10 Websites that Pay Writers $200+ Per Article

Happy new year to freelance writers!

As part of our weekly roundup of paid writing opportunities, we’ve found ten websites that pay writers up to $200 or more per article. We’ve found payment rates, contact information, and submission guidelines for these publishers, when available.

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– Jacob Jans

Thanks to Fatima Saif for her research on this article.

  1. Bitterroot is an online weekly magazine that covers the politics, economy, environment, and culture of the Western U.S. They publish longform features, photo essays, and news and analysis. According to one payment report, they paid $0.29 per word for a 1,200-word feature. To contact them, visit this page.
  2. EGM is a website about video games. They are looking for gaming stories. Their focus is on feature stories in 3 main categories which are: reporting, profiles, and perspectives. They also publish scored reviews. According to their website, they pay competitive rates. One payment report indicates payment of $0.15 per word for a feature of about 2,700 words. To contribute, refer to this page.
  3. The Ken is a digital publication that publishes one story from India every week day. In terms of subject matter, they are focused on “technology (spanning fintech, Big Tech, SaaS, and telecom), startups (EVs, food tech, etc.), science, healthcare, retail, and education.” They want original, analytical, fact-based, and well narrated stories. Their preferred story length is 1,500 to 2,500 words. They also accept multimedia and data visualisations-led stories. For regular stories, they pay $0.25 per word. For data stories, they pay $50 per chart. They pay a 25% kill fee. Details here.
  4. Toggl is a time tracking software for small businesses and freelancers. They cover productivity and time management related topics on their blog. According to one payment report, they paid $0.23 per word for a 1,500-word piece. If you want to write about Toggl, send an email to press@toggl.com. To learn more about them, visit this page.
  5. Africa Science News Service is a website that covers science and technology with an African eye. According to payment reports, they pay an average of $0.56 per word. To contact them, refer to this page.
  6. Whisky Advocate is a whisky publication that is a source of news, recipes, reviews, and videos for whisky enthusiasts. They are looking for writers (with expertise in whiskies and spirits) for their web stories. Their average rate for 700 to 800 words is $300. For details, refer to their editor’s Twitter post. To contact them, visit this page.
  7. Groovewallet highlights the lighter side of money, and clarifies the mysteries and misinformation around it. They are looking for “practical, actionable advice on money management, making money, and case studies and stories.” They mainly write about different ways of making and saving money, and budgeting and costs. They also publish entertaining articles e.g. net worths of famous people. They pay $100 to $200 per article. For details, refer to this page.
  8. Al-Monitor is a website that provides in-depth coverage of the Middle East. They want original articles (of no more than 1,000 words). Writers should send a pitch first. According to one payment report, they paid $0.19 per word for a 1,300-word news story. For details, read their submission guidelines.
  9. Public Finance International (PFI) features news, opinion, insight, and events for public finance professionals around the world. It is published by Redactive Media Group on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA). It is a sister publication to Public Finance (which caters to the UK audience). According to one payment report, they paid £360 per piece. To contact them, refer to this page.


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