Writing Jobs from Clearvoice: A Freelance Writer’s Review

By Rachel Presser

ClearVoice is a writing platform that is definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re hoping to average 20 CPW and beyond. There’s a variety of writing, editing, and graphic design work that can be found on the site and it has an escrow feature that eliminates a lot of back and forth when it comes to payment.

My work on the site can come and go, but what I’ve picked up has mostly paid at least 20 CPW and having a strong profile there is a must.

Here’s what you need to know about working with ClearVoice.

Finding Clients Through Algorithmic Match and Manual Profile Searches

The site is going through some changes right now as ClearVoice was recently acquired by Fiverr. Typically though, you set a minimum rate per word that you’re willing to accept in your account settings (clients don’t see this) and you’ll get automated email notices when new orders enter the system that you could be a good fit for. You click the “apply” button to be considered although at the time of writing, you can’t submit an actual pitch like you do for casting calls on WriterAccess or pitches for nDash.

Speaking from personal experience, I had very little success getting orders this way. It took me literally a YEAR of having an account there before one of those applications finally gave way! The system would match me up with countless orders I was an excellent fit for and paid at least 15 CPW (some even going up to at least 35 CPW!) but because there was no way of knowing how the end clients selected writers, I could never tell if it was because of profile limitations, someone else with more relevant experience who applied before me, or perhaps they just picked the first writer they came across. I eventually voiced my frustration with this to the staff and ended up getting assigned to a couple of house accounts that paid 20 CPW for tax-related writing.

A short-lived feature in an older version of ClearVoice that I really hope makes a comeback is the Pitches feature, which are essentially casting calls where you apply with a pitch and can talk about your experience. I picked up a couple orders that way then was dismayed to see this feature get scrapped. Hopefully, it makes a comeback.

But it was landing those house accounts for major financial brands that really got things going, the real key to success with ClearVoice seems to lie in the house accounts or getting one or two major brands acting independently of the house that get you on board since clients can manually search profiles and reach out to you.

However, when they do, you may need to do some back and forth regarding rates. Only the house sees your minimum rates posted for algorithmic purposes. So if you want to cast a wider net just to get matched with clients that might pay less than what you’d find ideal, you can lower your minimum acceptance rate in your profile but then if a client contacts you about work, you can still quote them a far higher rate.

Creating a Profile

Unlike most other content sites, ClearVoice encourages linking by-lined work. You can upload other asset types to show off what you’ve done. If you have any other writing samples where you own the copyright but haven’t published them online, you can upload them as PDFs.

The way that you fill out your profile on ClearVoice needs to account for the types of assets, roles you’ve had (e.g. editor, strategist, writer), and industrial expertise. I’ve found that having more of a laser focus tends to get you more hits than branching out into multiple fields, which I’ve done on other content sites with more success. You can create your account here.

Escrow and Payments

Unlike most content platforms that operate on a payroll cycle, ClearVoice utilizes an escrow system. The client must fully fund the order before assigning it to a writer and the funds are released when the order is approved. In comparison to the payroll cycles on sites like WriterAccess, this escrow feature is either a dream come true or your worst nightmare depending on who the end client is.

If you’re working with a small business, chances are approval will go a lot faster and you’ll get your money in PayPal the same day that the funds get released which feels incredible after you’ve been nail-biting over getting work in before a payroll cycle closes. But if you’re working on one of the house accounts or other large corporate account where the final results need to go through several different departments and editors, you can end up waiting for a month or even longer before the funds get released. It makes you totally long for the approval windows other content sites offer where it doesn’t matter if you’re Fortune 500 or the company is just you, the writer gets the money after X amount of days pass. But when approval goes faster, you’ll be glad you don’t have to wait for payroll cycles to finish and just get the money after each order is approved.

Communication and Staff Support

The communication system on ClearVoice is pretty neat. You get a messaging system for every order for contacting the client as well as anyone else who is working on the project, like editors. It’s fairly easy to use and message threads don’t expire, which is great if you want to try pitching this client again in the future.

You can also contact the staff in real time during business hours with the chat feature, and they are also responsive by email as well if you’re having issues. They’ve been reasonable when I’ve needed more time on orders due to illness or travel and have been pleasant to work with.

Rachel Presser is a freelance writer, and the author of How to Earn a Living as a Content Writer.


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