How Freelance Writers Contribute to Society

As a freelance writer, it’s pretty easy to feel like you are locked away from the rest of the world. Friends and family leave their homes every day to go to work, and the participate in work activities in service-oriented jobs, in office environments, and so much more while you sit at home and type away at the computer. While you may keep the money rolling in on a regular basis with your writing talents, it’s easy to lose sight of just why your job actually matters in the grand scheme of things. The fact is that freelance writers really contribute to society, and likely far more than you may realize at first.

Marketing Purposes. Many freelance writing assignments available to you are those designed for marketing purposes. They may be to write copy for retail websites like product descriptions, blogs for a medical office, website verbiage for a law firm, or any number of other things. The fact is that this content is critical to the success of a business, and the businesses you are working for do indeed place value in what you do. Otherwise they wouldn’t be paying you for your services! Your work helps to pre-sell, sell, or even educate customers and clients about what the company does, what the services or products are, and so forth. Through your efforts, these companies derive revenue and keep their own operations profitable.

Educational Purposes. While the vast majority of projects that freelance writers work on is indeed for business purposes, there are many assignments available that are designed to educate. Some of these assignments involve writing text books or test questions, ghost writing research-based books and ebooks, writing educational children’s books, and more. Of course, most people who engage your services do derive some profit themselves off of your work, your work ultimately will go out into the world to educate different people on different topics.

For the Greater Good. Some people truly want to help the world, and they are dedicated to a cause. These are people who may have set up a non-profit website and need regular blog posts on topics like the environment, medical research and fund raising, child abuse, and so many other important topics. Clients may also contract your services for writing articles, brochures, and other pieces for charitable organizations, for fund raising events, and more. By using your services for these assignments, you are just a part of the effort that goes into bringing about positive change in the world. Finding a client or two that works on behalf of causes that you also feel passionately about is a great way to find more meaning in your work.

The fact is that whether you are contributing to society through helping companies remain profitable and therefore able to employ their own team of staff members, you are working to educate the world, or you are using services to promote a charitable organization or a non-profit that is working for the greater good for any number of causes, you are indeed making a difference in the world. The power of the written word is still just as strong as ever, and perhaps because of the internet, it may be stronger than ever before. Consider that your words can reach millions, and you will see that you do have the power to contribute greatly to society in so many different ways.


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