ve waited to start for quite some time and that that adventure has come forward, is yet another achievement.

  303. Ed Norman says:

    1. I am writing speculative fiction, starting with short stories but planning a novel also.
    2. Will I need special software for formatting, and will each prospective e-publisher have unique formatting requirements?
    I feel very good that I have passed my first publishing barrier and opened up a new world for myself!

  304. Michelle says:

    1. I’m interested in writing non-fiction (specifically travel oriented) as well as “chick lit” and YA. 2. I’d be interested in knowing more about promotion. 3. It would give me a tremendous sense of accomplishment!

  305. Deborah Wallace_adams says:

    I would like to publish inspirational short stories and poems. I am working on a book also. My life story includes some very powerful experiences related to overcoming adversity with faith and determination.
    Is publishing my own ebook as effective or more effective in reaching a broad range of readers when compared to actual books?
    I get very excited when I think about publishing an ebook. Today’s technology accomplishes the end result in a much faster and more efficient way. To have my work published would be a dream come true. It would encourage me to write more.

  306. nancy says:

    I write poetry, children’s literature and short stories. Am working on first novel.

    I have lots of questions about epublishing. I am not sure how to advertise and sell.

    i am excited about publishing, and would like to actually see mine in print more than an ebook.

  307. James McFadyen says:

    1) I want to publish mainly fantasy and science fiction.
    2) How can I market it to enough readers to make it financially viable?
    3) I would be ecstatic and telling everyone I knew, hopefully it would also provide a sufficient income for me to write full time. It would also give a much needed confidence boost.

  308. T.A.Branom says:

    I love writing science fiction and horror. I have self-published 2 books of my short stories with createspace. The hardest part was just knowing where to start. And, although I have those 2 books published, neither have sold much. I would love to sell more, but I live in a very rural area and don’t have many options. I’ve tried to have announcements in newspapers, but they won’t do it because I am not a publishing “house.” It would be nice to know how to get the word out when self-publishing from a rural area.

    • JCLawrence says:


      Reading you guided me to wonder… joking. You said you loved writing science fi and horror and that you already did self-publish you book. It is sad though that you do not have access to to the paper (not being a publishing house) yet doesn’t matter, is it possible to read some extracts of your writings? Or my be you have a site or a blog where you can be read ? Just let me know, thanks

  309. Cherie Waggie says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish? The book I am currently working on is fantasy, and I also write mystery.

    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? The biggest question is how to start and be successful.

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? To have my books published and be successful, meaning monetary, I suppose, would help bolster the desire and be glad for all the hard work, but success isn’t always measured by money. Just finishing a manuscript is success. It’s nice if that manuscript is received well enough to actually sell.

    • JCLawrence says:


      Just read you and wandered what kind of mystery do you write about, and fantasy ? I am myself being on a kind of similar subject let’s say (dealing with mystery and drama) I’d be interested to discuss it and share maybe,
      WXhat do you reckon ? That could be nice ?

  310. JanGrace Monet says:

    1. I write nonfiction about how teens deal with life-changing emotional loss and death. They have to wait until adolescence is over! The writing is based on my life experience, plus formal education and self-directed reading. Two of my books have been published by PublishAmerica, which recently changed its name to American Star Books. I’m writing #3, about codependence.





    • JCLawrence says:

      Hi there,

      Just read what you wrote, sounds great, do you believe we can talk about it sometimes
      That will be great !

  311. Katrina Jupin says:

    1.I am writing a romantic novel also short stories
    2.How do I get published,cost,&what percent of profit do I get
    3.To have written&published my own book would be a dream come true,and I’d write more books.

  312. JCLawrence says:

    Hi there,

    1. As far as writing is concerned, I am interested in short stories, novels, science-fi… and personal development ebooks too. I want my books to deal with life, the hidden part of it, the extraordinary side of it, fun, joy; any kind of subject can support this, I am an explorer and I would like to share with others a view that will bring awareness, changes or fun, joy, hope…

    2.My biggest question about getting my book published is how many will read it (I’d love people to dive into me writings and surf, and have joy, discovery and fun, and even question themselves…) then if we speak here about financial aspect is the deal, the contract, i.e percentage, advertisment, communication… ?
    And be successul, I’d love it so much, I will shine !
    3.Thinking about what it would be like to have my own ebook published makes me wear a big smile on me cheeks. I can see it, i witness myself being interviewed, meeting nice people, discussing, having good time, being on TV, writing script for film or tv show and I’m delighted, and there I think, this is just me, I have to do it, that’s it, it has to be…

