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Written by Kaylen J

With the work on well-known content mills like Writer’s Domain becoming more scarce, it’s time to look into newer write-from-home websites to continue to diversify your income stream and avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket. As a freelancer, it’s always a good idea to be an active member in a number of different write at home websites, so you always have work available. Triple Curve is an up and coming content website that is gaining credibility, and we’ve got the downlow on how this new website may be a valuable income source for you.

Company Overview

Triple Curve is a self described “boutique” content creation company that serves well known clients like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Roche, and OpenText from their base office in Silicon Valley, California. Unlike many other write at home websites, photos and biographies of their CEO, project managers, editors and other team members are prominently displayed on their website. Getting to know who you’re working with, who is reviewing your content and being able to get in touch with the company easily is a valuable commodity in today’s freelancing world. Whereas other write at home websites offer very little information about their company, who makes up their team or even where they are located, Triple Curve does a great job of letting freelancers get a glimpse of who is behind the website.

The Writing Opportunity

As with any content writing website, you can set your own hours and work how much or how little you want to, when you want to. A fairly consistent stream of articles and smaller tasks allows you to choose what to take on, and affords you the flexibility you need as a freelance writer while still allowing you to meet your income goals. Some special projects have minimum quotas that must be met each week, which can interfere with a freelancer’s goal of complete and total flexibility. If you have other commitments each week, you may find it difficult to meet the quotas, however, writers who work with Triple Curve as a main source of income are able to meet the quota with little effort. The pay for each project varies on a number of different factors, however, established writers with Triple Curve can earn up to $10-15 per article.

How to Sign Up

Signing up with Triple Curve is as straightforward as it gets, and their clean, streamlined and professional-looking website gives you a peek into what you can expect if you join the team. The sign up process is fast and easy, and if you already have a short biography, a resume and pre-written, unique writing samples in your freelance writing arsenal, it won’t take more than 5 minutes to complete the writer application. Since Triple Curve sent several advertisements out to prominent WAH boards and forums, they are currently dealing with a high volume of applications, and it may take several days or weeks to hear back on your application. However, the email addresses for the individuals within the company are readily available, so it’s no hassle to get into contact with them and request a status update on your application.

How to Get Writing Jobs

Once your initial application is accepted, you will then be asked to write two paid trial pieces at $8 each. If your trial pieces are accepted, you’ll then be eligible to work. Invitations for special projects are sent via email, and there does not appear to be an “open job board” that work can be claimed from, like many other write at home websites. Not all work appears to be full articles, and many projects are small writing tasks that have lower pay, but can add up to a decent hourly wage if several of them are completed in a short time period.


Since Triple Curve is a newer company, it hasn’t built a super solid reputation amongst freelance writers. Writers on content mill and WAH forums are giving mixed reviews about Triple Curve, with an even break between writers who enjoy working for the company and others who feel that the pay is too low. While advanced writers may find that earning just a few cents per word isn’t enough compensation for the quality of their writing and their experience, beginning freelancers are likely to enjoy the availability of diverse topics and the opportunity to gain experience in the industry.

Triple Curve is very clear that they do not tolerate outsourcing. Many other writing websites do allow outsourcing, or at least don’t take an active role in stopping it, simply because if the content meets their standards, they’re not concerned with where it comes from. Account holders that rely on outsourcing contribute greatly to the reduction in the availability of work for others, so it’s great to know that Triple Curve won’t stand for outsourcing activity.

All in all, Triple Curve seems like a good egg to have if you’re a beginner, or if you are an advanced writer who wants several different options for income. Although the pay here may be lower than on many other writing websites, the smaller tasks can make for easy and fast pay. Signing up to be a writer on Triple Curve can provide you with another revenue stream, and can help you meet your weekly or monthly income goals on a regular basis.


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