The Absolutely Ideal Work Environment for Freelance Writers

Whether you are new to freelance writing or have been writing for years, you certainly understand just how important it is to have an ideal work environment in which to write. It is amazing how quickly your creative juices can be zapped when your work environment is plagued by bothersome sounds, when your work chair is putting a kink in your back and more. It can be difficult to concentrate on your work, and every last ounce of creativity could easily vanish when you don’t have the optimal conditions to work in. By understanding what it takes to be comfortable in your work environment, you may be able to make a few adjustments to promote creativity and productivity.


One of the most important characteristics of an ideal work environment for freelance writers is comfort. In many types of jobs, workers may get up and stretch their legs to walk to the break room or the copier machine in an office environment. They may stand on their foot and move around all day in a retail or restaurant environment. As a freelance writer working from home, you inevitably sit still for hours on end each day, so comfort is critical. Rather than confine yourself to a specific work chair, consider how you can set up different yet equally comfortable work zones in your home to provide you with a change of scenery as needed without sacrificing your personal level of comfort.


Others may find solitude for long hours of the day to be burdensome and lonely. As a freelance writer, however, you may cherish the hours of the day when you can enjoy solitude to work without distractions. You may be lucky enough to have the house to yourself most of the day, but inevitably, there will be times when you must create your own solitude in a busy house. Consider staying away from the rooms of your house that are most frequented by others. Even if your family or roommates are great about not talking to you while you are working, you inevitably will be distracted by whatever it is that they are doing in the room. It is best to seek out a private room in the house where you can separate yourself from distractions.


Even an empty house can be riddled with noises. From kids playing next door and the neighbor’s dog barking to the sounds of traffic, lawnmowers and more, even everyday sounds that you may be used to can be distracting at times. If you are regularly distracted by sounds in your home, or if today just happens to be one of those crazy days where the sounds surrounding your home are grating on your nerves, consider ways to block out those sounds. You can turn on a white noise or ambient noise machine. If you don’t have one of those machines, consider playing slow jazz, classical music or another type of instrumental music softly in the background.

Some days, you may be lucky enough to enjoy an ideal work environment without effort, but other days you may need to create the ideal work environment. Rather than become frustrated by your lack of productivity when your comfort, solitude or silence is broken, consider taking steps to improve your work environment.


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