22 Publishers that Pay Writers $1,000 Per Article

Want to get paid $1,000 for one article? Or maybe more? Well, this list is for you.
However, before you jump in and get started writing articles, I encourage you to read these case studies from writers who have figured out how to succeed at the freelance writing game.

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Bridal Guide Magazine offers everything that is needed to plan a wedding. They offer the latest wedding trends, registry advice, honeymoon information, real wedding photos, beauty tips, and more. According to one payment report, they paid $1,000 for a 2,000-word story. Contact them here.

GIA (Grantmakers in the Arts) Reader is a publication that is dedicated to the field of arts funding. They publish 3 times a year. Their content is focused on 4 primary areas which are “racial equity, arts education, capitalization, and support for individual artists.” They welcome “submissions of previously unpublished content of various lengths, ranging from short reflections to long-form articles to poetry.” They pay $150 to $350 for articles of 500 to 2,000 words, $350 to $1,000 for articles of 2,000 to 4,000 words, and at least $50 per poem. For details, read their submission guidelines.

Roadtrippers Magazine “celebrates road culture, Americana, and the great outdoors.” They are always looking for new contributors to tell stories from the North American road. They are currently only accepting pitches focused on the United States and Canada. They typically pay $250 to $1,000 based on word count. Details can be found here.

Real Simple is a monthly magazine that makes life easier by providing smart and realistic solutions. They are always seeking “hard-to-find features and profiles of people doing good out there in the world.” They are only looking for US stories. They pay $2.00 per word. Details here.

Refit Guide offers best techniques and gear to improve a boat. They publish new in-depth articles every week on a wide range of topics related to “outfitting, refitting, and maintaining a boat.” They pay $300 to $1,000 per article, plus 50% of the profit generated from the article. To become a contributor, visit this page.

The Open Notebook is a “non-profit organization that provides tools and resources to help science, environmental, and health journalists at all experience levels sharpen their skills.” They welcome pitches for brief guides, story-behind-the-story interviews, and reported features. They pay $500 for brief guides (750 words), $750 for interviews (1,500 words), and $1,000 for reported features (1,500 words). For details, read their submission guidelines.

Priceonomics bills itself as a “data studio.” They use data analysis and data visualization to deep dive into a diverse array of topics. They pay anywhere form $250 to $1,000 per article. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Oregon Humanities Magazine is a triannual publication that “connects Oregonians to ideas that change lives and transform communities.” They exclusively publish work by Oregon-based creators. They prefer completed drafts but also accept queries and proposals. For shorter online pieces, they pay $200 to $300. For personal essays and features, they pay $500 to $1,000. Details here.

Kitplanes Magazine is a magazine of kit and amateur-built aircraft construction. Contributions are mostly by aircraft builders and recognized experts active in the field. They accept articles on all phases of aircraft construction, from basic design, to flight trials, to construction technique in wood, metal and composite. They also review and analyze products and services related to amateur-built and kit aircraft construction. Short, focused technical articles are always welcome. Query first. Word count: About 2,000 for major features, unspecified for others. Pay: $250-$1,000. Details here.

Planning: Those who contribute to this publication–which is organized by the American Planning Organization–will writing about urban, suburban, rural, or small town planning. Planning news can focus on projects like neighborhood revitalization, social planning, and more. Writers can expect to be paid between $100 and $1,000 for successful submissions. Check out the contributor guidelines to learn more.

Scrap is the trade magazine for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. They’re published bi-monthly. They represent around 1,300 companies throughout the U.S. They aim to provide practical information to help scrap professionals succeed in their business. They pay $600 to $1,000. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

The Earth Island Journal is a quarterly magazine that discusses the environment and how it relates to present-day issues. They pay 25 cents per word, and you can receive up to $1,000 for a feature. To learn more, make sure to read their full submission guidelines.

The Anne Magazine is a regional magazine covering Watenshaw county, which encompasses Ann Arbor Michigan. They pay $1,000 for centerpiece articles. They want “strongly written news features about Washtenaw County or about culture or trends from a Washtenaw perspective.” To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Seattle Magazine wants news-related stories about the city and region, civic and social issues, local travel, food news, home, interiors, and other lifestyle stories, arts and culture, home and garden, and front-of-book features. Query first. Word count: 1,500-3,500 for features; 1,200 for departments; 200-300 for very short pieces. Pay: $400-$1,000 for features; $350 for departments; $50-100 for very short pieces. Details here.

Outdoor California Magazine is part of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Editors are looking for “the best in both writing and photography” – articles focusing on CDFW efforts to protect and preserve the state’s natural resources and the wild life. Payment is $250-$1,000 for 500-2,000-word articles. To learn more, read the submissions guidelines: https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Publications/Outdoor-California/Submission-Guidelines

Providence is “a journal of Christianity and American foreign policy.” They publish articles on the intersection of Christianity and national security, foreign policy, political theory, etc. They pay $100 for 500-1,000 word articles on their website. They pay up to $1,000 for print articles. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Popular Mechanics –– The departments accepting freelance articles are Home Journal, Science/Technology/Aerospace, Boating/Outdoors, Electronics/Photography/Telecommunications and occasionally, general interest articles – the guidelines detail what they want in each department, and the magazine audience. Query first. Pay: $300 to over $1,000. Details here.

High Times publishes articles about marijuana cultivation and counterculture lifestyle. They have a special interest in marijuana legalization. They publish both in print and on their website. They pay $500-$1,000 for features. To learn more, read their$nbsp; submission guidelines.

Science Magazine covers news on science, science policy and issues that are of importance to the scientific community. They want “everything from 140-word news briefs to 2500-word features to investigative projects.” According to payment reports, they pay up to $1 per word, and sometimes more. To learn more, refer to this page.

Marie Claire is a fashion publication for women with “a point of view and a sense of humor.” They prefer story proposals instead of completed work. According to payment reports, they pay an average of $1 per word. To find out more, visit this page.

National Parks is an award-winning, quarterly magazine known for high-quality photography and writing. The magazine is published by the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), a non-profit group dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the National Park System. Reports indicate they pay $1 per word. To learn more, read their submission guidelines. Be sure to click “Downloads” on their guidelines page to access the file.

Eating Well focuses on all aspects of food and nutrition. Their motto is “Where Good Taste Meets Good Health,: and their articles reflect that. Their pieces take a scientific approach to food and provide advice on healthy eating. They’ve posted a list of columns that are suitable for freelancers, and they pay up to $1 per word. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.


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