32 Calls for Pitches Directly from Editors

Dear Writers,

Here’s our latest roundup of calls for pitches directly from editors.

Before contacting any of these publications, please carefully study their website, as well as their call for pitches, and make sure that you are sending a highly relevant pitch. If you’re relatively new to pitching, or want to improve your pitching ability, please watch this free lecture.

As one editor recently wrote: “An editor’s life is just replying “Have you checked our website?” in response to pitches again and again until they die.”

Please don’t fall into the trap that leads to the above Tweet. Carefully study the publication. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what they publish, and that you’re not proposing an identical article to one recently published. This free lecture will give you a huge headstart, in terms of making sure you have success in approaching editors.

You’ll note that rates vary significantly for each of these publications, anywhere from $100 per article, up to $1.50 per word. Keep in mind that rates are not set in stone and may need to be negotiated.

— Jacob Jans

PS: Thanks to Fatima Saif for contributing to this article.

Insider is a general interest website that aims to share all the adventures that life has to offer. Their tech editor for freelancers and contributors is accepting pitches for first-persons, as-told-to essays, profiles, and deeply reported stories. They pay $400 for first-persons and up to $1/word for deeply reported features. They are especially looking for pitches from writers of color and other diverse journalists. Pitches should be sent to tparmar@insider.com. To learn more, refer to their tech editor’s Twitter thread. To contact them, refer to this page.

Input is a tech publication. Their senior reviews editor is looking for reviews of cool and interesting products like “mechanical keyboards, weird laptops, EVs, dope toys, sick gear.” Their rates start at $300+. Pitches should be emailed to ray@inputmag.com. To learn more, refer to their editor’s Tweet. To contact them, refer to this page.

Stylist Magazine is a weekly magazine and a website for smart, successful, and sophisticated women. They are looking for fitness pitches for their Strong Women section. They are looking largely for positive pieces. Rate is £150 per piece. Pitches should be sent to miranda.larbi@stylist.co.uk. For details, read their fitness editor’s Twitter thread and their pitch guide.

Paste Magazine covers music, movies, TV, video games, craft beer, books, and more. They are looking for food pitches. They are mostly seeking entertaining takes on national trends/chains/brands. They typically pay $100 per article. If interested, email your pitches to josh@pastemagazine.com. To learn more, refer to their editor-in-chief and co-founder’s Tweet and their previous articles.

Cysters is a grassroots charity that is redefining reproductive and mental wellbeing for marginalized communities. They would like to commission 5 minoritized people (POC, transgender, queer, etc.) to write articles for their site. They “operate in the reproductive and mental health spaces, but also cover race, identity, and lived experience,” so you have a very broad scope to make your pitch relatable to their work. Rate is £100 per piece (around 1,000 words). If interested, send your pitch to smile@cysters.org. To learn more, refer to their Twitter thread. To contact them, refer to this page.

The Christian Science Monitor is an international news organization. They are looking for “upbeat personal nonfiction essays from a diverse pool of writers: life experiences big and small told in 650-800 words.” They usually pay around $500 per story. For guidelines, email homeforum@csmonitor.com. For more information, refer to their Tweet and this page.

Leafly is a resource for all things cannabis. Their senior editor is always looking for writers. He is especially interested in writers based east of the Mississippi. Rate is generally $350 to $400 for a news shortie. It increases from there depending on length and labor. If interested, DM their senior editor on Twitter. Read their senior editor’s Tweet here and contact them here.

The River publishes independent news stories about the Hudson Valley. Their managing editor is looking for pitches. He is especially interested in housing, health, and justice stories. The stories must be “based in the Hudson Valley or Catskills, or have an angle pertinent to those regions.” Their managing editor also has a couple of assignments that he can dole out. Rate is around $0.20 to $0.25 per word. If interested, email phillip.pantuso@chronogram.com. Read their managing editor’s Twitter thread here and contact them here.

The Dance Current is a Canadian dance magazine. They have tweeted, “Pitch us for our #Winter2022 issue – a special one, put together by Amy Hull, our Indigenous guest editor! Hull is looking for personal essays, features, profiles, photo essays, illustrations and poetry, and is especially interested in stories about pow wow in the pandemic.” They pay $125 to $400 per piece. Read their Tweet here and their guidelines here.

Outside Magazine publishes stories about adventure, gear, travel, sports, fitness, health, culture, and the environment. They are looking for story pitches: “What are the coolest outdoor clubs, groups, and communities out there that we don’t know about? Are there any new ones?” Rates start at $0.50 per word. To learn more, refer to this Tweet and their pitch guide.

