Which Freelance Writing Jobs Are Best Suited For You?

Many people who are just getting started in their career as a freelance writer are often surprised at just how many different types of writing assignments they have access to. From ghostwriting books and ebooks to preparing resumes for professionals, writing greeting cards, and marketing material for companies, the opportunities seem endless. Combine this with the incredible amount of opportunities the internet provides for freelance writers with assignments for blogs, product descriptions, SEO articles, website copy, and more, and you soon realize that you have plenty of opportunities to really pick and choose which assignments you want to spend your day working on. So just how do you know which assignments are best suited for you?

Consider Income

First and foremost, you do want to consider your income needs. While the work is generally enjoyable, most freelance writers are writing to generate an income. Consider if you need money paid to you regularly each week or month, or if your budget provides you with the flexibility to take on larger projects that may not pay you as often. Projects that pay more frequently include writing blog posts, articles, and product descriptions. Projects that pay less frequently include larger projects such as ghostwriting a book or ebook. Keep in mind that many times with books and ebooks, the pay is structured so that you can receive a portion of the compensation when you reach certain project milestones.

Consider Writing Style

Another factor to consider when determining which jobs are best for you is your unique writing style. Each writer has their own natural rhythm when it comes to writing. Some styles may seem forced and take a lot of time for a writer to achieve while others just come naturally. This varies from writer to writer. Consider if you enjoy writing marketing pieces with a sales pitch, more formal writing pieces such as to inform a reader, or casual writing such as with many blogs. By choosing projects that best match your preferred writing style, your work will be more enjoyable to you and you may be more productive, too.

Consider the Project Scope

Some writers love being able to turn off the computer at the end of their workday and know that their work for the day is completely finished. Others love being able to get up each day and know that there is more work today, such as when working on an on-going project. With projects of a smaller scope, you often have greater flexibility to control your income, but your income may not be as dependable. Whereas when you work on a larger project, you can enjoy the ability to work steadily each day towards a certain determined amount of income. This factor often is based on personal preference. However, if you often get stressed out by the mere thought of not having work to do on a given day, projects that are larger or longer in nature may be more suited for you.

If you still are not sure which writing projects you should work on, consider taking a few months to try a few different types of projects out. If you are like most writers, there will be some projects that you may never want to work on again and others that you just seem to click well with.


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