    Also,as a writer we face this damn moment when we question eveything, watching the blank page, wandering… yet there is something inside us which is asking us to carry on and have what is named ‘faith’, to get concentrated and let go… and suddently words are covering page, and page, characteres are being born and situations are setting up, developping just now. This tricky, the breath. Being published then will bring more encouragement to writing I suppose; since writing is a great and sometimes tough work, I ll have the feeling I validated something which was awaiting in the depth of myself the right time to be born. And I hear myself say Yes I did It and whoever wants can reach and read me…I am under the lights and I love it ! People kept telling you to carry on, believing in you, encouraging and now it’is here, now, just enjoy knowing you did a great job…people love your books they are enjoying themselves and that is worth it

  313. Catherine Donges says:

    I write psychological novels and nonfiction on education and psychology topics. My greatest concerns and questions about self publishing is cost, the lack of editorial input, and promotion. The bottom line is that no matter how good your writing is, if you can’t get it out there and get people to read it, your talent is wasted.

  314. KC Gallagher says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish? I want to publish fiction, mostly mystery. I think have a hard time knowing what sub-genra my books really are. You need to know for your query letters, so I think something along the lines of genra and sub-genra deffinitions for query’s would be great!

    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? Do you need to query for e-books? What is the general cost? and what is the process over all?

    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? It would mean I was finaly on my way to achieving my dream of being a great mystery writer !

  315. David Reedy says:


    1. What type of writing do you want to publish? There are about 3 distinct types of writing I would like to be able to do. 1. The first is the current and most prominent of what I’m trying to break into and that is self-help/motivational/life coaching material. I want to help people empower themselves in the likes of Dale Carnegie, Tony Robins, Zig Ziglar, with data connected from sound psychology, quantum physics, as well as ancient spiritual traditions. 2. The second type of writing I would like to do contains elements of the aforementioned but is concerned specifically with the type of leadership and futuristic outlook that is needed to maintain the integrity of the Constitutional Republicanism of this nation while being proactive in dealing with limited resources, overpopulation, needs for jobs/economic development and (vs.) ecological preservation, protection of rights while creating a paradigm shift toward personal responsibility, etc… Combining the best elements of conservatism, liberalism, progressivism, and libertarianism without the types of tyranny or disregarding of real needs as the extremes of any of the above viewpoints perpetuate. 3. The third type of writing I would like to do is to write a fantasy novel that encompasses some of the deeper parts of the philosophies mentioned above in the first two types of writing I’d like to do.
    2. What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? I don’t have any of the technical know-how. I’d like to know what software is needed and where to get it to write the ebooks and create them. Then I’d like to know how to sell and market them and connect them via links/downloads, etc. to any website I might create, use, or purchase. And finally, all the best methods to use said books to market myself, the ways and reasons to give them away, and ultimately, the best ways to go about selling my ebooks.
    3. What does being successful with publishing my ebook look like to me? Selling my ebook and being successful would mean that my name got out and a demand for my writing, coaching, or speaking would be created. People would pay money for my ebooks and/or to utilize the aforementioned services.

  316. KSK says:

    I really love writing but my time-management skills and output need work. I have 1 journal, 1 book of poetry, I book of short stories and at least two novels on the go! However, if I could write an ebook I think it would have to be a factual one on dogs!! How on earth are you sure you won’t be ripped off if you do publish an e-book? Imagine the sheer joy and feeling of satisfaction of having an audience and an audience that appreciates your work at that. Also wondering about illustrations for ebooks and how they would work with phone and computer graphics!! Thanx

  317. Patricia says:

    Question one answer: Mystery and How to manual.
    Question two answer: How much does it cost? How can I afford this?
    Question three answer: If I could publish an ebook that would sell big, I would be able to be out of debt. That would be great.

