$50 to $250 for Short Stories – Calls for Submissions

These magazines pay $50 to $250 for fiction. A few also accept other genres, like non-fiction and poetry. They are open for submissions, or are scheduled to open soon.

Dark Ink Books: The Half That You See – Nightmares, Deliriums, and Illusions

UPDATE: They seem to have ended their submission period early.
They want literary horror stories that contain major plot elements of nightmares, illusions, hallucinations, delusions, or waking dreams. Quality of writing, adherence to call parameters, originality, and alignment with other stories selected for publication are the determining factors in selection or rejection for this anthology.
Deadline: 30 April 2020
Length: 1,500-6,500 words
Pay: $0.01/word, up to 7,000 words
Details here.

The Arkansas International
­­­­­This magazine publishes short stories, essays, poetry, and translations. After they hit their monthly free submissions cap, submissions are charged (except translations).    
Deadline: 1 May 2020
Length: Up to 8,000 words for prose, up to 5 poems
Pay: $20/page, up to $250
Details here.

­While they frequently publish writers with previous credits, they are very interested in less experienced or unpublished writers with exceptional promise.­­­­ They publish fiction, poetry (no light verse), and non-fiction (both personal essays and researched). They do not accept science fiction, erotica, westerns, horror, romance, or children’s stories. There is no fee for mailed submissions.    
Deadline: 1 May 2020
Length: Up to 8,000 words for prose, up to five poems
Pay: $100-300 for prose, $25-250 for poetry
Details here.

Mud Season Review
They accept submissions of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry – they have both fee-free and paid categories. Certain categories may close early, depending on submissions.
Deadline: 1 May 2020
Length: Up to 6,000 words for prose, 3-5 poems
Pay: $50
Details here.

Speculative City: Afrofuturism
This speculative fiction magazine wants afrofuturist fiction, poetry, and essays written by authors who are specifically of Black and/or African descent. They seek provocative works that are centered within a cityscape.
Deadline: 1 June 2020
Length: Up to 5,500 words
Pay: $20-55
Details here.

The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts
This magazine publishes “fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, mixed media, visual arts, and even kitchen sinks, if they are compressed in some way.” They also accept triptych submissions in both prose and poetry. They publish weekly.
Deadline: 15 June 2020
Length: 600 words for prose (including prose poems); one poem of 20 lines or 75 words
Pay: $50
Details here.

Burial Day Books: Gothic Blue Book Vol 6 – A Krampus Carol
Gothic Blue Books, short fictions popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, were abridgements of full-length Gothic novels. The subjects of these books fell into one of two categories; the first being set in a monastery or convent and the second being set in a castle. For this short story and poetry anthology their guidelines say, “Original Gothic Blue Books typically took place in either a monastery, convent or castle. In years past we have asked for short stories that take place in one of these locations, or a modern day location such as a morgue, haunted house or cemetery. This year, we have added a new theme – Krampus, Christmas, and ghosts / lore from the globe revolving around a major celebration. Christmas ghost tales have a history stretching back that includes Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL and more.” See guidelines for further details on what each submission must (and can) contain, and what they do not want to see.
Deadline: 5 July 2020
Length: Up to 3,500 words
Pay: $50
Details here.

Cadet Quest
This is a Christian-oriented magazine for boys aged 9-14. They publish themed fiction, non-fiction, project/hobby articles, cartoons and puzzles, and illustrations. For fiction their guidelines say, “Fast-moving, entertaining stories that appeal to a boy’s sense of adventure or to his sense of humor are welcomed. Stories must present Christian life realistically and help boys relate Christian values to their own lives. Stories must have action without long dialogues. Favorite topics for boys include sports and athletes, humor, adventure, mystery, friends, etc. They should fit the theme of that issue of Cadet Quest. Stories with preachiness and/or cliches are not of interest to us.” Fiction and non-fiction selections are made no later than 3 months prior to publication date. They have several upcoming themes listed, including Dive into the World, Basketball, Grandparents, Peer Pressure, and Chemistry.
Deadlines: See above
Length: 1,000-1,300 words for fiction, up to 1,500 words for non-fiction
Pay: $0.05/word for fiction and non-fiction (see guidelines)
Details here and here.

After Dinner Conversation
They want short fiction in any genre, from any perspective, including stories for children and young adults. Their guidelines say, “The important thing is that it spurs discussions and requires the reader to expand their mind. … The point is, the short story should be interesting as a short story, but also have a deeper point for a longer discussion. If you are hurting for deep ideas to write about, you might want to watch these Crash Course videos on Philosophy.”
Deadline: Open now
Length: Up to 1,500 words for children’s stories; up to 3,500 words for young adult; 1,500-8,000 words for fiction for adults
Pay: $0.01/word, up to $50
Details here.

Author Bio: S. Kalekar is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to this magazine. She is the author of 182 Short Fiction Publishers. She can be reached here.


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