7 Magazines that Pay Writers $200 Per Article

The following is a list of 7 magazines that accept pitches from freelance writers in a variety of categories, including homebuilding, culture, parenting, nature, coin collecting, and more.

According to our research, all of these publishers pay at least $200 for some of the writing they publish. Keep in mind that you may need to negotiate payment, as we can’t guarantee rates. . — Jacob Jans, with research by Fatima Saif

  1. Fine Homebuilding is a bimonthly magazine for “builders, architects, contractors, owner/builders, and others who are involved in building new houses or reviving old ones.” What makes their magazine unique is that a majority of their articles are “written by people who actually do the work they write about.” They pay their writers a starting rate of $150 for each published magazine page. Sometimes they pay a bonus for an unusually good manuscript. To find out more, read their author guidelines.
  2. Mel is a lifestyle and culture magazine that is committed to producing content that men care about e.g. their bodies, mental health, jobs, money, sex lives, relationships, digital personas and entertainment. They publish features and essays of 1,500 to 3,500 words. Payment reports suggest that they pay up to $0.50 per word. To find out more, visit this page.
  3. Raising Arizona Kids is a local publication that is targeted towards “caring, open-minded and intellectually curious Arizona parents within the 25-59 age range.” They only work with writers who are based in Arizona. For feature submissions (1,000 words or more), they pay $200 and up. For departmental submissions (300 to 600 words), they pay $75 and up. For web-exclusive posts (300 to 600 words), they pay $75 and up. To learn more, refer to their writer guidelines.
  4. Bay Nature is a quarterly magazine that is “dedicated to the intelligent and joyful exploration of the natural places, plants, and wildlife of the San Francisco Bay Area.” They welcome queries from people working in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Their articles and features are generally 700 to 3,000 words long. Payment reports suggest that they pay $0.50 per word. Further details can be found here.
  5. The Numismatist is the official publication of the American Numismatic Association. Numismatism is the collection of coins, medals, paper currency, and similar items. The magazine “serves as a refreshing review for the experienced collector and as an introduction to essential concepts for the less experienced.” The suggested length of articles for their magazine is 1,200 to 2,400 words. The authors are paid $0.15 per word. To find out more, read their submission guidelines.
  6. Whitetails Unlimited Magazine publishes “a wide range of hunting, environmental, educational, wildlife management and how-to articles.” Nearly all of their features include wildlife topics, particularly the whitetail deer. Their feature articles are 1,500 to 2,500 words long. They pay up to $350 for feature articles with photos and up to $200 for stories without photos. To learn more, visit this page.
  7. Reason covers politics, culture, science and economics from a libertarian perspective. Their magazine’s articles are 850 to 5,000 words long, while their website’s articles tend to be shorter. They rarely accept unsolicited manuscripts. They prefer queries that give a good idea about the proposed article. Our sources suggest that they pay up to $0.50 per word. To find out more, refer to this page.


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