Healthline is a health information website. Their sex and relationships editor is seeking writers with “lived experience to write service-y articles” about

  • Exploring sexuality and sensuality during menopause

  • How sex and sexuality can evolve throughout our 40s, 50s, 60s, 70+

Although they are looking for writers with lived experience, these are not first-person or POV narratives. Rate is $250 to $350 per article (1,200 to 1,600 words). The articles will be published in October as part of their “healthy aging” campaign. If interested, email your pitches to tcatlett@healthline.com. Read their editor’s Twitter thread here and learn more about them here.

Deadline: September 8th, 2021

Scalawag is a Black-led, woman-run website and magazine dedicated to the American South. They are “interested in untold stories, fresh perspectives, and original thought covering the nuances of life, politics, and culture in the American South.” They are particularly interested in hearing from BIPOC and queer Southerners. They pay $400 to $600 for reported stories. To learn more, refer to their Tweet and submissions page.

DAME Magazine offers reporting and analysis on politics, policy, science, culture, and more. They are seeking “human-centric, solutions-based stories, that feature real people addressing problems in their community + the context of how their narrative connects to the big issues we collectively face.” They’d “love to be publishing more on climate, disability rights, economy/poverty, infrastructure, off-beat, weird or quirky narratives that would surprise readers.” They are also actively seeking more media criticism features. They typically pay $150 for essays and $300 to $500 for reported features. For more information, refer to their Twitter thread, submission guidelines, and pitch form.

Input is a tech publication. Their features editor is always seeking freelance feature pitches at the intersection of technology and culture. Rate: $0.50-$1.00/word. He is also seeking a contract features writer (ideally US-based) to write 1 or 2 reported features per week on tech and culture (internet, social media, sex work). Rate: $0.50/word. If interested, email mark.yarm@inputmag.com. To read their editor’s Twitter threads, click here and here. To contact Input, click here.

Mental Floss is a media brand that offers interesting facts, quizzes, trivia, and brain teasers to the audience. They are always seeking interesting pitches. Rates start at $150 for lists, $125 for short features of 500 words, and $200 for longer features. To learn more, refer to their managing editor’s Twitter thread and their pitch guide.

Ours to Save is a new journalism initiative that focuses exclusively on the climate crisis. They are seeking pitches on global climate solutions. They are especially seeking stories from Latin America. They are also looking for writers from Latin America who are interested in forming a longer-term relationship with them. They pay £50 per 500-word piece. If interested, email florence@ourstosave.com. Read their Twitter thread here and learn more about them here.

Deadline: September 3rd, 2021

India Story Agency is “a social affairs and solutions copy agency.” They are seeking “pitches on reforestation, climate heroes and climate solutions in Assam.” They pay £150 for shorts. If interested, send your pitches to indiastoryagency@gmail.com. For details, refer to their cofounder’s Tweet and their pitching guidelines.

Opportunity to Write Education/Career-focused Content: “Freelancers! It’s that time again. My writing gig is hiring more writers for education/career-focused content for high schoolers. $350 per day, 5 days/week.” Ideal candidates will have content writing or journalism experience. If interested, send your resumes to reese.madelyn@gmail.com. To learn more, refer to this Twitter thread.

The Philadelphia Plain Dealer is a news website that provides a young and fresh perspective on Philadelphia. They are seeking writers to write about mental health. They welcome new writers. Rate is $100 per story. To learn more, refer to this Tweet. To contact them, refer to this page.

Dread Central is a website that covers horror movies, games, comics, novels, toys, and more. Their content editor is seeking Black writers who can provide their perspectives on Candyman. They will pay $50. If interested, email your pitches to mbmcandrews@dreadcentral.com. To learn more, refer to their content editor’s Twitter thread. To contact them, refer to this page.

MemeMarketing.org is the leading information source on the business of memes. They are accepting pitches about “memes, trends, and everything else under the internet sun.” They love to feature new writers. They pay $50 to $100 per article. To learn more, refer to this Tweet and this page.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine is a wine magazine that features wine ratings, reviews, recipe ideas, pairing information, news, and guides. Their associate managing editor of print is accepting pitches. She is seeking front-of-book pieces (350 to 650 words) for early 2022 issues. These pieces focus on “how/where wine is made or consumed and do not focus on an individual or single business.” Rate is $1 per word. Pitches should be emailed to lschlack@wineenthusiast.net. Read their editor’s Twitter thread here and their submission guidelines here.

