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Writing Jobs from Media Shower

There are many companies out there offering work for freelancers. But how can you tell which ones are reputable, which ones want to make a fast buck while paying you peanuts and which ones are really offering a worthwhile opportunity? This guide will help you make those determinations. Today we’ll take a look at Media Shower.

Freelance Writing Opportunities at Media Shower

1. Company Overview. Media Shower has been around and providing opportunities to writers and clients since 1995. In the world of freelance writing, this is a long time. At Media Shower, they believe that well-written, useful entertaining content is the key to increasing SEO ranking and sales, while also building long-lasting traffic to client sites and blogs. Because Media Shower has helped many of their clients get into Google’s top 10 ranking, they have no shortage of business, which results in plenty of opportunities for writers.

2. The Writing Opportunity. Media Shower looks for great writers who have niche interests and experience. There’s definitely room to branch out and grow, but if a writer is particularly experienced in small business topics, he or she may see more of those than anything else. Writers are assigned to one editor who gives them writing assignments, answers questions and works with the writer through the editing process. Most of the writing done is for Media Shower’s clients’ websites or blogs. At the end of 2013, the pay per article was $25 USD for articles that average 500 to 600 words. Depending on the writer’s availability and how many assignments he or she can write per day, there is potential to earn a good portion of your monthly income at Media Shower.

3. How to Sign Up. The writer application at Media Shower is thorough and takes a little bit of time. But the more thorough you are in filling it out, the more opportunities you stand to gain. Media Shower looks for great writers who can produce good content with a fresh perspective in a short turnaround time. The company offers flexibility in writing opportunities and amounts, and asks that their writers deliver assignments on-time. This is a deal-breaker as the company won’t tolerate perpetual lateness with assignments. Have a cover letter ready to add to your application and answer a few questions to submit your application.

4. How to Get Writing Jobs. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Media Shower team. If they decide to take you on as a writer, you’ll be assigned an editor and he or she will reach out to you through email. You’ll be provided with company and writer information that Media Shower will want you to read so you can become familiar with their company, their mission and how the process works. The first assignment will be given to you, giving you a chance to see what it’s like to write for the company, while giving the company a chance to see how you do. Throughout the writing process, the editor can be contacted as often as needed with questions.

5. Reputation. Media Shower has a good reputation in the world of freelance writers. Those who own and run the company are professional, straightforward and appreciative of the writers who write for them. While their company provides excellent opportunities for writing, in a freelance writer’s perfect world, there are a few blemishes. Despite the fact that the writer’s application page says that assignments are 500 words, this isn’t always true. Occasionally, assignments come with a word count as high as 750 to 900 words, and the pay stays the same. Another downside is the fact that it can take one to 1 1/2 months to receive an edit request on an assignment, long after you’ve moved on and forgotten about it. The positives Media Shower offers outweigh the negatives, but it’s helpful to know the downsides upfront, instead of having to find them out through experience.

6. Personal Experience. During the months when I wrote heavily for Media Shower (meaning two to four assignments per work day), I was able to earn $1000 or more per month. My editor was one of the best editors I’d worked with, and the company personnel as a whole were refreshingly appreciative. Most freelance writers are aware of how rare that is. The overly long editing process, and number of articles with higher words counts and no difference in pay were issues I didn’t care for. But that wouldn’t stop me from recommending Media Shower to other freelance writers.

The Opportunity at Media Shower

Overall, the writing opportunity at Media Shower is worth pursuing. Although the pay could be a little better, the work isn’t terribly difficult, and the staff is very appreciative and responsive. In a sea of freelance opportunities offering next to nothing for your hard work, Media Shower is a breath of fresh air and a legitimate freelance writing opportunity that’s worth including in your client base. Of course, you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. But the addition of Media Shower can help boost your income and build exposure on various social media venues. If you’re looking to achieve both, give Media Shower a try.


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