Is Using Spinning Software Cheating At Your Work?

Many freelance writers today work in the niche of web content. While some write unique blog posts or thought-provoking articles, others are asked to write an incredible number of articles using the same set of keywords repeatedly. In some cases, these articles are designed to be read by real people, and they are used for both sales and for search engine optimization purposes. In other cases, the articles likely will never be read by anyone, and they are designed only to be used by search engines to boost rankings. Some writers have started to use spinning software to complete their work more quickly, but others view this as cheating on their work. So should you use this software or not?

What It Does

There are several different types of spinning programs that you can use, but they all largely work in the same approximate way. You upload an article into the software. The software then analyzes the article and provides you with a list of synonyms that can be used for verbs, adverbs, nouns and more. The result is that you can easily create an entirely new article without actually having to write it. However, not all of the synonyms suggested make sense, and the sentence structure will not make sense. This software is good for creating spun articles but not fresh, unique content.

When It’s OK to Use

In some cases, clients simply want you to create SEO rich articles at the lowest price possible. Because this software allows you to create such software with ease and speed after you have taken the time to learn how to use it, it can help you to satisfy your clients’ needs for cheap, SEO-rich content. However, it is not suitable for clients who have specifically requested fresh content. Further, if clients want you to use the keywords provided to cover different topics or to take a different approach when presenting topics, this software is not ideal.

If You Do Use It

If you decide to use spinning software, you should ensure that your clients are aware that you are using it. Some clients specifically request the use of spinning software, and others specifically request that it not be used. For those clients who do not specify one way or the other, it is best to err on the side of caution and be up-front about your use of it. Further, if you do use it, ensure that the client understands that the articles may not always make sense and have the ideal word choice in place.

The bottom line is that spinning software is ideal for some uses, but it will not satisfy every client’s needs. Further, it does take time and effort to learn how to use it, and it can take an even greater amount of time to gain proficiency with it so that it is cost effective for you to use in your job. Some freelance writers have found that the software is simply more trouble than it is worth, but others have made a great living through their skills with spinning software.


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