7 Short Story Publishers that Pay $180 Per Story

The following is a list of short story publishers that pay up to $180 per story, and sometimes more.

Some of the deadlines for these publishers are approaching quickly.

The list is in no particular order.

  1. The New Quarterly is a Canadian literary journal. They accept submissions of short stories, poetry, and creative non-fiction. They don’t accept online submissions. They pay $250 per story, and $40 per poem.. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
  2. SLICE magazine is a literary journal that publishes short stories, creative non-fiction, and poetry. They pay $250 per story or essay. They seek to publish “anyone with a fresh voice and a compelling story to share—basically any work that really knocks our socks off. ” Their current deadline is December 15th, 2016. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
  3. The forthcoming anthology Scandal in Gomorrah: Queering Sherlock Holmes is currently in need of submissions. They seek “Victorian-set period pieces that queer the familiar characters or stories of the Holmes canon.” They pay 3 cents per word, up to 6k words. The deadline to submit is January 1st, 2017. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
  4. The Binge Watching Cure, a forthcoming anthology to be published in 2017, is currently seeking submissions of short stories. They pay $200 for short stories under 5,000 words, and $500 for stories that are longer. Read their submission guidelines.
  5. C.H.U.D. Tribute Anthology Series is seeking submissions of short stories for Tales from the Lake: Volume 4. They want “Non-themed short horror stories that arrests readers and leave them haunted for months to come.” They accept stories up to 10k words and pay 3 cents per word.  The deadline is December 31st. Read their submission guidelines.
  6. Dreaming Robot Press is currently seeking submissions for the 2018 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide. They want short sci-fi/speculative fiction stories aimed at a middle grade audience (8-12 years old.). They pay 6 cents per word. Stories should be 3,000 to 6,000 words. The deadline is January 31st, 2017.  Submission Guidelines.
  7. TAANSTAAFL Press is calling for submissions to their upcoming anthology “Enter the Rebirth,” the third in a series of post-apocalyptic anthologies of short stories. They pay up to 8 cents per word, averaging 3 cents per word. Stories can be up to 8,000 words. The deadline is December 15th, 2016.  Submission guidelines.


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