Written By Ian Chandler

7 Websites & Magazines that Pay Writers $50 or More

As part of our weekly effort to find paying gigs for writers, the following is a list of websites and magazines that pay writers $50 or more for stories or articles.

We’ve included pay information for each of the publishers. Keep in mind that pay rates depend upon a number of factors, and often fluctuate.  If you want to learn how to negotiate pay rates, pitch publishers, etc, we recommend  The No B.S. Guide to Freelance Writing.

1. FlockU publishes posts on all things college, from paper tips to lifestyle pieces. They’re inviting student writers to contribute all kinds of content, including “experiments, personal essays, cultural critique, and research pieces.” They pay $50 per published post.

To learn more, read FlockU’s submission guidelines.


2. Note: this website no longer exists. They have officially bit the dust.  Coffee Break For Writers publishes advice for freelance writers. They accept articles that cover trending topics in the world of freelance writing, such as pitching, SEO, selling on Amazon, and more. They pay $50 for unpublished articles.

To learn more, read Coffee Break For Writers’s submission guidelines.



3. The Compass Magazine is an online publication covering issues in the global church and society from a Seventh-Day Adventist perspective. They accept queries for articles that discuss trending topics, ministry, theology, and more. They pay up to $200 for unpublished articles.

To learn more, read the Compass Magazine’s submission guidelines.


4. Shotgun Sports magazine publishes articles on hunting, trapshooting, and other areas of shotgunning. They’re looking for full article submissions for their five departmental categories: test reports, think pieces, round-ups, historical pieces, and interviews. They pay $50 to $200, though “stories submitted without photos will be paid a lower rate.”

To learn more, read Shotgun Sports’s submission guidelines.


5. Chronicle is the official publication of the Historical Society of Michigan. They welcome queries for features, educational history pieces, and articles for other departments, which they list on their site. They pay $50 per published article (though Society members who publish receive $75 per article).

To learn more, read Chronicle’s submission guidelines.

magazine is “Salt Lake City’s resource for creative living.” They accept queries for articles that discuss the goings-on of Salt Lake City, especially in certain areas such as the arts, environmental issues, health, and more. They pay 10 cents per word ($50 for a 500-word article).

To learn more, read CATALYST’s submission guidelines.

7. Funny Times is a cartoon and humor newspaper that features more than 100 cartoons in each issue. They pay $25-$40 per cartoon, and $60 for each story.

To learn more, read their submission guidelines.


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