17 Magazines that Pay for Writing About History

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Elizabeth Yetter

It is no secret that breaking into history writing can take some time and patience, especially since there are a limited amount of online and offline places that publish history pieces. Using the following list of history publishers, you can find the right outlets for your writing style and favorite historical interests.

The magazines and websites require writers to provide reputable sources for their information. Photos and illustrations are also sometimes required. Make sure that you read through all of the writers’ guidelines before submitting an article or pitch to increase your changes of getting published.

American Spirit Magazine

American Spirit Magazine is a print magazine published by the Daughters of the American Revolution. They want articles that focus on American history, from the Colonial period to the 1820s. They are particularly interested in history that focuses on women and they accept queries that offer unique perspectives into the past.
Length: No length requirements given.
Pay: Pay is on acceptance for the amount agreed upon.
Writers’ Guidelines: https://www.dar.org/national-society/american-spirit-magazine/writers-and-contributors


Archaeology is a print magazine that publishes articles about new historical discoveries and reevaluations of old theories relating to ancient and recent history. Most of their contributions come from freelance writers and they prefer to receive story pitches. They do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.
Length: Discuss with editor.
Pay: Pay is on acceptance for the amount agreed upon.
Writers’ Guidelines: https://www.archaeology.org/writer-s-guidelines

Atlas Obscura

An online resource that publishes original, well-researched articles about the history of different places and events. An editorial calendar is on their guidelines page that provides a basic list of what they are looking for. They prefer article pitches.
Length: To be discussed with editor.
Pay: Competitive rates.
Writers’ Guidelines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/148yIs0J9bsmN3guV9arbundXjvZAL_OLUk4BywX9tm4/edit


Cracked publishes listicles online that cover a vast amount of subjects, including history. They prefer to publish articles that are humorous, shocking, and even gross. Fortunately, history provides us with plenty of examples in all three categories.
Length: Work with editor for final word count.
Pay: $150 per article. After you have published 4 articles, your pay increased to $250 per article.
Writers’ Guidelines: http://www.cracked.com/write-for-cracked/

Early American Life

Early American Life is a print magazine that want history articles about life in early America, from America’s discovery to the mid-1800s. They seek articles about unusual events and want articles about the grit of early American life. They are not interested in dry retellings of history and want articles that are entertaining as well as factual.
Length: 2,500
Pay: About $500 for writer’s first feature.
Writers’ Guidelines: https://www.ealonline.com/editorial/guidelines.php

History Magazine

History Magazine is a print magazine. They do not want dry, academic writing. Instead, they want interesting articles written about historical events, from the fall of the Roman Empire to the 1950s. They accept queries only.
Length: 2,000
Pay: $0.08/word
Writers’ Guidelines: http://www.history-magazine.com/anotes.html


Listverse publishes Top 10 listicles that cover the bizarre, entertainment, lifestyle, science, society, and more. Many of their published history articles are about infamous people, strange happenings, and the gross parts of history that make readers shudder. They avoid dry material and actively seek the unusual.
Length: 1,800+
Pay: $100
Writers’ Guidelines: http://listverse.com/write-get-paid/

Naval History

Naval History is a print magazine published by the U.S. Naval Institute. They are a tough market to break into and prefer to receive queries from freelance writers.
Length: Max. Length is 3,000 words.
Pay: $60 to $150 per published page.
Writers’ Guidelines: https://www.usni.org/membership/naval-history-author-guidelines#payment

New Mexico Magazine

A monthly print magazine that is geared towards tourists coming to New Mexico. They do publish history articles about New Mexico as long as there is information on how to visit the historical site in the present day. They prefer to receive proposals.
Length: To be discussed with editor.
Pay: $0.35 to $0.40/word
Writers’ Guidelines: https://www.newmexico.org/nmmagazine/contributor-guidelines/

Our State

Our State is a print magazine that publishes articles on the “people, places, culture, and history of North Carolina.” They prefer to receive a 1-2 paragraph query about the article you would like to write. View their Editorial Calendar to create a proposal that will fit into their schedule.
Length: 1,500
Pay: Pay is on acceptance for the amount agreed upon.
Writers’ Guidelines: https://www.ourstate.com/contributor-guidelines/

Pennsylvania Heritage

A print magazine covering the history and heritage of Pennsylvania. Articles can be about local archaeology, architecture, historic sites, military history, natural history, and even oral history. They prefer to receive completed manuscripts.
Length: 2,000 to 3,500
Pay: $250 to $500
Writers’ Guidelines: https://paheritage.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Pennsylvania-Heritage-Submission-Guidelines.pdf

Renaissance Magazine

Renaissance Magazine is a print magazine that publishes history articles covering the Renaissance and Middle Ages. They accept queries and full submissions. A feature article need at least 6 images to be published with the article.
Length: 1,200 – 2,000
Pay: $150
Writers’ Guidelines: https://renaissancemagazine.com/submit-content/

Smithsonian Magazine

The Smithsonian accepts proposals from “established freelance writers.” When sending in your pitch for a history article, you must supply links to previously published works.
Length: Generally around 800 to 1,800 words.
Pay: While no pay is listed on their website, other sources say they pay $0.17/word or more.
Print Magazine Pitches: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/contact/article-submit-print-magazine/
Website Pitches: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/contact/article-submit-website/

Today I Found Out

Today I Found Out publishes interesting history facts. They do not want dry material and the article must appeal to a wide range of readers.
Length: No length is listed on their website, but a word count check on recently published articles shows that they typically published articles that are 1,500 to 1,800 words.
Pay: If interested in your article, they will buy it from you.
Writers’ Guidelines: http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/write-for-us/

True West

A print magazine that publishes history articles about the American West, from 1800 to 1912. They want articles that are exciting and dramatically real. Article proposals are accepted via Dropbox.
Length: 1,500
Pay: $0.25/word
Writers’ Guidelines: https://www.truewestmagazine.com/submission-guidelines/


A print magazine that specifically focuses on Australian history during times of war. They accept articles from both amateurs and professionals, and demand an engaging writing style. No dry content. Requests proposals.
Length: 1,000 to 2,000
Pay: $300 per 1,000 words
Writers’ Guidelines: https://www.awm.gov.au/wartime/submissions/

Wonderful West Virginia

Wonderful West Virginia is a print magazine that publishes articles that cover state history, cultural heritage, and interesting people of the region. They prefer to receive article proposals as opposed to fully written articles.
Length: 1,500
Pay: $150
Writers’ Guidelines: http://www.wonderfulwv.com/Guidelines/Pages/default.aspx


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