Written By Ian Chandler

14 Magazines that Pay Writers

As part of our weekly effort to find paying gigs for writers, the following is a list of 14 magazines that accept submissions directly from freelance writers. Included is a wide variety of magazines.

Pay information has been included for each magazine. Keep in mind that pay rates depend upon a number of factors, and often fluctuate.  If you want to learn how to negotiate pay rates, pitch publishers, etc, we recommend  The No B.S. Guide to Freelance Writing.

  1. Exit 721, the new magazine of the Georgia Writers Association, is looking for submissions. Writers who reside in Georgia are invited to submit feature pitches, short fiction, and poetry. For the spring 2016 issue, feature articles will focus on the theme of promotion. They pay $50 for features, while pay for creative writing articles is “on a rolling basis.” The deadline for submissions to the Spring 2016 issue is March 19. To learn more, read Exit 721’s submission guidelines.


  1. The Kids’ Ark is seeking fiction and nonfiction on the theme of “the end times.” They’re seeking stories aimed at 6- to 10-year-olds that reflect Christian teachings, and they do not align with any certain denomination or church. They pay $100 for original pieces and $25 for reprints. The deadline for this theme is April 30. To learn more, read The Kids’ Ark’s submission guidelines.


  1. The Bulletin of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is currently open to submissions. They seek pitches for nonfiction articles and columns on a wide range of topics, including publishing and the writing process. They pay 10 cents per word ($50–$300 per article). To learn more, read the Bulletin’s submission guidelines.


  1. Carvings On A Desk is currently seeking submissions for an upcoming anthology with the working title Sandwiched: Voices from the Middle. The anthology will feature personal essays on “the middle years of life.” They pay $25 per accepted story, and contributors will also receive a free copy of the book. In addition, writers may receive royalty payments up to $25. To learn more, read the anthology submission guidelines.


  1. Hakai Magazine has updated their submission guidelines. The coastal-focussed magazine welcomes pitches that “pertain to marine coastal environments in some way.” Writers can pitch to the four main sections of the magazine: News & Views, Features, Videos & Visuals, and Quick Reads. While they don’t list their pay, our feature on Hakai reported they pay up to $1 a word for features (in Canadian dollars). To learn more, read Hakai Magazine’s updated submission guidelines.


  1. JSTOR Daily is a publication focused on scholarly research and analysis. Its articles “draw connections between current affairs, historical scholarship, and other content that’s housed on JSTOR,” one of the world’s leading databases for scholarly material. They note that “all of our contributors are paid,” and while they don’t list their rates, expect them to be competitive. To learn more, read JSTOR Daily’s submission guidelines.


  1. Ruralite Magazine publishes articles on rural goings-on in the West. They’re looking for submissions for features on people, places, news, and other happenings. Submissions must be mailed in and accompanied by a query letter to the editor. They pay $50 to $500, depending on the length of the feature. To learn more, read Ruralite Magazine’s submission guidelines.


  1. Celtic Life International is looking for articles on all aspects of Celtic living, including food, history/heritage, travel, books, and more. They want “writing that demonstrates insight, integrity, and humour.” They pay 20 cents per word (presumably Canadian). To learn more, read Celtic Life International’s submission guidelines.


  1. edibleSEATTLE is a Seattle-focussed branch of Edible Communities, a series of food-centric publications. The magazine is mostly freelanced, so editors are always looking for new stories. Writers are invited to submit queries for both features and departments. They pay 15 to 30 cents per word. To learn more, read edibleSEATTLE’s submission guidelines.


  1. eCommerce Insiders publishes “insight and commentary from those who make their living servicing online retailers.” They invite writers with direct industry experience to submit educational articles or commentary on topics that are geared toward online retailers. They pay $75 to $150 per article, depending on length. To learn more, read eCommerce Insiders’s submission guidelines.


  1. Garden & Gun is a magazine covering the “New South,” including culture, food, literature, and more. Above all, the magazine says “its main pursuit is a love of the land and a dedication to the sporting life.” They’re looking for nonfiction articles on any of those topics (a full list is available in the guidelines). They don’t specify pay, but our sources report they pay between 20 and 50 cents per word. Keep in mind that they do pay a kill fee of 25 percent. To learn more, read Garden & Gun’s submission guidelines.


  1. ART PAPERS calls itself “the essential, independent guide to contemporary art.” The editors are looking for pitches for features, columns, and reviews that cover present-day art, including trends and specific works. They don’t explicitly list their pay, but our sources report between $60 and $325 an article. To learn more, read ART PAPERS’ submission guidelines.


  1. The Chicago Reader is the city’s largest free weekly newspaper. They’re looking for “narrative features, insightful criticism, timely blog posts, or expertly composed videos.” While they’re open to any topic, they have a list of topics they’re interested in on the guidelines page. They don’t list their exact pay, but our sources report from $100 to $3,000 an article, so expect competitive rates. To learn more, read the Chicago Reader’s submission guidelines.


  1. Russian Life magazine is a bimonthly magazine covering all aspects of Russian culture, travel, history, and more. Their features are generally freelanced, and writers are invited to send queries for features or for a small number of other departments (the full list is available in the guidelines). They don’t specify pay, but our sources report $100 to $300 an article. To learn more, read Russian Life’s submission guidelines.


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