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Written by Madelyn B

Writers! If you want to get paid for what you love to do, then take a look at Zerys. The job board is easy to navigate and you don’t need to worry about bidding for jobs. The blogs and articles are great for beginners and also for those with more experience.

Writers are rated from two stars to five, just like many other content sites, but the big difference is that it doesn’t take long to achieve a five-star rating. The clients really drive ratings, not the editors, and you work on the jobs you are comfortable with.

Company Background

In 2007, Zerys was launched under its parent company Interact Media. Steve Lazuka is its co-founder and president. Zerys is the winner of Hub’s Spot app of the year in 2011, and works with over eleven thousand business customers and twelve hundred agencies. An important part of Zerys’ writing service is dedicated to agency work, which generates high-level writing opportunities. This is a great opportunity to learn SEO strategies and build client relationships.

Zerys’ Writing Opportunity

Zerys has a system to help match writers with categories they have experience or expertise in. While its category selection process is somewhat tedious at first and may not be easy to navigate, once you get the hang of it, you’ll like the structure. The more areas that you select means access to a greater number of jobs.

The subject of blogs and articles are across the board from legal, real estate, home repair, spiritual and religious to arts and entertainment. The pay varies, but rates commonly published are .070 cents per word (seventy percent of one cent) to 04.90 cents a word (almost five cents). Zerys is great about meeting its scheduled pay dates, which are the fifteenth and the last day of every month.

Applying to Work at Zerys

The application process begins with submitting your personal information and a confirmation email is sent. It takes twenty to forty minutes to complete an application. The final step as with most sites is to provide a writing sample. You have the option to write an original based on your areas of expertise or a sample that has been previously written.

It’s best to submit an original sample because it’s attached to your public provide which gives clients an opportunity to review your work. Be prepared to compose your own profile in the third person. The approval process is within two weeks or less, after your writing sample is submitted.

How do you Get Work?

You will have access to jobs that are at or below your initial star rating. All work is in a database and you have about five minutes to review a job and decide if you want it. During this time the order is locked and no one else can pick it up. Securing work is on a first come first serve basis, so get to that database quickly!

The good thing is that you will receive automated e-mails when work is available and this happens twenty-four seven. The company details the number of jobs and the pay rate. The e-mails may be little delayed, so it’s best to check for work frequently throughout the day. Writers with proven track records can secure clients resulting in direct assignments, and they have the opportunity to set their desired pay rate.

The Good and the Not So Good

Zerys is a great opportunity especially if you want confirmation about your writing skill. The editors pretty much leave it up to the clients to reject or accept your work. Clients also can rate your work from one to five stars.

Zerys enjoys a positive rating from external sources and its owners have credibility in the marketplace. However, the pay rate for accomplished native speaking English writers is a bit low. Jobs with rates below one cent and up to 1.4 cents occur frequently. Therefore, it is difficult to make anything substantial, albeit not impossible. As with most content writing sites, job availability at times is very strong and weak at other times.

Day-to-Day Operations

What might drive you a little crazy is the option to pick up only one job at a time. A good idea would be to develop criteria to allow writers to claim more than one job, especially since those with higher rates are not as frequently available as the lower ones.

Zerys markets its services to agencies and allows them fourteen days to approve an article or blog. This is great for the client, but not for the writer. If the agency asks for revisions, the clock starts over again, and the writer may wait another fourteen days before the work is approved.

The client may also reject an article without giving a reason, and without giving the writer an opportunity to provide a revision. You can ask why, but clients don’t always respond. So it’s time wasted.

Overall Zerys is a well organized content website. You can make money; however, if you’re looking for something substantial, you might not want this to be your only source.


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