  318. Shelly says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish? I have a few different avenues of writing I would like to pursue and publish in. First, I would like to find success publishing non-fiction books in education and psychology. Second, fiction books in my favorite reading category of romance. Last, children’s picture books.
    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? I think my biggest question is simply how to get started! From there, I would like to know about what to be careful of as it is so easy for someone inexperienced to get swindled a little bit. I also don’t know about proprietary information when considering publishing ebooks?
    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? I believe that the greatest benefit that will come with success publishing of an ebook would simply be the courage and confidence to write and publish more and more. Of course, I would hope that monetary success would come as well, to alleviate some stressors that always come related to living!

  319. Lisa says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish?
    I have 200-plus orginal poems, assorted “essays” and three books worth of personal anecdotes and philosophies I’d like to publish one day…

    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? Like many others who answered these questions, cost is the biggest question I have about self-publishing. Tomes are hard, money is tight, where does one go to self-publish without breaking the bank?

    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    Hopefully, it’s a feeling of quiet accomplishment and satisfaction.

  320. D Williams says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish? –

    I plan to write non-fiction, as well as fiction. I have some non-fiction almost ready.

    What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?

    The editing process as well as the vetting process. How does one know when his/her ‘baby’ is ready?

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?

    I have thought about it for a long time and it would bring great joy to my life and hopefully others lives as well. It would free me up to do much more than i am presently doing in the world.

  321. SueTK says:

    There are actually two very different kinds of writing that I do–fiction and academic nonfiction. I think that one of the reasons that I have steered away from self-publishing is because of the advice against it if one wants to get a publisher’s contract. When thinking about self-publishing, I would like to use the example that I just read of the writer who is keeping the digital rights to his work, but has just entered into a contract for the print version. I would like to know of more people that are doing this. Hugh Howey is the author; Wool is the title; Simon & Schuster are the publishers.

  322. omatrisha says:

    1. Fiction
    2. How to promote my books if I self-publish is a real concern
    3. It would be great to have income of my own since I’m disabled and struggle with feeling like I’m not contributing to our household income. I’d love to take my husband on a vacation; we didn’t even have a honeymoon 13 years ago when we got married. After that, I’d give all I could to a charity in Uganda that takes care of homeless kids and widows. I can’t give nearly enough to them and I’d like to help out more.

  323. Jody B says:

    I’m called to write a Book of Poetry and drawings along with inspirational writings, I believe. Haven’t gotten it all together. I keep writing.
    The Book title is “GET OFF MY RAINBOWE” which is the title of one of the poems. There will be many poems and drawings.


  324. Jody B says:

    I live with Mental Illness. Mental Illness affects many people in the World today. Unfortunately, it is Still treated as a “Crime” to be Mentally Ill. I’m hoping that my book will be a Voice of The “UnVoiced peoples who live with this disease.

  325. Bell Stone says:

    1) I want to publish fantasy and heartwarming romance.

    2) My biggest concern about publishing is the need to market my work. When looking into copy writing it seemed very complex and unfulfilling, especially when you throw search engine optimization into the mix. Marketing appears to be what makes or breaks an author, and marketing is what scares me most. I want a more user friendly means to market my work and I would like to see you address this issue for those of us who are busy professionals who struggle to find time to write and therefore, do not have time to engage in a complicated means of marketing.

    3) I define a successful book as one that puts food on the table, keeps the lights on, pays the rent, puts gas in the car, pays the insurance and so on and so forth. This definition of success means writing creatively is my day job and my only night job involves loving my life. I want to be self-reliant, no longer tethered to an overbearing and demanding employer who strangles my creative flow and sucks the life out of me.

  326. Jay S says:

    I’m writing a book on a family’s hidden history and how the buried past brings open conflict to the present, and I would like to write travel books with the interests of vegetarians considered. The thing I would most like to know is how does the book publishing process work? And if any of my books were successful enough to bring in a few dollars regularly, I would be thrilled.

  327. Paula Graves says:

    I desire to write a novel directed at women 13 to infinity addressing the issues women face as they come of age and continue to age in this world. I would like to address these issues from a christian perspective.
    I have published an ebook of poetry but I have no idea how to market it.

  328. Pauline says:

    Your three questions:

    1. What type of writing do I want to publish?

    A: Entertaining and happy children’s books.

    2. What is my biggest question about publishing my own e-books?

    A: How do I format my books so they are truly professional?

    3. Imagine if I am successful with the book. What is that like for me?

    A: I would have published an illustrated interactive e-book that is also an audio book.
    It would be available in many languages.


