34 Magazines & Websites that Pay $500+ Per Article

There are so many good opportunities for writers available right now.

In fact, I’ve put together a huge database of 1,979 publications that work with freelance writers.

Below is a sample of some of the listings in the database…

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— Jacob Jans

BBC Worklife is “a BBC.com features site about the way we work, live and think in a rapidly shifting world, where the boundaries between the professional and the personal are increasingly blurrier.” They publish reported, narrative features of 1,200 to 2,000 words. They pay $600 for around 1,200 words. To learn more, refer to their author brief.

Life & Thyme is a print magazine and website that specializes in culinary storytelling and food journalism. They welcome contributors from all over the globe. They typically pay $200 to $500 per story. To become a contributor, refer to this page.

Good Beer Hunting produces “strategic beer brands, intellectually honest editorial, beverage industry analysis, and a deep-dive podcast.” Their voice is “human, friendly, and confident.” They pay $700 for features, $325 for mini-features, up to $200 for Sightlines pieces, $100 for blog posts, and $250 for podcasts. To learn more, refer to their style guide.

Contingent Magazine is a nonprofit online magazine for “everyone who asks questions about the past.” They pay a base rate of $500 for features (2,000 to 3,000 words), $250 for shorts (800 to 1,500 words), $250 for field trips, and $350 for reviews. To learn more, refer to this page.

Longreads is a blog from the company behind WordPress, the software which powers over 25% of the internet. Base pay is $500 per essay. Payment is determined by the amount of work. They also pay for features, at a higher rate, competitive with large publications. To learn more, visit their submission guidelines page.

The Content Strategist is a publication about content strategy and content marketing. It is run by Contently, a platform with the goal of bringing “brands and freelancers together to do great work.” They will pay a flat rate of $500 to $1000 for a story. They pay $350 for “quick-hitters”, on new industry research. For details, visit this page.

Outrider strives to be “an online source of hard-hitting commentary and journalism that calls for the end of nuclear weapons and action against the existential threat of climate change.” They are seeking new voices to produce climate and nuclear non-proliferation journalism. Their standard rate is $800/story. Their stories are usually 1,000-1,500 words. If interested, send your pitches to hello@outrider.org. You don’t need to be an expert to contribute. To learn more, read their writer guidelines.

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) is a quarterly print magazine and website that covers “cross-sector solutions to global problems.” They are based at Stanford University’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. They aim to inform leaders of social change. For the print magazine, they accept 6 types of editorial articles: book review (1,700 words), case study (4,000-6,000 words), feature (4,500-6,000 words), field report (1,700 words), viewpoint (1,700 words), and what’s next (700-800 words). For the website, they look for shorter works (1,200-2,000 words). According to their editor, they pay $600 for 800-word articles and $1,500 for 1,700-word articles. They pay $600 for 1,700-word book reviews. For more information, refer to their submission guidelines.

The Drift is “a magazine of culture and politics.” They want “socially engaged cultural criticism; class-sensitive analysis; pieces that point out what’s being avoided or talked around in politics, media, arts, or even academia; upbeat cynicism; un-self-serious screeds; generous takedowns; entries from the margins; fiction; poetry; 1-3 sentence book/ movie/ TV/ art reviews.” They generally pay $300 to $500 per piece. Interested writers can send their pitches to editors@thedriftmag.com. To learn more, refer to this page.

Capital & Main is a publication that “reports on inequities related to class, race, immigration, gender, corporate accountability, climate change and energy, education and health, both in California and nationally.” They publish daily and accept pitches from freelance writers all the time. They pay $250 to $500 per story. For more information, refer to this page.

Defector is a sports blog and media company. They pay at least $1,000 for longer essays and reported pieces, and at least $500 for shorter pieces. You can submit your pitches to pitches@defector.com. To learn more, refer to their pitch guide and freelancer policies.

The News Station is a national alt-weekly that covers the war on drugs, prison and criminal justice reform, CBD, the innovations in health and wellness, culture, politics, and more. They welcome pitches from freelancers. Regarding the rates, their managing editor tweeted: “my interns get $75 for short pieces explaining new science/research, then about $150 for a researched news piece or $200 for features; then we’ll usually be $250 for day of, non-breaking news pieces, and as much as $500 though usually around $300 to $400 for features.” Learn more here. Read their styleguide and journalistic standards here.

Vox is seeking personal narratives for their “First Person” section. They are seeking “provocative personal narratives that explain the most important topics in modern life. ” Reports indicate they pay around $500 per essay. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

The Nation is a liberal political magazine. They accept submissions of political commentary as well as articles. They have a very dedicated readership. In fact, they’re supported by 30,000 donors. This is in addition to their 145,000 weekly circulation. They pay $150 for commentary, and between $350 and $500 for articles. They also accept submissions of art as well as poetry. To learn more, and to submit, be sure to read their full submission guidelines.

Self covers health and wellness. They are always seeking new writers and are especially excited to work more frequently with BIPOC, LGBTQ+ writers and writers from other marginalized groups. They want stories that will help improve personal or public health. Their main categories of focus are health, fitness, food, beauty, love, and lifestyle. Their rates start at $300 for stories with minimal to no reporting, $400 for reported service stories, and $800 for features. To learn how to pitch them a story, visit this page.

