Written By Christiana Walter

7 Eco-Friendly Travel Markets that Pay Writers

As we grow more aware of global environmental concerns, ecotourism is becoming an increasingly important option for consumers. If you have a passion for eco-friendly travel, here are a few places you can write for, in addition to traditional publications.


  1. Verge Magazine. A magazine for people who want to “travel with purpose,” Verge covers opportunities for people to explore the world through volunteering, working, or studying abroad. There’s room here for an unusual take on ecotourism. Learn more here.


  1. Epicure and Culture. Looking to get your foot in the door, practice your pitching skills, and gain exposure? Epicure and Culture, a food, wine, and travel blog for the ethical traveler, accepts eco-travel pitches. Payment is 10 dollars upon publication. Read the guidelines here.


  1. National Geographic Traveler is published eight times a year. The magazine’s goals are to “find the new, showcase fresh travel opportunities, to be an advocate for travelers.” Payment is made upon publication. Check out the guidelines here.
  1. The Guardian – Travel section. The Guardian has an exciting travel section, full of tips and location reviews, and they’ve covered features on ecotourism before. Have a look at their past articles on the topic and send your pitch to andy.pietrasik@theguardian.com. Also, you might find this guardian piece on expert travel-writing tips a great resource.
  1. G Magazine. An Australian lifestyle magazine devoted to helping people reduce their ecological footprint, G Magazine has plenty of options for writing about green travel. Payment for feature articles range from $400 to $1,500 AUD, and articles in the department sections range from $150 to $800 AUD. Check out their writer’s guidelines here.


  1. Cultures and Cuisines is a website that publishes “informed, intelligent, well-written narratives…where food and travel meet.” If you have an eco-travel story that jives with this, payment is firmly set at $200 an article. Learn more here.


  1. Travel + Leisure. This all-encompassing lifestyle and travel publication leaves plenty of room for eco-friendly travel ideas. Have a look around their website, and find the appropriate editor here.


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