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After many hours of research, I have compiled this list of publishers that pay for memoirs and personal essays on a huge variety of topics. This list includes small literary journals, blogs, websites, local magazines, major national magazines, and newspapers. As big as this list is, it is by no means comprehensive. If you’re looking for a place to publish your personal writing, this is a good place to start. Note that I’ve generally not included literary journals in this list, of which there are very many that publish personal essays. One of the best sources for literary journals is Authors Publish, which I highly recommend.

Keep in mind that I’ve done my best to research payment rates, but they are not guaranteed, and may need to be negotiated. If you are new to freelance writing, and want to learn how to get established as a freelance writer, then I highly recommend this free webinar.

–– Jacob Jans

PS: Special thanks to Fatima Saif for contributions to this list.

Vox is seeking personal narratives for their “First Person” section. They are seeking “provocative personal narratives that explain the most important topics in modern life. ” Reports indicate they pay around $500 per essay. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
The Latest is an online forum by The Bare Life Review that focuses mainly on memoir, criticism, and politics. They only publish work by immigrant and refugee writers. The submissions “may, but need not, deal explicitly with issues of immigration, exile, or refuge.” Prose submissions should not be longer than 3,000 words. An exception to this word count may be made for very long pieces (over 8,000 words) that may be published in multiple installments. They pay $100 per accepted piece (prose, photojournalism, or interview). Details here.

Modern Love is a regular column published by the New York Times. They are “interested in receiving deeply personal essays about contemporary relationships, marriage, dating, parenthood…” They pay $300 per essay. The submissions page is old, but is still up to date. To learn more, or to submit, be sure to read their submission guidelines.

Gay Magazine is a new publication partnership between Roxane Gay (an author, editor, and commentator) and Medium (an online publishing platform). They offer interesting and thoughtful cultural criticism. They are looking for personal essays, short fiction, illustration and photography. They pay $1.00 per word for work up to 3,500 words. Details here.
MotherWell is a blog that features personal essays and “perspective pieces” about all sides of parenting. According to an interview with their editor, they pay $50 per post, though payment is not listed on their website. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Violet Summer Zine is an urban literary magazine. Each issue of the magazine has a theme. For their summer 2019 edition, they want personal essays on “self-care and wellness from Black LGBTQ community or non-binary people and the LatinX community.” They pay $50 for print features and $35 for digital features. Details here.
Chicken Soup for the Soul publishes true stories and poetry on a theme. They release several books per year, and have regular calls for submissions. Learn more here.
The Christian Science Monitor is an international news organization. They’re looking for in-depth, journalistic pieces that display “quality of thought.” They also publish personal essays in their “Home Forum” department. Their basic rate for a story is $200 to $225. They To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Bugle Magazine is the magazine of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. They accept submissions in a variety of categories, including conservation, natural history, wildlife management, hunting, human interest, and “women in the outdoors,” which are personal essays about elk. They pay 20 cents per word, up to 4,500 words. To learn more, visit their website here. A sidebar links to 3 separate submission guidelines pages.
Good Old Days accepts personal essays about growing up between 1935 and 1960. They should be informal and conversational in tone. Payment varies. Learn more here.
Unemploymentville.com is a supportive and friendly place for people who are out of work. They are looking for contributions for their blog. They want personal stories about being unemployed, stories about earning a living by getting gigs, advice on dealing with the challenges of being unemployed, and unique job search techniques. The length should be at least 350 words. Pay is $40 to $75 per piece. For details, visit this page
HerStories Project is a website for Gen X women. They publish personal essays “about what it’s like to be a Gen-X woman at midlife. ” Payment is $80. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Lady Science is a monthly magazine about “women and gender in the history and popular culture of science, technology, and medicine.” They publish well-researched and reviewed articles, personal essays, takes on news and politics, pop culture criticism, and more. They pay $100 per piece. Details here.
Folks is a daily online magazine focused on publishing the stories of “remarkable people who refuse to be defined by their health issues.” Editors look for strong personal essays offering “a unique hook and a strong takeaway” that would challenge readers’ perspective about the issues of health conditions. Editors prefer to receive queries first. Editors buy exclusive publishing rights to published essays for a one-year period and consider only original submissions. Payment is $400. To learn more, read the writers’ guidelines.
The Sun Magazine is a beautiful magazine with a literary bent and a very loyal following. They have no ads, and they pay their writers well. Up to $2,500 for non-fiction. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Dame is a website “For Women Who Know Better.” They are “smart, quick-witted, opinionated and unapologetic.” They publish essays, news, analysis, and unique takes on relationships, gender politics, sex, race, entertainment, the arts, business, politics, Internet culture, health and everything in-between. Pay is negotiated. Previous reports indicate 13 cents per word. Learn more here.

