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Zerys, also known as Interact Media, is a content production platform. Or, to be blunt, a content mill. Presently, there are 30,000 writers, 1,500 agencies and 11,000 marketers utilizing the Zerys content platform. Once accepted as a writer, you are given access to a job board, which displays writing projects. If you’re looking for another company with decent writing jobs, this is one to add to your list. It’s not perfect, but can be well worth your time. Read below to find out why.

How are writers paid and what is the pay structure?
Writers are paid through Paypal on the 1st and 15th of each month. Pay rates vary greatly depending on the clients who are posting the jobs. However, your ranking as a writer will give you access to a larger number of jobs, including those that pay more. Writers are rated anywhere from a 2 to a 5, with 5 being the best. Jobs generally range from $0.1 to $0.35 a word. You as a writer can set your own rate for direct assignments. Zerys will 30 percent of your earnings for all jobs.

How To Sign Up For the Zerys Writing Platform
Signing up for Zerys is not necessarily difficult but is time-consuming and drawn out. Your first step will be to give Zerys your contact information, including your email. After this step, you will be sent an email that directs you back to the writer dashboard. Once you arrive here, you will complete a list of tasks including updating your contact information and your password, then you will sign a term and service agreement and enter your Paypal information. After this step, you complete your writer profile and select your expertise categories, which are the fields in which you have the most experience. Finally, you submit a sample content piece that will be reviewed by the editors and help determine your rating as an author.

How To Get Writing Jobs on Zeryz

  • Open job board:

The open job board is a place where clients can post any job with the pay rate they choose. Clients can also limit the writers who have access to their jobs by expertise fields and a writer’s rating.

  • Favorite job board:

This board works similarly to the open board. However, the favorite board is open to less writers, those being the writers on a client’s favorite’s list.

  • Direct assignment:

The third and final way you can gain access to jobs on Zerys is the direct assignment. This is an order that a client will send directly to you and no one else. Keeping quality in mind is wise even when completing open board orders, because many clients use the open board as a way to test out writers who they will then place on their favorite’s list or send direct assignments.

General tips for writers:
Writers who have experience writing for Zerys often look at a client’s decline and revision rate before agreeing to work with them. Although this will not always help you avoid having to deal with difficult clients, it can reduce your chances of having problems. Of course, you may work well with a client with whom another author had trouble. Therefore, it’s best to ultimately use your own judgment.

Zerys reputation among writers is a quality content production platform with some issues. One major complaint is the low pay. Since clients can assign their own price to any work, they can make their pay rate extremely low. Although there are those clients who are willing to pay more for quality work, there are many who just want the content as cheap as possible.

Secondly, unlike other platforms, you can have a piece of content rejected or part of your article rejected. This means that you could write a 500 word article and the client could only accept 200 words, meaning you will only be paid for a 200 word article.

On Zerys, a writer’s experience greatly depends on the clients. Working with a client who is easy to work with, fair and willing to pay for quality will be a lucrative partnership. However, those clients that arbitrarily reject work, give vague instructions, or are extremely cheap and unwilling to pay a writer what they are worth are difficult to work with. Therefore, your experience at Zerys will likely fluctuate from positive to negative depending on the clients with whom you are working at the time.

Conclusion: Is Zerys a good site to work for?
When it comes to content mills, Zerys is one of the better platforms. However, if you are new to content creation, this platform could be a bit intimidating thanks to the fact that clients have so much power over a writer’s success. At similar content companies, editors have the final word, and therefore, a difficult client cannot affect your earning potential by rejecting work. In addition, Zerys editors can take as long as 14 days to review work, so there is sometimes quite a delay in between when you do the work and when you get paid for it.

In the freelance writing world, having many eggs in your basket is necessary to survive the slow times during the year when the demand for content creation lessens. Therefore, Zerys is a good egg to have in your basket, but should not be your only means of income.

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