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In homage to the WriterAccess stringent policy of client/writer anonymity, this review is written by a WriterAccess writer…who will remain anonymous. I have written for the platform for over two years, and have certainly had my ups and downs with it. As you will see, they have mostly been positive experiences. If you read what follows, you may do very well writing for WriterAccess.

Overview of WriterAccess

WriterAccess is a Boston-based company that is a part of IdeaLaunch. It sprang from a site called LifeTips that was launched in the year 2000. Soon, the company gave clients direct access to writers via their platform and WriterAccess was born.

Companies needing content sign up for a free account and deposit funds into their account. They order content on their choice of writing levels, based on writer skills they are seeking. These orders are then made available to writers via an open board or through what are called “Casting Calls”. Writers can pick orders from the open board as long as they meet the “star level” the client needs. Writers can also apply for Casting Calls they feel they may match well with.

Opportunities for Writers

WriteAccess provides good opportunities for Writers, particularly if they stay with the platform for a while. That is because initially, writers are limited to picking up one order at a time from the open board and applying for the Casting Calls. The real opportunity for writers is when they begin to get on client’s “Love Lists” and build working relationships. Eventually “Love Lists” can turn into “Solo Orders” and writers will be on their way.

WriterAccess offers a wide variety of writing opportunities for writers of all skill levels. Orders range from product descriptions and blogs to technical, legal and medical writing. The company even submits its own orders to writers, and will pay writers to write blogs about writing.

Payment is paid directly to PayPal twice monthly on the 19th and 24th. You are paid for orders completed between the 1st and 15th of the month, and the 16th thru the end of the month.

Standard pay is based on an order’s star level. Orders range from two to five stars. The higher your personal star level, the more articles you will have access to, and the more money you can make per project. After the 30% WriterAccess commission, here is what a typical 1,000 word article would pay.

  • Two Stars: $12.63
  • Three Stars: $23.56
  • Four Stars: $38.57
  • Five Stars: $50.17

Obviously you want to qualify for the highest star level possible.

Signing Up

Signing up for WriterAccess initially is a bit time-consuming, but can ultimately be worth it. It starts by going to their website and applying to become a writer for them. Part of the application process is a 44 question test to gauge your knowledge. The time-consuming part is filling out your professional profile. Fill in as much information as possible about your range of writing experience. This is important because clients have access to your profile and can select you for a “Solo” order or add you to their “Love Lists”.

Your experience, profile and test results will set your initial star level. You can raise your star level by successfully completing projects, improving your writing skills, and getting “Exceeds” ratings from clients.

How to Get Jobs at WriterAccess

When you start with WriterAccess, you will only be able to accept one project at a time. Take any project you can to get to ten completed orders. This is a big step, because at ten completed orders you can then accept three orders at a time. Once you get to 500 completed orders, you can have five orders in your cue. This is why sticking with the platform is so important.

You will want to check the open order board frequently. With the exception of love list orders or solo orders, you are competing with all the writers of your star level or higher for those orders. They can go fast when posted.

It is best to stringently proof your copy for grammar and spelling errors, and communicate professionally with clients through the anonymous system.

WriterAccess Reputation

WriterAccess has a very good reputation in a business where some others do not. Writers have access to a series of forums where they can discuss issues, and a help-desk system that is responsive. The negative issues discussed in the forum generally revolve around clients and their inability to properly express their expectations. Posts do not seem to be censored, and long-time contributors to the site are willing to help newbies in the forums. The forums are mostly positive. While the 30% commission WriterAccess takes seems high, a mostly supportive and responsive staff makes it worth it.

Personal Experience

When I began writing for WriterAccess over two years ago, I made $50 in my first month. My second month was $500 and I was off and running. I have heard claims of some writers making thousands of dollars per month there, but that will not happen in the first few months. Technically, the platform is top-notch and they are always looking for ways to improve it.


If you can stick with it, WriterAccess is overall an exceptional place to write. They are currently accepting U.S. based writers. You will find it competitive but supportive. Most clients seem to be pleasant enough, and you can block the unwelcomed ones. WriterAccess demands writer anonymity, and that seems a small price to pay.


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