The Penny Hoarder publishes articles about earning, saving, and growing money. They’re interested in posts about any and all “wacky and weird ways to make extra money.” They pay $75 for a 700-900 word article. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
UBER Driver Things is a blog and community where UBER and LYFT drivers get the latest rideshare tips, tricks, news, and opportunities. They are seeking experienced drivers (with a minimum of 3 months of paid driving experience) who can “offer advice, guides, their take on interesting topics, current events and personal experiences as it pertains to driving for a living.” They pay $75 to $200 per article. For details, visit this page.
New Dream works to empower “individuals, communities, and organizations to transform the ways they consume to improve well-being for people and the planet.” They welcome story ideas from young people regarding their “personal experiences, opinions, and critiques of consumption—from the products we buy and the content we take in from screens, to the air we breathe and the food we eat.” They pay $100 per story, and $50 per phone or online interview where the contributor tells his/her story to New Dream. Details here.
Down East is the magazine of Maine. They pay 40 to 70 cents per word. However, according to their guidelines they accept very few unsolicited queries each year. They publish articles about Main’s culture, history, personalities, destinations, and current events. They also accept personal essays about the author’s connection to Main. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Maisonneuve is a Montreal-based quarterly of “arts, opinion and ideas.” They are looking for all kinds of non-fiction writing including essays, memoirs, reporting, and humor. Payment reports indicate that they pay $0.10 per word. To contact them, visit this page.
Sasee is a women’s lifestyle magazine. They are interested in 500-1,000 word non-fiction submissions for and about women: essays, humor, satire and first-person experiences. Previous writers have reported payment from $100 to $200 per essay. Details here.
Slice is a literary journal that publishes fiction, non-fiction essays, and poetry. They were created by two book editors who wanted to “create a space where new voices were just as important as famous voices.” They pay $250 for stories and essays. They have funding from Amazon. To learn more read their submissions guidelines.
The Introspectionist is a monthly magazine for intelligent women. Thus, its content includes more in-depth articles than a typical woman’s magazine. Editors look for articles that tell a story and inform, and also for persuasive essays, creative non-fiction, “thought-provoking insights and uniquely informative pieces.” Every month The Introspectionist chooses a theme for a deep analysis: http://www.theintrospectionist.com/home/EditorialCaliendar. Payment for features is $100 (up to 2,000 words) and $200 (up to 5,000 words). To learn more, read the writers’ guidelines: http://www.theintrospectionist.com/home/submissions.
xoNecole.com is an online platform where Millennial women of color can share their personal stories with others, speak their minds on culture and politics, and indulge in wellness, beauty, relationships and career tips. They are always seeking new writers with a story to share. According to one payment report, they paid $0.05 per word. To learn more, visit this page.
Bright Wall/Dark Room is an online magazine that is dedicated to “exploring the relationship between cinema and the business of being alive.” They publish profiles, interviews, personal essays, cultural criticism, formal analysis, and humor pieces. Their critical essays are generally 1,500 to 3,000 words long. They pay $50 per essay. For details, refer to this page.
YourTango is an online magazine that offers love and relationship advice to women. They seek personal essays, service pieces, and reported articles from freelancers. Their pieces are generally 500 to 1,200 words long. According to payment reports, the pay up to $0.06 per word. For details, visit this page.
Christian Living in the Mature Years is a magazine by Abingdon Press, an imprint of the United Methodist Publishing House. It is a “leisure-reading magazine and a personal Bible study” for older adults. They publish articles about family, community involvement, wellness, and spiritual development. They pay 7 cents a word for articles, and $20 for photos that accompany the articles. To learn more, refer to this page.
Purpose is a “periodical of MennoMedia, an agency of Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada.” They want personal true stories (500 to 700 words) and poems (up to 15 lines). The submissions must meet their monthly themes. They pay $25 to $50 for articles and $10 to $20 for poetry. To learn more, read their writer guidelines.
AnswersForMe is a website that “offers support and encouragement for every-day life.” They accept unsolicited stories, articles, and essays. They pay $50 for first-person stories (300 to 800 words) that have a spiritual element, and $75 for short articles (300 to 500 words) about human motivation, passion, and discovery. They also pay for articles (800 to 1,500 words) about health but do not mention the payment rate (they ask writers to contact them in order to find out the rate for a particular topic). For more information, refer to their writer’s guidelines.
The Christian Century is a Chicago-based Christian magazine that “explores what it means to believe and live out the Christian faith in our time.” They invite readers to contribute first-person narratives (of less than 1,000 words) on the topics of lapse and feet. They pay $100 per essay. For details, visit this page.
Kveller.com is a website for people “who want to add a Jewish twist to their parenting.” They want essays about women’s issues and parenting that are written from a Jewish perspective. Their suggested word count is between 500 and 1,000 words. Payment reports suggest that they pay $0.03 to $0.04 per word. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Chickpea is a vegan food and writing quarterly. They are looking for personal writing, guides and tips, unprocessed recipes with stories behind them, DIY projects, investigative articles, and photo and illustrative stories. According to payment reports, they pay $0.10 per word. To learn more, visit this page.
World Nomads provides travel insurance to independent travelers from over 150 countries. They are looking for personal stories regarding life-changing trips and experiences. They want stories that fall under the categories of love, fear, discovery, connection and transformation. They pay $0.50 per word for written stories and $350 to $600 for photo essays. For details, visit this page.
Trapper’s Post magazine is “written by trappers, for trappers, and includes the most up to date information available for trappers worldwide.” They want articles on all aspects of trapping. They also want short personal experience articles from trappers who are 16 years old or younger. They prefer articles of 1,200 to 2,000 words. They pay 10 cents per word. To learn more, refer to this page.
The Smart Set is an online magazine published and supported by the Pennoni Honors College at Drexel University. They cover “culture and ideas, arts and science, global and national affairs.” They publish high quality writing in a broad range of genres which include reportage, personal essays, critical essays, memoirs, travel writing, and stories. Payment reports suggest that they pay up to $0.09 per word. To learn more, visit this page.
Hold the Line is a quarterly digital magazine focused on parenthood and social justice. They cover “practical tactics, hard-learned lessons, and personal experiences with the goal of inspiring parents of all races to strive toward a more unified future.” They pay $75 for longer pieces (of 1,000 to 1,400 words), $35 for shorter pieces between 600 and 900 words, and token rates or other work. To learn more, visit this page.

