How Freelance Writers Can Organize Their Workday for Profitability

With salaried and hourly jobs, many workers feel as though it doesn’t matter how much effort they put into their work because they will still only get paid a certain amount of money at the end of the week. As a freelance writer, however, working intelligently and putting more effort into your work can indeed result in greater profitability. One of the key ways that you can work more intelligently and enhance productivity is by organizing your workday for success. Here are some tips to help you out.

Take Advantage of Your Natural Creativity

Every freelance writer has those points over the course of a workday when finding the right words to write is like pulling teeth. You may constantly find yourself hitting the “delete” button, and you may re-read what you just wrote and realize that it makes no sense at all. Yet there are also times in every freelance writer’s day when the words flow quickly and naturally. You are on a roll, and if you could only keep up that pace throughout the day, your workday would be completed in half the time! The fact is that there are certain points in the day when you feel more focused and creative, and you should pause to consider when those peak times are for you.

Your Preferred Method of Working

Some freelance writers enjoy working on their hardest assignments at the beginning of the day when they feel more alert and vibrant. Others prefer to bolt through their easier assignments at first and save the hardest assignments for the end of the day. Cast aside your preferred method of working for a minute and consider if you would benefit from working on your more difficult assignments during those periods of the day when you are focused and feeling most creative. Would those more difficult assignments seem less challenging to you if you jumped right into them when you were in the mood to really focus and get things done?

Test out Different Options

For some freelance writers, their preference to work on easier or more challenging assignments during the beginning of the day may be ideal for profitability and productivity. However, if you have never tried switching things around and challenging yourself to structure your workday differently, consider making a switch for a few days to see how it goes. To most accurately determine which workday structure is best for your productivity, be sure to jot down notes and pay attention to the clock as you test out different workday structures.

The fact is that one specific type of workday structure may be more suitable for one freelance writer than it is for another. Each freelance writer must take full advantage of those points in the day for peak productivity in his or her own unique way. Take a few days to try out different workday structures to see which method works best for you. You may be surprised to discover that restructuring your workday enables you to get much more work done in far less time.


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