7 Magazines that Pay Writers $350 Per Article

Yes – print publications still exist, despite the growing popularity, and increasing profitability of digital publications. The following is a list of seven print publications that pay writers up to $350 per article, and sometimes much more. Though many of these also have online components, these publications can get your words in print.

Topics include triathlons, news, culture/technology, First Nations, and physics.

If you have any doubt at all about how to approach these publishers, please read this first.

  1. Triathlete Magazine is the largest newsstand publication that covers the sport of triathlon. Their “editorial focus is placed on multisport training tips and programs, nutrition articles, gear and apparel guides, athlete profiles, triathlon-related travel stories and timely news pieces relating to the triathlon lifestyle.” Their full-length features are generally of 800 to 1,200 words. Their news pieces, training articles or nutrition pieces are of 200 to 500 words. According to one payment report, they paid $0.50 per word for a 500-word FOB. To learn more, read their writer’s guidelines.
  2. The Dallas Morning News is a daily newspaper and website that serves the Dallas–Fort Worth area of Texas. They cover news, business, arts, entertainment, food, sports, and more. According to one payment report, they paid $0.23 per word for a 1,500-word feature. To contact them, visit this page.
  3. The Wheeler Centre is a Melbourne-based publisher “dedicated to original writing that celebrates strong ideas, surprising perspectives and generous conversations.” A few times each year, they publish Notes- “a collection of new work, supported by writing and recordings from our archive, exploring a broad idea or theme.” They are currently accepting pitches for the Face theme of their Notes. They are looking for work related to culture, technology, society and/or the natural world. They “encourage first-person pieces, creative non-fiction, Q&A-style interviews and researched, feature-style culture pieces (ideally with an Australian angle).” Their commissions usually run 600 to 1,200 words. They normally pay about $0.50 per word. For details, read their contributor guidelines.
  4. Yellowhead Institute is “a First Nation-led research centre based in the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario.” They publish Yellowhead Briefs (800 to 1,000 words) and Yellowhead Reports (about 3,000 words). They “encourage submissions from Two-Spirit, trans and youth communities on Indigenous policy.” They pay $200 to $400 per piece. For details, refer to their board member’s Twitter post and this page.
  5. Physics Today is the American Institute of Physics’ flagship publication. They publish both in print and online formats. They inform their “readers about science and its place in the world with authoritative features, news stories, analysis, and fresh perspectives on technological advances and ground-breaking research.” According to their website director, they pay $1.00 per word. To learn more, visit this page.
  6. West End Phoenix is a monthly, local newspaper with “a storytelling stride.” They cover Toronto’s West End. According to their editor-in-chief and president, they pay around 50 cents a word. To contribute, refer to this page.
  7. High Country News is a non-profit magazine covering the American West. They pay between $.50 and $1.50 a word. Their feature articles can be more than 2,400 words. They accept article pitches on an ongoing basis. They do not generally accept pre-written articles. To learn more and to pitch them an article, be sure to read their submission guidelines.


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