Authorr: Get Paid to Write Press Releases.

Written By Whitney H.

Authorr is a website that pays writers to write press releases and web articles. The pay ranges from very low, to fair. For writers who want extra work, it is well worth your time to apply.

They are not the best of the best. They do, however, serve as a nice egg to have in your basket. I have completed two projects so far for the company, with one of those being a sample article. Here’s the low down on how to apply and the best way to land jobs through this online freelance writing platform.

What Is Authorr?

Authorr is another writing platform that merges writers with clients who are in need of content. At no point have I ever been given the opportunity to come in contact with any of the clients. And while this has worked out well for me (no revisions have ever been asked for), if I was in need of additional information on an order that I was working on, I’m not sure how I would have asked. There is a support button, which I supposed would be my best bet in terms of asking for clarification on an assignment.

Applying to Become a Writer at Authorr

To become a writer at Authorr, you will need to visit this page. You will fill in a questionnaire, followed then by receiving log in information via the email address that you provided. If memory serves me correct, you will be instructed to take a grammar test and provide information relating to your experience as a writer. I think it was several weeks, possibly a month or more, before I received a reply stating that I had been accepted as a writer and that I was able to apply to the categories through clients place their orders.

Categories Found On Authorr

It’s important to note that Authorr has three separate categories for writers to supply content through. To supply such content, an author must complete a sample article for each category. The categories are as follows:

  • Premium Article
  • Press Release
  • Value Article

The max amount that premium and press release articles pay are six cents a word. However, after being approved for a category, a writer can set his or her own rate, which must fall below the maximum of six cents a word. I believe that my set rate of three cents an article has been the main reason as to why I haven’t seen much work through the company. Perhaps if I chose to lower my set rate to something like 1.4 cents a word, then maybe more clients would send orders through to me.

Submitting Your Sample Article

Once you are accepted to the platform (before being accepted to certain categories), you must submit a sample for each category that you are interested in. The first category that I clicked on to submit a sample was the Premium Article category. I was immediately given as assignment and told that I would not be compensated for it. It was a 500-word article titled “5-Star Restaurants in Beverly Hills.”

The next day I received an email stating that my sample article had passed their writing requirements and that I could pick up any future orders that came through at the rate I had set, which was a minimum of three cents a word and a maximum of six cents a word. About 15 minutes later, I received an email informing me that an order was available and I could pick it up, however, it was first come, first serve. I quickly logged in and snagged the order. It was titled “Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram,” and it paid $45 for 1,500 words.

Since then, I have only received one more email (at four o’clock in the morning) saying that another Premium Article order was available. I guess I was too slow to accept because when I logged in, the order was already gone.

Tips for Applying for Categories

When you apply for categories, they take the process very seriously. I say this because when I applied for the Press Release category, I was given as assignment and failed to meet the deadline, even though I was never informed that not meeting the deadline would result in me not EVER being able to apply to that category again. I assumed that non-paying sample articles could be turned in at my own convenience, but apparently I was wrong.

Also most people who apply for the Value Article category will probably have a good chance at being accepted because they require no real penmanship in terms of being able to write well. The max that they pay is 1.4 cents a word. I have not bothered with applying to this category because I don’t feel that 1.4 cents a word is a decent pay rate; however, for those who are just beginning in the freelance writing world, this rate can be attractive.

The last contact that I had with Authorr was when they sent me an email asking if I would like to opt-in to receive x-rated assignments. I agreed that I did not care to write about such topics, presuming they are talking about sex, however, I have yet to receive any assignments thus far on any type of x-rated topic.

The Takeaway

Being that I have only spent about an hour on the site and have earned $45, I do consider Authorr to be a reputable and decent paying company for writers. They payout was sent directly to my PayPal account, on time, just as promised. As said before, perhaps if I lowered the price at which I’m willing to accept assignments, I might receive more orders, but at this point in my freelance career, I do not have time to take on lower paying articles.


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