News: Yahoo Voices is Permanently Shutting Down

In what comes as a shock to many writers, Yahoo Voices announced they are closing their website. This means they are removing all content from their website, and ceasing all payments to their writers.

According to their website, “Yahoo Voices will be closed beginning at 11:38 p.m. on July 30. Yahoo Contributor Network will be closed by the end of August.”

The final payment to writers will be made in mid August.

Yahoo Voices was originally named Associated Content, before it was purchased by Yahoo. We have written extensively about them on this website. With Yahoo Voices, you were able to publish nearly anything you wanted, and get paid for the page views to your articles. Many writers were quite successful with this. One of our writers was able to earn thousands of dollars from a single article.

In the email announcing the shutdown, Yahoo wrote that it is “part of our ongoing effort to sharpen our focus.” No other reason for the shutdown was cited.

If you had content on Yahoo Voices, you are encouraged to post it on other websites. HubPages is a viable alternative. They are well established, and are not likely to shut down. Learn more about HubPages here.

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