Earning a Living From Home with oDesk

Working from home is a common goal many people share. However, if you have looked for work-at-home jobs in the past, you may have been very disappointed by the job options available to you. The fact is that at one time the best work-at-home jobs involved unskilled labor such as telemarketing jobs or data entry. These jobs are still available, but now many companies are outsourcing various projects to contractors who work from home. The website oDesk is among the leading freelance websites. Its goal is to connect job seekers with clients, and this website may provide you with the ability to earn a living working from home.


The Type of Work

The website oDesk provides you with the ability to work from home in a number of different industries. Freelance writing is among the most popular niches on the website, but you can also find work in sectors like information technology, business services, administrative and other similar sectors. The type of work available on oDesk is varied, and this provides most people with the ability to find work through this website.


The Compensation

The compensation available through oDesk is varied. Some projects will pay you on a per-project basis, and others will pay you an hourly rate. Further, some projects that require more in-depth skill and training will typically compensate you at a higher rate than what unskilled or lesser skilled work demands. If you are not certain what level of compensation your unique skills would fetch on oDesk, you may consider reviewing some of the many projects that have been posted by potential clients to get an idea. While some people use this website for part-time income, many others have found a way to use this website for full-time income.


Getting Started

Getting started with oDesk may be easier than you may think. You can peruse the jobs listed on the website without having to create a profile, and this can give you a better idea about if you want to continue looking for work through this website. Once you have found a project or job that sounds appealing to you, you will need to create a profile to request the assignment. When you are reviewing the compensation, you should be aware that oDesk will take a portion of your profits as a finder’s fee for connecting you with the client. This is a small fee, and it can be written off as a tax deduction for business expenses on your tax return.


If you have not researched the many job options available to you through oDesk, you may consider checking the website out today. The fact is that there are now more jobs than ever available to those who want to work from home. Keep in mind that new job postings are added each day. You may not find the perfect jobs for you today, but if you keep returning to the site regularly, you may soon find the jobs you want to apply for. Soon, you could be earning a great living working from home!



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