Announcing The $25,000 Storyteller Writing Contest From Amazon

Amazon UK just launched their 2020 Storyteller contest, with a grand prize of £20,000, or around $25,000.

The contest requires writers to publish their entry via Kindle Direct Publishing, as both an ebook and a print book. Entrants are also required to enroll in “KDP Select,” which requires the book to be exclusively available from Amazon for 90 days. Amazon makes it very easy to publish both versions, including cover design, layout, etc.

Keep in mind that self-publishing with KDP will make the book “published” in the eyes of publishers, and will make it significantly harder to publish with traditional publishers.

This contest seems to be a recruitment drive for Amazon, in an attempt to build their roster of books.

The entry does not need to be a full-length manuscript. It must be at least 24 pages for the print edition.

Judging will happen in stages, with the first round being determined by reader reviews, as well as expert judges. The final winner will be determined by a panel of judges, which have not yet been announced.

Writers from all over the world are welcome to enter the contest.

To enter the contest, authors must publish it on the Kindle, and add the keyword “StorytellerUK2020” in the keywords metadata field. The book must also be enrolled in the KDP Select program, which offers some benefits, as well as additional restrictions.

If you were already planning on self-publishing with Amazon, this is a great opportunity. If not, be aware that entering this contest may not be worth the restrictions, especially if you were aiming for a traditional publishing company. (Self-publishing makes it nearly impossible for a manuscript to get published by a traditional publisher.)

To learn more, read the contest’s submission guidelines.


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