Source pays $200 to $500 “for introductions and walkthroughs of tools developed in and for newsrooms, along with detailed case studies and examinations of specific issues in news development and data journalism.” To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Trailer Life is a monthly magazine for RV enthusiasts. They cover travel destinations, outdoor activities, technical trailer info, and DIY projects for trailers. They pay $100 to $700 (with photos) depending on the topic. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

The Los Angeles Times Travel section includes original sophisticated and compelling destination articles that evoke “a strong sense of place (sounds, colors, smells, tastes), time (when did you go?), expertise and personal perspective.” Trips must be taken within the previous two years. Editors look for first person experiential pieces (about 2,000 words) and Guidebooks (about 500 to 700 words). Payment is $200-$750 for print stories and $500 for online only stories. To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: https://www.latimes.com/la-travel-submissions-htmlstory.html

The Monitor is a bimonthly policy and current affairs magazine by CCPA (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives). They publish “feature articles, original research, book reviews, letters to the editor, and illustrations.” According to their senior editor, they pay $300 for short articles of 700 words, $500 for 1,300 to 1,500 words, up to $800 for feature length stories, and $150 to $800 for illustrations. If interested, send your pitches to monitor@policyalternatives.ca. To learn more, refer to this page.

PTO Today is the magazine for leaders of parent-teacher organizations. They’re published 6 times a year. They publish articles about parental involvement, leadership, fundraising, working with school staff, etc. They pay $125 to $500 (down from $200 to $700!) for features. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Education Forum is the official magazine of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation. They are “a progressive voice on public education and on all issues affecting those that work in public education. ” They reach 60,000 public education workers in Ontario. They pay 25 cents per word for most articles, and $100 for “resource reviews.” To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Deer & Deer Hunting is a specialized magazine (published 8 times per year) offering practical information about white-tailed deer and deer hunting techniques. Its readership includes people hunting with bow, gun, or camera. Editors look for articles on “white-tailed deer biology and behavior, management principles and practices, habitat requirements, natural history of deer, hunting techniques and hunting ethics.” Payment is $150-$600 for 1,000-2,000 word articles and $25-$250 for “Deer Browse” department (200-500 words). To learn more, read the submissions guidelines: http://www.deeranddeerhunting.com/editorial.

Gray’s Sporting Journal is a journal for hunters and anglers. They are always looking for features on hunting and fishing, and publish four themed issues a year. They publish Expeditions – travel pieces of hunting and fishing locations, Yarns – campfire tales that can be fact or fiction, and poetry. Word count: 2,500-3,000 for Expeditions; above 1,500 for features; 750-1,500 for Yarns; up to 1,000 for poetry. Pay: $850-1,000 for Expeditions; $600-1,250 based on quality, not length, for features; $600 for yarns; $100 for poems. Details here.

American Angler is a magazine all about fly fishing. They cover every aspect of the sport, with a focus on coldwater fishing for trout, steelhead, and salmon. They pay $450 to $600 for feature articles, and $200 to $400 for short features. They also pay $600 for “Waterlines” or “Expeditions” essays. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

GreenBiz is a business-to-business media company that focuses on corporate sustainability practice and strategy. They are looking for both shorter (500 to 800 words) and longer (800 to 1,200 words) pieces across a range of topics. Their target audience is senior leaders in large corporations. These senior leaders’ “firms are driven by hardcore business goals as much as by sustainability ones, and they’re seeking to align the two.” According to their editorial director, they pay $200 to $500 per piece. To learn more, refer to this page.

Via Magazine is a magazine and website that serves AAA (American Automobile Association) members in nine western states. They offer travel tips and inspiration. They also offer practical life advice about managing your money, living well at home and away, and taking care of your house and car. They pay $200 to $500 per piece. To contact them, refer to this page.

The Block is a source for all things related to blockchain and crypto. They are seeking cryptocurrency/blockchain/digital currency pitches. They pay $200 to $500 per piece. Send pitches to their managing editor at mmcsweeney@theblockcrypto.com. Read their managing editor’s Tweet here and learn more about them here.

Fast Company is a progressive business media brand that focuses on innovation in technology, design, leadership, and ethonomics (ethical economics). They are seeking reported stories and essays that critically examine the impact of technology, while tracing an ethical way forward. They are mostly seeking stories from journalists. They pay $250 to $500 per piece. To learn more, refer to their deputy tech editor’s Twitter post and this link.

Honeybadger is an error monitoring company that helps developers find and fix bugs quicker. They are looking for developers to create several series of articles. A series will consist of 3 to 5 stand-alone articles of 500 to 1,000 words each. Payment for one article will start at $500. Payment will be higher for longer pieces. For details, visit this page.

Yes Plz Weekly is “an insanely delicious, ever-evolving mix of the best coffees and a gratuitously eclectic print magazine.” It is important to note that the magazine is not just about coffee. According to their contributing editor, they are looking for pitches for pieces that are: “weird; about your obsessions; unplaceable.” They are also looking for profiles of artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs, personal essays, and mini-musings. They pay $200 to $500. For details, refer to this Twitter post. To contact them, refer to this page.

Prism is a nonprofit that is working in tandem with Daily Kos. They elevate “stories, ideas, and solutions from leaders, thinkers, and activists whose voices are critical to a reflective democracy.” They are seeking pitches for articles, essays, and op-eds. They pay 40 cents per word. They are also seeking comics, graphic stories, or other illustrated work, for which they pay $150 to $500. To learn more, refer to this Twitter post and their call for pitches.

The Revelator is “an online news and ideas initiative of the Center for Biological Diversity.” They cover climate change, endangered species, wildlife, conservation, pollution, and more. They pay $300 to $500 per article. Details here.

Plus2net offers “articles, tutorials, and free codes on PHP, SQL, Web design, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, PhotoShop for webmasters and programmers.” They divide their articles into three types, which are: basic, advance, and project based. They pay $100 to $600 depending on the quality and the type of content. For details, visit this page.

The Bitter Southerner is an online magazine that publishes the real stories about the American South.  They pay $500 for feature writing and feature photography, and $250 for personal essays and perspectives pieces. To learn more, visit this page.




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