  329. Hannah Gale-Scot says:

    1.I write poems, short stories and I also have written various children’s books and I am currently working on a young adult fantasy novel series. I would like to publish all of these in sequence.

    2. Where can I find an illustrator?
    3. I would very happy if I could get a book published and be able to make money to publish more books.

  330. David says:

    #1: Historical Fiction.
    #2: Cost and getting a “fair deal”.
    #3: I’d say, “I always knew that was a good story”.


  331. ANITA GREENWALT says:

    1. I will write scripture word study books and encouraging works to inspire others to live a life of faith.
    2. My greatest concern in writing is correctly siting my sources.
    3. …personal satisfaction of a dream fulfilled!

  332. Kenny Johnson says:

    I write m/m romance stories and have three published. Currently I’m working on my first m/m romance thriller and hope to make it into and ebook. But to answer the three questions, well for question #1 is more m/m romance/thrillers and suspense. #2 the truth about publishing an ebook and if need be, about buying back the total rights to my ebook, which would includes, ISBN, formatting, and cover. #3 like everyone else…making money, being a successful storyteller and to help others that are starting out in this industry.

  333. Sharon Chang says:

    1. #1: What type of writing do you want to publish? My first and, so far, ONLY book, released in 2013, is nonfiction/memoir. This doesn’t mean that I’m expecting to restrict myself to that genre in the future.

    #2: What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks? Not thinking in terms of self publishing or vanity publishing.

    #3: Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you? Not thinking in terms of self or vanity publishing. If I were, then success would be defined as recovering the expenses of self publishing and realizing enough profits, in addition, to finance the writing and publication of my next book.

    I would call all of my family and friends, dance around, ecstatically, and have a full blown adrenaline rush.My first and, so far, only book, released in 2013, was traditionally published. I’m not thinking

  334. Rhona-Mae Arca says:

    1 – Non-fiction. I plan on writing a book about teaching with technology. Publishing something related to geek culture would be pretty cool too.
    2 – How to get started. Copyright.
    3 – Extremely exciting. I’d be like my students, jumping and squealing like a fangirl and bragging to the world.

  335. Julie Hyndman says:

    (1) I’d like to publish a small book of poetry, and also a short story collection
    (2)Knowing where to start-how to start, what is the first step, 2nd, 3rd……

  336. JA Kessler says:

    1.What type of writing do you want to publish?
    -Non-fiction based on social issues such as homelessness, abused partners (married, civil unions, etc.), depression and the results. The purpose: to bear insight into these situations and to educate the general population of their effects and hopefully to inspire better understanding and compassion.

    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    -I tend to wonder how to protect my work, to keep it from being reproduced and distributed with-out my knowledge and/or permission.

    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    – Of course it would be quite wonderful, to think that enough people had an interest in the issues I’ve written about, and this would be my first joy. Secondly, and perhaps even equally, it would be a great joy to know that I could, at long last, make a living doing something that truly gives me pleasure (writing and helping others by bringing their message to so many who might other-wise be un-aware).

    I published my first “e-book” in 2013, on the topic of “Working Homeless”, those who work full-time at salaries and wages so insanely small that these people still cannot afford their own homes (apartments, flats or even a room).It is a journal of my own time experiencing, first hand, this situation and was inspired by my fellow Working Homeless shelter residents who encouraged me: “This isn’t just YOUR story, this is OUR story and it needs to be told!” – I’d promised them I would publish… and I did. And in the 1,5 years since it was made available, I’m rather disgusted to learn how few people actually care (no compassion). But it has inspired me to write more in the hopes that one day, the “right” person will see this message and something to stop this atrocity (Working Homeless) will come to an end.

  337. carolyn frazier says:

    Hello … this is off subject … could not find your email address to email you with this. I applied to Textmaster and just received a rejection from my written test because I used “there” instead of “their” in one of my sentences. I have one more chance at this from what I read on the article that you wrote. But my problem is WHY will one error reject me as a writer for them and why didn’t you mention this in your article? I’ve wasted a lot of time with this. So if my copy isn’t 100% I will be rejected and that will be it? What are proofreaders for? I thought that you might like this info … and is there a way around this before I start the test again? Thank you 🙂

  338. Lynn says:

    I actually have several different types of fiction that I would like to have published. My biggest question about ePublishing would be how to market it after it’s out there. From what research I’ve done, it looks like the opportunities to publish are there, it’s just a matter of how do you sell it. Another would be how to ePublish books for children. I have two that I would like to do this with, but I have no illustrations, so I’m not sure if that would hurt me as far as electronic publishing. As far as being successful at it, I could finally give up my “day job” and devote myself completely to what I want to do rather than what I feel like I have to do to pay the bills, and I would be happier for it as well.

