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Written by Brandie P

If you’re new to online freelance writing, and want to start with a company that is friendly to new writers, this is for you. Scripted treats their writers well and gives you opportunities for advancement. If you want to earn extra money for the holidays, keep reading.

As you arrive on the landing page at Scripted, you are met with a clean, uncluttered and intriguing site. In the background, you are shown what appears to be a professional freelance writer hard at work. In the top right corner of the forefront, you are given the option of joining the scripted team as a writer. The whole design of the website exudes professionalism and class, making one feel welcome and wanted when venturing there for a job opportunity.

Company Overview:
The motto of Scripted, is “content creation made easy.” To achieve this set standard, they offer their clients a wide range of services, which involves virtually every topic imaginable. The company currently employs 7,000 + writers but is presently accepting new applications. The company does not require writing experience, but of course, any prior knowledge of the writing industry will help you move up in the company much faster.

  • Types of Writing Jobs Available:

The types of jobs available at Scripted include standard blog posts, long blog posts, white papers, tweets, Facebook posts, website pages, product descriptions, press releases and video scripts.

  • Industries of Expertise:

At Scripted, writers are divided in niche industries or specialties based on their experience and what they like to write about. These categories include business, art & design, food & beverage, entertainment, healthcare, internet & software, law, lifestyle & travel, publishing & journalism and tech hardware. Consequently, as a Scripted writer, you will have many choices to explore when it comes to topics available to you.

The Writing Opportunity:
As with any other job, what you put into it will greatly impact the amount of income you earn. In general, writers can make between $10 to $25 on a 500 word article on Scripted. Of course, there are specialty projects that pay higher. Your ability to earn money is greatly tied to your acceptance in the various specialty fields. You will only have access to jobs within your areas of expertise and have to apply for each individual specialty field independently.

Scripted does not follow the typical method of content writing sites. For example, they do not “rate” their writers and then use that rating to determine what writers will have access to what projects. Instead, writers on Scripted are divided into experts within niche fields. There is also a point’s system that is slightly confusing to understand. As a writer, you will be awarded points based on various factors, such as a timely turnaround on a project.

Clients can “favorite” certain writers, allowing them first dibs on their jobs. As a result, your ability to claim jobs will be greatly impacted by your standing as a specialty and favorite writer and the points you have earned. For example, if you are below other writers in terms of points and you aren’t a favorite author, you could have to wait 24 hours before having access to an available job, while other authors will have a chance to take the job within the first 24 hours it is posted.
How to Get Writing Jobs:
Before beginning your first writing endeavor, you have to fill out all the applications for each niche area you plan on writing within. This process is somewhat time consuming as Scripted demands a writing sample based on their suggested topics. The editors will then review your specialty application and either confirm or deny you access to jobs in that field. Be sure to take your time on this process, because you can only apply once.

When you have access granted and are awarded specialty status, you can begin selecting jobs from those posted within that field. Scripted has also started a new pitched article topic option where writers help out clients by pitching them various topics for articles. If the clients like the topics offered, they will agree for the writer to proceed with the job. Many new writers find that pitched orders are a great way to get their foot in the door and be able to win some jobs.

How Are Writers Paid:
Writers are paid through Paypal. Presently, Scripted offers no alternative payment options. The details on the site are vague regarding when payments are made. However, based on the site information, it seems that a writer has to request a payout and then within two to three days their money is transferred from Scripted into their Paypal account. Once in their Paypal account, the writer’s own bank policies determine how long it takes them to actually be able to access their money in their bank account. However, in most cases, it is around three business days.

There are many positive and negative aspects regarding Scripted as an option for freelancers, which of course is true for virtually every job opportunity. The good aspects include the fact that Scripted will take on writers who have little or no previous writing experience, making it a great place to go and get your feet wet. They also treat their writers fair. For example, if you turn in an order that is rejected by the client for some reason, Scripted will still pay you 50 percent of what you would have made on the project.

The negative elements of Scripted include the fact that you have to go jump through so many hoops to get to the place where you can even attempt to write a piece of content. Also, word has it that the process of applying for specialty status and the acceptance of work once completed is painstakingly slow.

Personal Experience:
I personally have not had any notable experience writing for Scripted. I am signed up with them as a writer, but have not had the time to go through the process of applying to the various specialties. From my limited perspective of the site, I feel it has potential, but until I invest the time necessary to move up, I know I won’t have a true picture of the high points of the company.

As with any freelance writing site, Scripted has its benefits and its drawbacks. However, all in all, it seems to be a company that rewards those who put in the time to move up the ranks so to speak. Therefore, if you do plan on writing for Scripted, know that it will take some time and effort on your part to start reaping significant benefits.


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