Writing Jobs from Contently. (Full Review)

Written By Trina M.

Every online writer, especially authors interested in creating content for print magazines, books and newspapers, should consider building a writing portfolio on Contently. Contently is unique in that it is designed to join writers with reputable, big name, national and international brands. Contently’s writing opportunities may be some of the best out there; however, the writer has to wait to be contacted. Some of the brands Contently works with include GM, Walmart, Google, GE and Coca Cola. Big brands can mean big money for freelance writers.

Company Overview

Journalists and technophiles founded Contently on the premise of improving the world of media. Because the founders of Contently are technophiles and journalists, its platform is designed to help freelance writers advance their careers. Creating an impressive portfolio to showcase your published work is easy.

The Writing Opportunity

Contently is actually a software company that works with numerous high-end brands. Although, as a writer, you cannot actively search for work with Contently, you can use the platform as a means to find work. Some of the high-end brands that Contently works with need freelance writers to assist them in creating infographics, articles, photo essays and videos. Contently has talent scouts who look through the company’s portfolios to find writers to work for these high-end brands. Once a writer is selected, Contently is essentially the writer’s talent agent, negotiating a great rate for the requested project. The pay rates are quite impressive. You will need a PayPal account to receive payment.

Example Pay Rates for Journalism

  • Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles
    • Print – $400/flat
  • Better Homes and Gardens
    • Print – $2.00/word
  • BuzzFeed
    • Limited Digital Reporting – $200/flat
    • Longform Digital Reporting – $1,500/flat
  • CNN
    • Digital Reporting – $250/flat
  • Consumers Digest
    • Print – $1.00/word
  • Down to Earth
    • Print – $0.04/word
  • Every Day with Rachael Ray
    • Print – $2.00/word
  • Famous Bloggers
    • Digital – $110/flat
  • Glamour
    • Digital – $50/flat
  • Instinct
    • Print – $300/flat
  • Jamestown Gazette
    • Print – $25/flat
  • Lifescript
    • Longform Digital Reporting – $600/flat
  • McMurry
    • Print – $0.75/word
  • NBC News
    • Digital – $200/flat

How to Sign Up

You need to create your portfolio. This process is quick and easy. All you need is your current email address and at least one URL that leads to a published piece of your work. Although Contently does offer a tool that will search online for your published works, initially, typing in (or copying and pasting) the URL yourself may be quicker.

You can also upload documents from your computer. After you add one URL, the tool will continue to look for other published works. Once you enter your portfolio, you can upload a profile picture and write your bio (all the while, the tool is searching for more of your content). If the tool does find more content, you will be asked to add it. Many times, the tool will add a photo and an excerpt to accompany your content. If it does not, you can upload a picture from your computer by clicking the edit link located on the left side of that particular portfolio item’s box. You can easily move your portfolio items around by clicking and dragging them. You are also able to connect your portfolio to your social networks.

Once your portfolio is complete, you can continue adding links to the new content you create; additionally, the convenient content finder tool is always available.

How to Get Writing Jobs

As previously mentioned, Contently varies greatly when compared to other content writing sites like WriterAccess and Textbroker. Contently is designed to connect writers with high-end brands through visibility and recommendation.

In years past, Contently had writers actually apply to become part of their Pro Writers Network. This practice has evolved into talent scouts reviewing portfolios for Contently’s software clients.

The process of receiving work through Contently is quite simple:

  1. An editor contacts you to inquire whether you are available to write for one of their clients.
  2. You receive the information you need to check the pay rate, description of the publication and if you will be ghostwriting or receiving a byline on the publication.
  3. If you agree, you may receive a list of assignments to choose from. If you are not given a list, you will need to make a pitch.
  4. Write it and then deliver it before the deadline.
  5. Make any revisions and/or review the changes made by editors.
  6. As soon as your content is accepted, you receive payment; in other words, you receive payment even before your content goes live.
  7. Withdraw your payment from your PayPal account.

Even journalists who never receive an invitation to write for one of Contently’s clients can benefit greatly from having a portfolio. Once you make your Contently portfolio, your clips are included in Google’s search listings. This makes them more visible to potential clients.


Contently has been in business since 2010 and continues to grow substantially as each year passes. The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). There has only been one complaint (that is currently closed) within the past three years. No complaints are listed for the last 12 months. If you are looking for a company that randomly posts available orders, you will need to look elsewhere.  However, if you are interested in making yourself visible and possibly landing a writing job with a high-end brand, Contently should be one of the eggs lying in your basket.

Personal Experience

I created my portfolio with Contently a couple years ago. I have not been hired for a job through the company myself; however, my sister is also a writer and she has received work through Contently (very well paying work).

Overview / Conclusion

Signing up with Contently is free, makes me more visible to potential clients and I created my portfolio in less than 30 minutes. The bottom line for me is that even if I never receive one pay check from Contently, I am making the work that I do have a byline on, visible. This is important because the majority of my clients want ghost-written work. My hope is that at some point I will grow my portfolio to the point that I attract some high-end clients.


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