Inkcap Journal is a publication focused on nature and conservation in Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland). They are actively looking for pitches for stories on nature and conservation in Britain. They like reported features, narrative nonfiction, essays, and interviews. At the moment, they are particularly interested in deeply reported pieces that they can publish towards the start of next year. As most pitches focus on England, they particularly welcome stories from Wales and Scotland. They especially encourage underrepresented voices and perspectives. Rates start at £300. Send your ideas to editor@inkcap.co.uk. For more information, refer to their Twitter thread and pitch guide.

Remezcla is an independent media brand that covers emerging Latin music, entertainment, and culture. Their trending news editor has tweeted, “Remezcla is always looking for Latinx/e/o/a writers who love TV and movies and have hot takes, feels, or more about how our communities are represented in the media we consume.” Their starting rate for features is $100. If interested, email lyra@remezcla.com. Read their editor’s Tweet here and contact them here.

Great British Food Magazine covers Britain’s cuisine and food scene. They are commissioning one freelance article for their Christmas issue. They are looking for:

  • “Foodie features (e.g. making xmas presents, using up leftover turkey) with excellent-quality photos”

  • “Intriguing foodie travel features (UK only)”

  • “Celebrity chef features/interviews”

They will pay between £150 and £200. If interested, send your pitches to dani.redd@aceville.co.uk by 9th September at the latest. To learn more, refer to this Twitter thread and this page.

Deadline: September 9th, 2021

BBC Worklife is “a BBC.com features site about the way we work, live and think in a rapidly shifting world, where the boundaries between the professional and the personal are increasingly blurrier.” Their editor has tweeted, “Vice/r29/freelancers who depended on them: please pitch me at BBC Worklife!” They publish reported, narrative features of 1,200 to 2,000 words. They pay $600 for around 1,200 words. If interested, send your pitches to meredith.turits@bbc.com. To learn more, refer to their editor’s Twitter thread and their author brief.

Mashable is a media and entertainment company that is passionate about entertainment, culture, and technology. Their entertainment editor is looking for evergreen-y entertainment stories. Rate is around $450/piece. Pitches should be sent to estrecker@mashable.com. Read their editor’s Tweet here and contact them here.

The Trouble is a magazine that focuses on the development of political strategies to confront climate change. They publish “pieces that provide concrete suggestions or novel arguments for how the climate left can advance its goals.” They are accepting pitches. They pay $150 to $300 per piece. To learn more, refer to their Twitter thread. To submit your pitch, refer to this page.

gal-dem is a British online and print magazine that is dedicated to sharing the stories of women and non-binary people of color. Their life editor is seeking pitches for the Wanderthirst series. She is specifically seeking UK-based travel pitches. Their rates average around £150 for features (1,200 words) and start at £80 for comment pieces (600 to 800 words). Read their life editor’s Tweet here and their pitching guide here. Read previous Wanderthirst pieces here and submit your pitches here.

Pluto Press is an independent, radical political publishing house. They are accepting pitches from journalists and activists for their blog. The pitches should be relevant to the current political climate and should be suitable for their radical readership. Rate is £150 per piece (1,000 words maximum). If interested, send your pitches to blogsubmissions@plutobooks.com. To learn more, refer to their editor’s Twitter thread and their guidelines.

The Independent’s IndyBest is a source for all things shopping. Their deputy editor is commissioning some new beauty writers, so if you are “an experienced beauty journalist with great industry contacts and plenty of product reviews under your belt,” then email ellie.fry@independent.co.uk. According to one payment report, they paid £100 for a product review of 1,500 words. To read their deputy editor’s Tweet, click here. To read IndyBest’s articles, click here.

The Tennessee Lookout is a news website that covers Tennessee government, policy, and politics. They have tweeted, “Hey, journalists: About once a year, we put out a call for freelance writers who want to work with a small team of rock star reporters to cover Tennessee politics and policy. Interested? Send an email and clips to hmccall@tennesseelookout.com.” “Writers don’t have to be in Tennessee (preferable) but they do need knowledge or willingness to write about state policy.” They pay around $175 for dailies, $300 to $400 for enterprise, and $1,000 to $1,200 for long form. Read their Tweet here and learn more about them here.

Vietcetera is a digital media company in Vietnam. They have a large millennial and gen-z readership. They are relaunching their international edition and are seeking “writers interested in Vietnamese food, culture, and identity.” They will pay $500 for features and $300 for roundups and guides. Pitches should be emailed to dan@vietcetera.com. To learn more, refer to their digital director’s Twitter thread. To contact them, refer to this page.


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