  339. Jessa says:

    1.fiction. I want to write books that can help a lonely kid, teen or even an adult feel that they are not alone. Make someone laugh or even cry.

    2. How could this help me in the future? What percentage do you have in mind that there’s a possibility a publisher may see it?

    3. Amazing. I may only be eighteen but I am wise above my years. I could help m family finacially. I could even get a car so maintaining a college life would be easier. Mostly I’d be living and breathing my passion.

  340. I.O. Kirkwood says:

    1. I would like to self-publish a post-apocalyptic fiction series.
    2. Promotion is my biggest concern but the best avenues to format the book is concern #2.
    3. I’ve been published the regular route so I’m thinking there would be an extra layer of accomplishment in self-publishing my book. I’m rather self-reliant and having that kind of control, and making my own mistakes, would be a serious feather in my cap.

  341. Raven Thornheart says:

    1.I write in several genres.
    2.My biggest concern is not having a marketing plan and a publisher behind the work.
    3. Financial security and college education for all of my grandchildren.

  342. Karen Collins says:

    1. I write in several genres but mainly fiction. Though I do like to write about non fiction subjects.
    2. with regards what I would want out of an ebook is down to earth clear advice, something like you do now, its clear, precise with links.
    3. I have financial difficulty’s at the moment and just about to start applying to freelance this is something you have given me the confidence in trying.

  343. Traci Bold says:


  344. Traci Bold says:

    First, I plan on publishing children’s books and YA books.I also write erotica which would work well in ebooks but I need to keep them separated from my children’s books and YA books. Second, I am not sure that ebook publishing is a good format for my desired genres.
    Third,I believe I would be really excited to see any of my ebooks doing well and I would be very happy to generate enough money to self publish in print form and work hard at marketing my brand.

  345. LK says:

    I have written four Christian historical fiction novels about 98,000 words. I would like to be published traditionally but so far that hasn’t worked. I have many questions about self publishing. As others above have expressed, the cost would be a factor. Also with e publishing there is no guarantee the books would be successful without editorial help, and promotion. I would like to learn about all of the various options for e publishing and which e publishers to use and which to avoid. I have noticed some novels on Amazon that should never have been published, many, many errors included! Thanks!

  346. Sheila Roberts-Musino says:

    1. Expose of corrupt prison system in California and how those in power contaminate and stonewall legitimate educators working for actual rehabilitation and successful release of inmates
    2. Actual danger to me personally by telling what I know of ongoing abuses; the guard’s union is extremely powerful and not about to give up it’s chokehold on this very lucrative slave population. C.O.’s make far more money than teachers in the system with maybe a GED or high school diploma. Most are ignorant bullies determined to subvert any real attempts at rehabilitation and successful reentry.
    3. Real prison reform by making the “R” in CDCR actually stand for something

  347. Robin Griffith says:

    1) A Women’s Motivational Book re: Reclaiming Your Power
    2) Which resource to actually use.
    3) Profitable Speaking engagements to speak on my subject matter, not just book sales.

    Like others, I would love to be able to afford to not work a regular day job and do more writing instead.


  348. Jeanetta Chrystie says:

    1. I want to publish: poetry, devotions, family memoirs, non-fiction how-to; basically a lot of small-niche topics.
    2. How do I help all those small-niche markets find my books?
    3. I want to be helpful in a variety of my interests, and make some money doing it.

  349. Adwowa says:

    Hi Jans,
    To answer your questions:
    1.What type of writing do you want to publish?
    – Fiction, non-fictional, inspirational/motivational, drama, comedy, children’s.

    2.What is your biggest question about publishing your own ebooks?
    – What does it involve? How do I go about it?

    3.Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    – Being successful with a published book is for me, like seeing the whole picture and finally making sense out of the pieces of the puzzle.

  350. Tabitha says:

    What type of writing do you want to publish?
    I would like to publish poetry and everyday life from my own personal experiences.

    What is your biggest question about publishing your own e-books?
    The time it will take to gather the info needed.

