How Freelance Writers Change the World.

When many people think about jobs that impact the world in an important and meaningful way, they often think of professions like teaching, medicine, scientific research, social services and more. Freelance writing may not be one of the first dozen or even several dozen jobs that most people think about. In fact, if you are a freelance writer yourself, you may not believe you make an impact on others’ lives either. The fact is, however, that your impact on the world may be more broad and far-reaching than you might think.

The Accumulation of Your Work

If you are a full-time freelance writer, you may spend your days focusing on the development of a few expertly written pieces, or you may churn out a considerable amount of content that is designed to be consumed at a fast rate by an Internet-based audience. Whatever type of work you focus on , the fact is that you can accumulate a large amount of work over a period of time. If you need proof, simply look through your archived files over the last few years. Not everyone will read every piece you write, but you can bet that quite a few people have ready at least a few of your pieces.

The Life of Your Work

If you normally publish work under your own name rather than a pen name or as a ghostwriter for a third party, you may hear acquaintances tell you that they stumbled across one of your pieces from time to time. Sometimes, these are pieces that you just wrote, but more often than not, these are pieces that you wrote months and even years ago. The longer your work remains out there for people to see, the greater its impact will have.

Your Messages

As you can see, the longer you write and the more you write, the more likely your work is to be read by hundreds of thousands and even millions of people. Of course, you may wonder what impact that has on the world. If you are writing poignant pieces that are designed to change the world, instigate a massive social movement or something else, then you may be able to easily see the impact you have. However, what if your pieces or simply product descriptions, SEO fluff pieces or something similar? How does promoting consumerism make an impact? Even seemingly meaningless pieces like this do more than just give you a paycheck. They help others make an informed buying decision, and they help the company you are working for stay in business. This in turn creates jobs and promotes a healthy economy. Of course, many people write on a variety of topics, and some may have more obvious meaning than others. All pieces, however, will have an impact in some way.

In some cases, a well-written article or piece can have a dramatic effect on someone’s life. It can provide someone with money-saving tips needed to keep them afloat, give them a great idea about how to make money, help them to identify a serious health issue and more. You may never know the impact you have on others, but rest assured that your pieces are making a difference.


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