Crowd Content’s Managed Content Platform: Convenient, Consistent Work for All Skill Levels

Crowd Content has seen a lot of growth the past year, and it’s pushing forward aggressively in pursuit of new enterprise clients. That means more opportunities for writers and editors at all skill levels, and consistent work isn’t the only benefit freelancers get from this friendly egg. Here’s a look at Crowd Content’s managed content side and how you can land work and grow your client list by taking on tasks there.

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What Does Managed Content Mean for Freelancers?

At Crowd Content, there are two major streams of work. First, there’s the Marketplace. It’s where you accept work directly from clients, and you have access to open orders at or below your current rating. That rating depends on the quality of your writing sample, and you can move up after completing work for multiple clients at excellent quality.

Working directly with clients has its benefits, but it’s not something every freelancer wants to do all the time. Whether you’re looking for convenience, easy filler for your regular writing schedule or a place to get your feet wet in content writing, managed content might be more your speed.

Managed content is the other major stream of work at Crowd Content. This work involves accounts — often associated with enterprise-level organizations — that are overseen by Crowd Content project managers. The people responsible for providing instructions, giving feedback and approving your work are all Crowd Content project managers, not the client. For freelancers, that means a lot more consistency and communication than you get when dealing with some clients directly.

Managed Content Writing and Editing Work is Consistent

While you can never escape the natural ebb and flow of freelance work, managed content clients do sign contracts and tend to want a number of items every week or month. Some clients order hundreds of PDs over the course of a quarter-long project; other clients need 10 blog posts every week. That type of consistency means work is almost always available at Crowd Content, and the fact that project managers handle the flow means you’ll often get a heads up when work is expected to arrive so you can plan ahead.

Some of the work available recently at Crowd Content includes writing and editing:

  • 50-word product descriptions for a major online retailer
  • Short, medium and long product descriptions for craft supplies
  • 250-word category descriptions for fashion items
  • SEO blog posts for a variety of regional and global businesses
  • 25-60-word product descriptions for vehicle parts
  • Press releases


A Place to Learn the Content Writing Ropes

The managed content platform is a great place to hone your writing and editing chops. The project managers at Crowd Content love writers and editors who are willing and able to follow instructions and incorporate feedback, and with work at all skill levels, there’s a place for almost anyone to start.

When you work on managed content, you complete work for and receive feedback from writers and editors who have been in the content writing and marketing industry for years. In fact, every project manager is also a writer and editor, which means they can offer relevant, actionable feedback to help you improve your craft and land higher paying work. Not only can they, but they want to do this. First, because better writers and editors only make their job easier. Second, having learned their skills from others over the years, the project managers are happy to take time to assist others.

A True Story of Writer Success at Crowd Content

Here’s a real-life example of how managed content work can help you increase your freelancing income. One writer said she applied to work on a specific Crowd Content managed content project. She was approved at a two-star level, which meant access to that project and to marketplace work that paid a maximum of 2.3 cpw.

By working closely with editors on the managed content project — and diligently incorporating feedback to make her work better — the writer came to the attention of the project managers. They started adding her to other teams and work opportunities, and she quickly worked up to a 4-star level, which means access to marketplace work that pays as much as 7.6 cpw. The writer now gets regular direct orders from both the Crowd Content project managers and her own marketplace clients.

Twice Weekly Pay via PayPal

Crowd Content pays on Tuesdays and Fridays for work approved through the previous day. How’s that for consistency? While marketplace orders have approval times that span from one to 30 days, managed content project managers try to get work approved as quickly as possible — they’ve been freelancers just like you, so they get the value of consistent and quick payments.

How Can You Succeed with Crowd Content Managed Content?

First, you have to create an account at Crowd Content and apply for some work.

Next, check out the worker forum, which is a professional, friendly place where workers share tips and project managers let everyone know about upcoming projects and changes to existing work requirements.

Finally, pick a project and dive in. A little diligence and the ability to incorporate feedback goes a long way with managed content, and writers and editors who are willing to learn can experience growth right alongside this expanding company.

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