    Think about what it would be like to publish your own ebook. Imagine that you are successful with the book. What is that like for you?
    That would be awesome! I would just be happy with seeing my book online or in an online store. That would be an accomplishment that I would be very proud of.

  351. Mary C. says:

    I’d love to do my memoir and poetry although I can write fiction.

    To answer question#2 it’s mostly how do I start?

    I realize that it is right on trend to do an e-book and I would be happy to see my written words among the e-books on-line.

  352. Theresa says:

    I want to publish fictional and biography books. I’m open to publishing other genres of books as well, it depends on my mood. 🙂

    The biggest question or rather I say questions I have about eBooks are pricing and how to know that the company publishing my book is legit.

    When I publish my own eBook and it be successful, it would feel like heaven for me, having fans and making money to pay my bills and help others.

  353. Ron Terry says:

    I write poetry! & Children’s books (younger pre-school to 3rd grad level) Presently the life of a Police Dog..

    I have written short stories and poems for newspaper, but want to know how to make the next step..

  354. Kim McCurdy says:

    1. What type of writing do I want to publish? My first choice is writing for children. Other than that, nonfiction.
    2.What is my biggest question about publishing my own ebooks?
    Is there a cost? How do I get to my target audience?
    3. If I am successful, people will be readin and enjoying my work and recommending it to others.

  355. Stormy says:

    1. Y/A- Romance
    2 How can I make loads of money?
    #. Happiness

  356. Francis Blair Wylie says:

    I work on suspense for the most part, but I also dabble in horror and science fiction. I’d like to know what the growth statistics are for ebooks, especially regarding the current economic situation. As far as what I would feel if published, in any form, it would be absolute ecstasy and the 200 proof satisfaction that my voice has finally been heard. Being a writer can feel like being dragged out into icy, dark, vicious waters by a merciless rip tide. Shore is barely within reach, and I will not give up, even if I were swimming through an ocean of broken bottles and dirty syringes.

  357. Sandy says:

    1. I want to publish sci-fi/fantasy stories.
    2. My biggest question is whether one type of publishing is better for one type of story over another. For example, is it better to publish romance stories through a traditional route? Is it better to go online for sci-fi, or a mix of both? Why or why not?
    3. Being published to me would be an amazing feat because I would know someone else would be out there enjoying my work. Being successful would not only mean financial security, but also a personal security with regards to the scope of my own talents.

  358. Lourdes says:

    I am publishing academic research, fiction and a manuscript for creative language techniques. My question about e-book is how to distribute and market. Without a standard publisher, there’s no P&A and no agent for press and appearances, etc. If I had an e-book and it was successful, meaning readership and profits, I’d hire a publicist and go to print and have translations done because I want to distribute to the international market primarily, not the US.

  359. Pamela Harvey says:

    I am in the process of putting together a collection of poetry that covers the span of my life from teenage love , crushes, heartbreak to marriage and getting sick to disability, not being able to have children to being blessed with a daughter given to us from an amazingly strong woman to almost dieing to mental illness and dependance on drugs and more. I also want to write children’s fiction to a book containing stories from people who suffer from chronic illnesses and their experiences living day to day and their treatment by the medical professio, both good and bad.
    My problem is I don’t know where to start and who to trust especially when my family lives on a fixed income and it is hard to know what is a good package and price the publishing companies are offering me.
    If my poetry touched someone’s heart, made them feel that they were not alone when love touches them or tears them apart, that If Priecingyou are sick, disabled or dependant on drugs or mistreated by doctors, nurses, etc. that would make me proud of myself for reaching so many people. Watching children(and hopefully adults) falling deep into my children’s fiction that they can’t put the book down and it inspires to use there imagination to tell their stories they have in their head bringing more writers into the world.
    And doing a book about those who suffer with mental, physical or other chronic illness get their stories out in the hope of helping them
    get their prod and dignity and their voice back is success for me.
    Thank you,
    Pamela Harvey
    Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada

  360. Jay Steichmann says:

    I would like to publish travel writing nonfiction and detective noir fiction. The thing I’d like to know most about publishing is after proofing & editing, what is the most accepted platform/software for publishing? Also, what are effective ways of marketing? What would success as a writer look like? 1000 or more downloads, positive comments from readers, constructive criticism of my work.

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