Salon covers “news, politics, entertainment, culture, and technology through investigative reporting, commentary, criticism, and provocative personal essays.” According to their website, the best way of submitting articles and story pitches is by email. Payment reports suggest that they pay an average of $0.12 per word. For more details, visit this page.

Now What? is a monthly e-zine which contains “personal experience stories that show people’s struggles that either led them to faith in Christ or deepened their walk with God.” Some of their stories also include resources for addictions, mental illness, grief, etc. Their feature articles and personal experience stories are 1,000 to 1,500 words long. On publication, they pay an honorarium of $25 to $65. Further details can be found here.

On Parenting is a parenting blog of Washington Post. They are looking for pieces with an interesting angle to parenting. They welcome reported pieces and personal essays. They want the pieces to be no more than 1,200 words long. Payment reports suggest that they pay up to $2.50 per word. According to one of our readers, expect no more than $300 total. To learn more, refer to this page.

Solver Stories is a feature in New York Times’ column, Wordplay. It includes personal essays regarding the effect of puzzles on people’s lives. They prefer essays of 800 to 1,300 words. They pay $200 per essay. To find out more, read their submission guidelines.

Oregon Humanities Magazine is a triannual publication that “offers a forum through which Oregon writers, scholars, and readers can use the humanities to explore timeless and timely ideas and themes.” For shorter department pieces, they pay $50 to $200 and for personal essays and features, they pay $300 to $800. To find out more, refer to this page

You and Me Magazine publishes personal essays about experiences as a medical patient. They also publish some articles from provider’s perspectives. They pay 4-5 cents per word for articles 1,000-2,500 words. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Westerly Magazine publishes short stories, poetry, memoir and creative nonfiction, essays and literary criticism. Their reviews are between 500-700 words, to be published online or in print. They pay AUD75 for reviews, AUD75-100 for poetry, and AUD150 for features and short stories. Their style guide is quite specific about submissions. Details here.
Whole Life Times is a bimonthly magazine that focuses on holistic living, mainly in Southern California. They accept queries for articles that reflect a holistic lifestyle in any area, including farming and sustainability. Writers can submit queries via email for features, the front-of-book section, or their personal essay section. Payment: $25 to $150, depending on article placement and length. Submission Guidelines
The Hamilton Review of Books publishes twice annually, in Spring and Fall, and accepts work by Canadian writers. They publish book reviews and long-form essays on works of Hamiltonian, Canadian and international fiction, nonfiction, poetry and graphic novels. Reviews are 500-750 words and pay CAD50. Essays are 1,500-5,000 words and pay CAD75, and focus on a literary subject; authors may, for example, engage with a book’s subject matter as a jumping-off point for a thematic, personal essay. Details here.
Transition Magazine, published by the Saskatchewan Division of Canadian Mental Health Association, covers mental health issues, including personal stories. They publish fiction, non-fiction, poetry, book reviews, and visual art. They pay $50 per page, up to 15 pages. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Spirituality and Health covers a broad spectrum of topics that fall under spirituality and health. They accept personal essays, recipes, how-to articles, investigative reporting and narrative journalism. http://spiritualityhealth.com/submission-guidelines
Diabetes Health caters to people who have diabetes and their caregivers. They publish personal essays and medically based articles. https://www.diabeteshealth.com/contact/
Cure Today explores the latest in cancer research and treatment. They accept personal essays no longer than 700 words and well-researched evidence-based articles. Writers must have medical writing and interviewing experience. http://www.curetoday.com/write
Common Ground accepts articles on health, wellness, the environment, transformational travel and personal growth. Articles are usually between 600 and 1500 words. They pay $0.10 per word and prefer that you query the editors before sending in submissions. http://commonground.ca/contributors-guidelines/
Charleston Style & Design is a local magazine that publishes articles about architecture, fashion, businesses, food, and travel of interest to people in Charleston, South Carolina, and the surrounding region. They pay $200 for personal essays that offer a relatable story and good insight. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Smoky Mountain Living Magazine covers the southern Appalachians and its environment, people, crafts, music and art. Word count: 1,500-3,500 for features, 1,000-1,500 for non-fiction, 700-850 for Mountain Views essay and departments. Pay: $250-450 for features, $200 for non-fiction/personal essay, $125 for Mountain Views essay and departments. Details here. –– http://www.smliv.com/about/contribute
