20 Calls for Pitches Directly from Editors (Up to $500+ Per Article)

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Thanks to Fatima Saif for compiling this list.

68to05.com is a playlist and music archival project. They’re accepting essay pitches on albums released from 1975 to 1995. Rate is $350 per essay. For details, refer to this Twitter thread and this page.

Fancy Comma, LLC is “a science writing and digital communications company” that caters to science, health, business, finance, policy, and tech. They’re always looking for pitches. They’re especially seeking “novel stories not read anywhere else (for whatever reason).” Rate is $75 per article (800-1,200 words). To learn more, refer to this tweet and this page.

Yarrow Global is a feminist consulting organization that focuses on the intersection of gender, health, and the environment. They’re seeking contributors to write stories on gender, health, and the environment. Rates are $150 to $200 for 1,000-word stories. Send your pitches to sarahsax.yarrow@gmail.com. To read their tweet, click here. To visit their website, click here.

Opportunity to Write Twitter Threads / Live Tweets: “We’re looking for pitches for reported twitter threads. Do you cover public meetings? Are you knowledgeable about local governments, agenda items, how these items affect residents? We want to hear from reporters, community experts + advocates. Let us know what public meeting you want to cover, why, who is impacted by decisions in said meeting.” Rate is $150 per thread. If interested, send your thread pitches to mcastaneda@lapublicpress.org. For more information, refer to this Twitter thread.

Ride Texas Magazine is a quarterly print and digital travel magazine for Texas’ motorcyclists. Their readers and writers ride motorcycles. They’re accepting pitches for their 2023 Summer and Spring issues. While regionally focused, they’re “interested in all motorcycle makes, models, and riding styles.” They pay $100-$400 for articles and $0.10/word for blogs (300-500 words). They will not accept any article without quality photos. To learn more, refer to their women’s editor’s Twitter thread and their submission guidelines.

Anime Herald is a website that offers news, reviews, interviews, and commentary on anime and anime fandom. They’re looking for articles from freelance writers. They’re especially seeking articles that would work in their Fandom or Niche categories. Pay is $50 per article (1,000-2,000 words). Read their tweet here and their guidelines here. Submit your pitch here.

Autostraddle is an LGBTQ+ online sphere for women and non-binary people. Their culture editor is seeking personal narratives about money from Black queer/lesbian writers. They’re looking to assign the following pieces:

– “Saving up for surgeries, home, travel

– Mismatched finances w/ partner(s)

– Paying debts while still enjoying life

– Moving into a new income bracket”

They’re also open to other money-related pitches. Rate is $100 to $150 per piece (750 to 950 words). If interested, email shelli@autostraddle.com. To read their culture editor’s Twitter thread, click here. To visit their ‘contact’ page, click here.

Deadline: April 1st, 2023

VG247 is a website featuring news, reviews, guides, and opinions on video games. They’re seeking Mario pitches in April:

– “New angles on retro games

– Unique personal experiences w/ Mario titles

– Community stories

– Fun/weird dev tales, etc”

Rates are £120+. To learn more, refer to their features editor’s tweet and their ‘about us’ page.

Scalawag is a Black-led, woman-run website and magazine dedicated to the American South. They’re looking for submissions for their fourth-annual Abolition Week, during which they exclusively publish the work of incarcerated folks. This year, they’re expanding their focus to include folks affected by open-air prisons. They will offer a base rate of $800 to $1,500. To learn more, refer to this tweet. To pitch, refer to this page.

Deadline: April 9th, 2023

International Journalists’ Network (IJNet) offers the latest tips, training opportunities, trends, and tools for professional and emerging journalists. They’re seeking tips and tricks that will help journalists around the world. They will pay $200/article. Most of their freelancers work in English, but they have also added the opportunity to work in Spanish, Portuguese or Russian. Read their tweet here. Send your ideas here.

World Baseball Network covers baseball in the US and around the world. They’re looking for knowledgeable contributors. They have tweeted, “If you live outside the United States and want to pitch me a story about baseball where you are, you can email me at leif@worldbaseball.com – and if you live in the United States, you’re welcome to pitch me baseball stories that you think are interesting.” They will pay a minimum of $100 for short pieces and go up from there for features and deep analysis. Read their Twitter thread here. Learn more about them here.

Zocdoc is a tech company that offers a platform which connects patients and doctors. They’re seeking Zocdoc success stories (i.e. stories about successfully using Zocdoc to find a doctor and treatment). They will pay around $0.50/word. If interested, email amanda.svachula@zocdoc.com. To learn more, refer to this tweet and their ‘about’ page.

Viator Travel, a Tripadvisor company, is a marketplace for travel experiences. Their editor has posted two pitch calls: “I’m looking for a Pacific Islander writer with traditional tattoos to write a personal essay and a trans writer to talk about traveling while trans.” Base rate is $250. If interested, email lcocking@tripadvisor.com. To learn more, refer to this tweet and their ‘about’ page.

Unbothered is a platform by Refinery29 that celebrates Black voices and folx. They’re looking for Black freelance writers who are interested in style and culture. Rates begin at $500. If interested, send your bio and clips to r29.unbothered@vice.com. To learn more, refer to their Twitter thread.

Popular Mechanics is a source for tech, science, math, aerospace, military, and auto news. They’re looking for “writers familiar with more renovation subjects like generators, flood control etc in the home space.” They will pay $500. To learn more, refer to this tweet and their ‘about’ page.

Deadline: March 26th, 2023

Oregon Humanities Magazine is a triannual publication that “connects Oregonians to ideas that change lives and transform communities.” They’re open for submissions for their Summer 2023 issue. The theme of the issue is “Shelter.” They’re seeking “stories about home, sanctuary, and refuge of all kinds.” They pay $500-$1,000 per piece and only accept work by people who reside in Oregon. For more information, read their tweet and call for submissions.

Deadline: April 24th, 2023

The Independent Cinema Office is “the national organisation for the development and support of independent film exhibition throughout the UK.” They’re accepting pitches for articles about film exhibition for their blog. Some of the topics they’re interested in hearing about are:

– “Workforce issues in film exhibition

– Audience Development case studies

– Sharing stories of success in exhibition

– Broadening content on screen

– Improving the cinema experience

– Industry challenges”

Articles should be around 800 to 1,200 words. Rate will be 15p per word. To learn more, refer to this tweet and this page.

whynow is an online magazine and production studio that features stories from both emerging and established people in arts, music, and entertainment. They’re open for pitches. They’re seeking “great features, interviews, stories, and reviews in music, art, film and TV.” They pay £80-£150 for most of the pieces. If interested, email your pitches to editors@whynow.co.uk. For details, refer to their tweet and pitching guidelines.

Fare Forward is “a Christian review of ideas.” They’re accepting pitches for their print issue, On Waiting Well. They welcome “philosophical and theological reflections on waiting, personal stories from the patient and impatient alike, and creative interpretations of the theme.” They will pay $200 per essay (around 2,000 words). Send your pitches to fareforwardjournal@gmail.com. For more information, refer to their Twitter thread and submission guidelines.

Deadline: March 27th, 2023

Jewish Currents is “a magazine committed to the rich tradition of thought, activism, and culture of the Jewish left.” They’re accepting pitches for their Winter 2023 themed issue. The issue will focus on the state of Florida. They’re seeking “reported features, investigations, profiles, conversations, and essays.” They will pay at least: $400 for analysis and review pieces, $500 for news reports, $300 for long conversations, $150 for short conversations, and $1,000 for in-depth web features. They will pay $1/word for print features. To learn more, refer to their tweet, call for pitches, and freelancer agreement.

Deadline: April 24th, 2023


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