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Flexjobs: The Perfect Site for Freelance Writers

If you are looking for an awesome place to find new leads or are just not quite ready to go it alone, then I have the perfect site for you.

The review is for FlexJobs.com and this site has just about everything you could ask for when looking for freelance jobs. There are offerings for everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals just looking for some variety.

I’ll start right off by saying that this is a subscription site but it offers a guarantee on satisfaction that no other site offers. If you don’t like it they will refund your money without hassle.

Before anyone balks at paying for a subscription, all sites require some payment. Even those that pay you are taking money out of what you could be paid. At FlexJobs, once you pay the subscription you are done. All of the money you earn through their site is yours and they get no commission.

What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is a dream for freelancers of all persuasions but for writers in particular. The site filters out questionable and low paying writing jobs so writers are never in a position of competing for low wages.

FlexJobs has been touted on several news programs and channels including Good Morning America and CNN Money. Even the Wall Street Journal discussed the benefits of the site.

The idea behind the site is that the experts at FlexJobs do all of the work to locate available telecommuting, online and other flexible positions that are open and looking to be filled. These are categorized and then people looking for those types of jobs apply for them. This is a job site for professionals by professionals.

Getting Started with FlexJobs

One outstanding bonus with FlexJobs is that one subscription allows you to apply for jobs in any category; you aren’t limited to just one area of opportunity. Getting started is pretty simple: Sign up for an account at Flexjobs.com and choose a subscription.

You can sign up without getting a subscription but you will be limited in what you can do with the site. It is a way though to look around and see what is out there. There is also an interesting video that you can watch. It doesn’t tell you much about how to use the site but it does give you some great information about the benefits of FlexJobs as well as lets you see some of the big name companies that recruit through them.

Your FlexJobs Profile

FlexJobs is essentially a job search site that specializes in freelance and telecommuting jobs. Here your resume is your profile. As a freelance writer, you probably have a specific resume for each type of writing. For example, a finance resume that highlights your experience writing financial and business articles. That resume is vastly different from your gardening resume where you go highlight your experience writing about landscaping issues.

At FlexJobs, you have the ability to list one resume or as many as you would like. You can then simply click on the appropriate resume to submit to the company or potential client. If you have ever felt that you were stuck between industries, FlexJobs solves this problem by allowing the multiple resume uploads.

In addition to your resume, you can also upload samples of your work and include a link to your website. Because FlexJobs caters to freelancers of all stripes, you have the ability to upload writing samples, samples of your art or photography work and any combination you feel is necessary. For photojournalists, this makes for an incredibly easy way to find new clients quickly without having to spend a lot of time on various uploads; one click and you are done.

Skills Assessments

These can big a big boost for your application. On most sites, every skills test you take is going to cost you extra money. At FlexJobs your subscription covers taking as many skills tests as you would like.

The various skills tests run from English proficiency to coding and industry specific tests. Taking these tests and sending the resulting scores along with your application lets a potential employer know where you stand in the industry. For writers, it lets them know that you are a native speaker of the language that they want you to write in and this can help place you at the top of their list.

Your Dashboard

If you were going to create a comprehensive one-stop shopping for job searching, you would be lucky to come up with one as well done as the FlexJobs Dashboard. Once you log in you have access to every aspect of your job search in one slick location. There are no ads and everything is right in front of you.

For freelance writers this is incredibly important because you are able to see everything going on all at once and nothing gets lost. You have onsite email that alerts you to important information from clients, a list of your previous searches, the status of applications and even a job search checklist so you don’t forget anything important.

For many people, FlexJobs will let them get a job and start working. Then the site itself is no longer really important to them. For freelancers however the game is a bit different. We are always looking for new clients and this site is perfect for that. From a freelancers perspective this site weeds out the poor clients and the scams. From the perspective of the employer the site is known for being one that professionals use to find work so they know that they are getting good employees.

Choosing a Subscription

The Subscriptions range from $14.95 a month to $49.95 a year. If you use Promo Code: “Save50” you can try out the site for $7.50 for a month. Use Promo Code “Save30” and you can access the site for an entire year for $34.95. Again, there is a money back guarantee and it’s hassle free.

If you purchase a yearlong subscription you are paying less than $4 a month and no further commission on your work. All subscriptions are set to renew automatically but you can change this any time you wish in your account section on your Dashboard. There is no penalty for doing so.

Getting Paid

This is entirely between you and the client. You can choose Paypal, Check/ Money Order or another form of online payment. You will work this out with the client but note that most are used to the standard online payment systems of Bill.com, WePay and Paypal. Major companies may prefer Direct Deposit. Again, that is between you and the client.

Finding a Job on FlexJobs

Maybe I’m a little strange but I love hunting for new clients! Many freelance writers hate it but I find the search to be interesting and entertaining. FlexJobs is perfect for both types of people. Their job search mechanism is outstanding and you can bend and tweak it until you have the exact jobs you want showing up on the results page.

You start by choosing a category and there are over 50 to choose from. Then you can narrow the search through keywords or sub categories. You can even search via geographic location. You have the option on this site of saving your specific searches. So if you come up with the perfect combination for getting the travel writing articles you want, save it. You can save as many different searches as you like. The site will notify you of any new jobs that meet your search criteria.

After you complete your search and have found jobs that fit your needs, you will need to follow the specific instructions for applying. The majority of clients and companies are fine with simply sending them your uploaded resume and any samples that you have also uploaded.

Notifications and Alerts

An interesting aspect of FlexJobs is that once you set your search preferences you can click a box that will allow any new jobs that mach the search parameters to be sent to your email or Twitter accounts. Because of the ease of applying for jobs, you can easily apply for jobs even on your smartphone. In this way, you are never out of the loop and you will not miss out on a great new client simply because you were running errands! Just pull out your phone, click on the ‘apply’ button and select which resume to send. It’s as easy as that!

FlexJobs Social Media

This site has a blog that actually contains information worth reading. From tips on how to use their site for maximum benefit to how to change your resume to attract more notice, the blog is an outstanding resource.

FlexJobs also uses Facebook and Twitter as resources and to alert you to new job opportunities. It’s worth following them just for the networking opportunities.

Special Considerations

FlexJobs is one of those rare sites that can’t seem to leave well enough alone and actually does a great job of adding to their site various items that benefit the subscribers. In this case, as a subscriber to the site you have access to various special offers and discounts from companies such as Dell Computers. After you become a member, be sure to look around at the special offers to see if anything interests you. Some of the discounts alone will pay for the subscription to the site.

Tips, Tricks and the Downside

There are none. The site is straightforward, offers a great service at a low price and does everything it can to maximize your results in as little time as possible. It’s one of the best sites out there for Freelance Writers looking to find new clients and build their freelance writing business.


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