The Bold Italic is a blog covering the San Francisco Bay area. They cover the ways the bay area is rapidly changing, and how the city functions. They publish personal essays, reported pieces, humor, interviews, and profiles. They pay $50 per article. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Liguorian Magazine a Catholic magazine, bills itself “a redemptorist pastoral publication.” They publish articles, personal essays, and fiction. They pay 12 to 17 cents per word. They offer a free sample copy –– just send them a stamped envelope. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
The Catholic Digest is a lifestyle magazine that “encourages and supports Catholics in a variety of of stages and circumstances.” They pay $500 for many of their articles, including personal stories. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Guide Magazine is a Christian story magazine for young people ages 10-14. They publish true stories, not fictional ones. They publish adventure stories, biography, Christian humor, nature stories, personal growth stories, and story series’. Each series has 2-12 chapters, with each chapter around 1200 words. They pay 7-10 cents a word. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Nebraskaland Magazine is published by Nebraska’s Game and Parks Commission. They cover “all varieties of outdoor recreation including camping, travel, canoeing, hunting, fishing, Nebraska’s state parks and recreation areas, wildlife, natural history, unique personalities, art, culture, history and personal reminiscence.” They pay 15 cents per word. Most stories are 2,500 words. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Writer’s Digest is a widely-read and well-respected magazine about the art of writing. They accept both manuscript submissions and queries for articles that “inform, instruct, and inspire” readers. Writers can submit to any of their departments, including their “5-Minute Memoir,” “Reject a Hit,” and writing technique sections. They pay between 30 and 50 cents a word for articles up to 2,400 words ($720-$1,200), and they also work with a 25% kill fee. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Vela Magazine publishes nonfiction by women writers. They accept reported stories with a literary component, and personal essays that reach a larger issue. Most of their stories have an international focus and a sense of place but they are adamant about not publishing conventional travel writing. They also want stories that are relevant to anyone, not just women. Pay is negotiated once the piece has been accepted. It is not clear whether they are still actively publishing. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Wanderful is a community of women who are passionate about travel. They publish personal stories and advice on anything that refers to traveling as a woman. Their tone is progressive and they seek submissions from writers of diverse ethnicities, sexualities, gender expressions, religions, and abilities. They pay $50 per article. To learn more, read their submission guideline
Women’s Voices for Change publishes news, commentaries, personal essays, and expert analysis. They seek to redefine the way women over 40 are seen in the culture. They pay $50 per post. To learn more, contact the editor here.
International Living publishes articles on living overseas. They’re looking for unique, personal articles from international writers. They pay $75 for “daily postcards,” which share stories from expats. They also pay up to $400 for other articles. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
Travelers’ Tales Collection accepts nonfiction travel essay for consideration in its anthologies. Editors look for personal nonfiction stories reflecting “that unique alchemy that occurs when you enter unfamiliar territory and begin to see the world differently as a result.” Previously published essays are considered. Shorter pieces have a better chance of being accepted. Payment is $100. To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: http://travelerstales.com/submission-guidelines/.
Adoptive Family Magazine – An award-winning resource for adoptive parents and people navigating the adoption process, Adoptive Families provides information and support through expert articles, personal stories, and advice. If you’re an adoptive parent (or in the process of adopting), click on the writers’ guidelines here for info on submitting articles or personal essays.
Lies About Parenting publishes thought-provoking articles on all aspects of parenting. They accept pitches for articles that share surprising advice, a personal story, or a revelation. They pay $50 per post. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

