15 Calls for Pitches Directly from Editors & Publishers (Up to $1 Per Word)

Dear Writers,

Here’s our latest roundup of calls for pitches, directly from editors and publishers.

We’ve researched payment rates and found contact information for all of these publishers. You’ll note that many of these pay up to $1 per word, though payment rates vary significantly, and may need to be negotiated.

Please do not a send a pitch to these publications unless you’re confident you know how to send a high quality pitch. If you’re not confident yet, please watch this free lecture: How to Win Over an Editor in 150 Words or Less.

— Jacob Jans

Thanks to Fatima Saif for her research on this article.

Patagonia is an outdoor apparel company. They are recognized internationally for their commitment to environmental activism. Their managing editor has tweeted, “Call for pitches! Looking for stories for the Patagonia spring journal: the CLEAN issue. What is clean? Clean fun. Cleaned up. Cleaned through. Clean clothes for dirty work. Eat clean. Clean waters! Clean air! Clean smoke? Clean smoke!” They are especially looking for “stories about rad ways to keep waters healthy and full of fish for generations to come.” They will pay $1 per word. If interested, DM their managing editor on Twitter. To read their managing editor’s Tweet, click here. To visit their website, click here.

Nat Geo Travel’s associate editor has tweeted, “Shopping for pitches again! Looking for a smart Juneteenth + Travel story for Nat Geo. Something that adds to the conversation. I don’t have a specific angle in mind so out of the box thinking is encouraged.” Pay will be about $1,000 for 1,200 to 1,500 words. Pitches should be sent to starlight.williams@natgeo.com. Read their associated editor’s Tweet here and their pitching guidelines here.

Adobe is a computer software company. Their content editor is looking for “art-focused writers with true fluency in at least one creative cloud product.” They will pay $1 per word. If interested, DM their content editor on Twitter. To read their content editor’s Tweet, click here. To visit their website, click here.

Vice is a digital media and broadcasting company. They are seeking personal essays from young writers in Asia: “Blood may be thicker than water but let’s not kid ourselves, families can be HARD (wwyd if your parents passed racist comments?) — looking for writers who don’t think twice about calling out their families.” According to their features editor, their baseline rate is $0.50 per word. To learn more, refer to this Twitter thread. To contact them, refer to this page.

Future of Good features stories, innovations, trends, and insights about social impact in Canada. They are looking for personal essay submissions (900 to 1,200 words) by “mothers who work in social impact who are fighting for a family-friendly culture and open to sharing their story.” They will pay $0.60 per word. If interested, send your submissions to kylie@futureofgood.co. Read their Tweet here and their call for submissions here.

Deadline: May 13th, 2021

Opportunity for a finance writer to write for a real estate startup. Tweet: “Looking for a freelance writer in the personal finance space. Real estate and credit related experience.” Their budget for 3 blog posts (about 800 words each) is $0.50 per word. To learn more, refer to this Tweet.

Opportunity to write first-person essays for October/November and December issues of a Northeast-based food and cooking magazine. The theme is “the thing/tradition/recipe/ingredient that gets your Stamp of Approval.” Rate is $400/350-450 words. For more information, refer to this Tweet.

Post45 Contemporaries provides a “forum for writers to converse with one another more directly and informally than in traditional academic publications.” Their guest editor is looking for pitches on tabletop roleplaying games (TRPGs) and longform storytelling. She is looking for 500 to 2,000-word dialogues, manifestos, interviews, and think pieces from creators, fans, mods, and voices across the community. Rate: $300 per piece. To learn more, refer to their guest editor’s Twitter thread and this page.

Deadline: October 1st, 2021

5 Media is an impact media foundation that connects “thinkers and doers to co-create a more sustainable future.” They are looking for story pitches. They have tweeted, “We’re on the hunt for stories about the fashion business, and its impact on people and planet. What can be done to make fashion fairer and more sustainable? Who’s out there doing things to make a positive difference right now?” Rates start at €40 per 100 words. If interested, DM their senior journalist on Twitter. To learn more, refer to their Twitter thread. To contact them, refer to this page.

Input is a tech publication. They are looking for freelancers to work with them on “a regular basis on reviews, how-tos, and guides.” Rates: “Some of the shorter guides / reviews are $250-400 per piece depending on length, and some of these roles may end up as part time at roughly $20-30 an hour depending on experience.” If interested, email pitches@inputmag.com. To learn more, refer to this Twitter thread. To contact them, refer to this page.

Empire Magazine is a British movie magazine. Their news editor is seeking story pitches for the Take 20 section, for the issue on sale June 10th, 2021. They are looking for angles on upcoming films, unique perspectives for opinion pieces, and “ideas on how to respond to recent events/announcements/debates in film news.” They will pay 35p per word. If interested, send your pitches to john@empiremagazine.com. Read their news editor’s Twitter thread here and learn more about them here.

The Liberty Project encourages “new conversations about the evolving definition of what it means to be an American.” They are seeking a freelance writer to provide around 2 articles per month on major news and social issues. They prefer “an activism and justice-oriented perspective.” They will pay $100 to $250 per article. If interested, email pitches@popdust.com. Read their Twitter thread here and learn more about them here.

Wargamer is a website that publishes news, guides, and reviews of tabletop games and digital wargames. They are looking for new freelancers, especially BIPOC tabletop games writers. They will pay £150 for a full 1,000+ words guide commission (plus images). If interested, send your pitches to alex.evans@wargamer.com. Read their Tweet here and learn more about them here.

Next City is a nonprofit news organization that reports on “equitable economic development, urban policy and design, planning, transportation, environmental justice and sustainability, arts and culture and tech.” Their current funding portfolio specifies that they cover mostly US cities but occasionally they can accommodate international coverage as well. They accept pitches for shorter “daily” pieces (800-1,200 words) and weekly features (around 3,000 words). They also accept pitches for op-eds (maximum length: 1,200 words). They pay $100 for op-eds and $300 for other pieces. For more information, read their senior editor’s Twitter thread and their pitch guide.

Well+Good covers fitness, cutting-edge nutrition, natural beauty, travel, and more. For Pride Month, they are seeking “pitches from LGBTQ+ writers for personal essays on the theme of love in all its forms.” Rates start at $250. Pitches should be sent to james.thilman@wellandgood.com. For details, read their managing editor’s Tweet and their pitching guidelines.

Deadline: May 4th, 2021


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