AARP: The Magazine accepts submission from freelance writers on a variety of topics, including personal essays. They want “thoughtful, timely, new takes on matters of importance to people over 50.” According to our sources, they pay up to $1 a word. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Mask Magazine is a monthly “online repository of youth and internet culture packed with interviews, editorials, news, and style in the age of unrest.” Editors look for “expressive, evocative prose”: personal essays, documentation of a singular event, studies of movements or phenomena from history, how-to guides or tutorials. Note: Editors decide whether submissions are featured as free content or content to be paid for. Payment is $40-$200. To learn more, read the writers’ guidelines: http://www.maskmagazine.com/docs/writers.

Extra Crispy is a lifestyle blog owned by Time Inc. They publish “opinion pieces, reported stories, personal essays, works of humor, illustrated narratives, breakfast-y profiles, original recipes, how-tos and unusual points of view on the beloved morning meal are all welcome. ” Payment reports indicate a rate of 50 cents per word, but will need to be negotiated. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Cascadia Magazine is an online magazine committed to quality journalism, essays, poetry, fiction, and photos from the Pacific Northwest. They are always seeking great journalism, stories, and photos that “express what it’s like to be a human being in the Pacific Northwest.” They pay $100-$350 for feature articles, $50-$100 for fiction and essays, $50 for poetry, and $25-$50 per photo. For details, visit this page.

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