10 Publishers that Pay $250 Per Article


This is a list of mostly high-paying writers markets. It may take more pitching to “get your foot in the door” – but the results are worth of all the hard work! As usual, study guidelines carefully because some editors prefer to work only with local writers. The next important issue, find out what rights you sell to the editor and whether you will be ale to resell your article. Selling reprints is a good revenue source, and the best part of this extra income – you don’t have to write the manuscript, you only need to market it. If you have questions to the editor of your targeted publication, do not hesitate to ask. (I usually put “Question” in the subject line of my e-mail). If editors consider simultaneous submissions, send your article to several appropriate publications and try to mix high-paying markets with lower-paying ones. Submitting your manuscript simultaneously will increase your queries’ acceptance rate. Remember: Perseverance is the key to your freelance success! — Tatiana Claudy

Reader’s Digest Australia is a monthly general interest magazine (the Australian counterpart of the American Reader’s Digest). Editors look for true original stories in a variety of departments: from a long feature article to a short anecdote. Contributors should send the complete manuscripts. NOTE: This publication works primarily with Australian writers.
All submissions, on payment and publication in the magazine, become property of Reader’s Digest Australia.

Payment is $400 for My Story (800-1,000 words) and $50-$200 for departments (100-500 words). To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: http://www.readersdigest.com.au/terms-and-conditions/submission-guidelines.

Alaska Business Monthly is a monthly publication whose audience is interested in business affairs of the 49th state. Its content covers an objective and detailed analysis of trends in Alaska’s businesses. Editors look for informative features on companies and individuals shaping and influencing the state’s economy. Contributors should submit 3 samples of their published articles (not blogs or self-published pieces).

Editors buy all rights to articles.

Payment is up to $500 for features (up to 2,500 words) (payment information can be found in Writer’s Market 2018). To learn more, read writers’ guidelines:


Rock & Gem is a monthly publication, “the leading magazine for rockhounding and lapidary hobbyists.” Editors look for the following articles: field trips, step-by-step lapidary projects, club activities, gold prospecting, lapidary skills for all levels of lapidary enthusiasts, profiles of lapidary artists, and education pieces for beginning rock collectors.

According to writer’s guidelines, “Rock & Gem contributors understand that their submission is a work for hire, and that by signing the independent contractor agreement they grant U.S. copyright and all rights in it to the Company (Beckett Media).”

Payment is $250 for a feature (2,000-3,000 words) plus 8-10 quality, high-resolution photos and a list of full-sentence, informative captions. To learn more, read writers’ guidelines:



Notre Dame Magazine is a quarterly publication of the University of Notre Dame. Its content includes variety of cultural issues, alumni activities, people and trends, and material addressed to the Catholic segment of the magazine’s audience. Editors look for stories that are written in first-person and cover different subjects – “some topical, some personal, some serious, some light.”

Editors buy first serial and electronic rights.

Payment is $250-$300 for features (2,000-4,000 words) (payment information can be found in Writer’s Market 2018). To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: https://magazine.nd.edu/about/writers-guidelines/.

Flight Journal is a bimonthly magazine. Its content includes aviation-oriented material –articles written from a historical point of view and modern reporting on “history in the making.” In their guidelines, editors stated, that their goal is to “sing the note no one else is singing.”

Accepts simultaneous submissions

Payment is $600 for features (2,500–3,000 words). Color photographs are purchased separately unless a bundled fee is negotiated. To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: https://www.flightjournal.com/contributors-guidelines/.

Scouting is a bimonthly publication of Boy Scouts of America. Editors look for articles on scouting activity – “anything involving Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, or Venturers having fun and growing as young adults is fair game.”

Editors accept simultaneous submissions and reprints.

Payment $300-$500 for a short piece (500-700 words) and $650-$800 for a feature (up to 1,200 words) (this information can be found in Writer’s Market 2018). To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: https://scoutingmagazine.org/contact/story-idea/.

LabMice.net is a website whose editors look for original articles (white papers, how-to’s, field notes, best practices, and lessons learns) on the following topics: Windows 2000 Administration, Computer Security, Technical Project Management, etc. Editors stated in the guidelines, “We want ‘real world’ documents, and not things that are easily found in any textbooks.”

All published articles become the property of LabMice.net. Editors consider original articles.

Payment begins at $0.25 per word (based on the final, edited word count) for a feature (1,000- 1,500 words). To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: http://labmice.techtarget.com/submit.htm.

Today’s Parent is a Canadian monthly magazine. Editors look for articles on health, behavior, relations, food, and other topics of interest for parents. Editors focus on Canadian content and use Canadians writers.

Payment is $1,500-$2,200 for features (1,800-2,500 words) (payment information can be found in Writer’s Market 2018). To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: https://www.todaysparent.com/contact-us/.

Woman’s World magazine is a weekly publication. Its content includes human interest stories, and also material on relationship, health, weight-loss, and other issues of interest for family-oriented women.

Payment is $250 for a true personal story (send the completed story to WWFeatures@WomansWorldMag.com). Look for other submission options at https://www.womansworld.com/p/contact.

Woman’s World publishes short fiction – romances and mini-mysteries (Solve-It-Yourself) – and buys all rights to published fiction. For fiction submissions, contact Fiction editor Patricia Gaddis (Fiction@womansworldmag.com).

Payment is $800 for a romance (800 words) and $500 for a mystery (700 words). Guidelines for fiction are provided upon request (sent to DearWW@WomansWorldMag.com) or can be found at http://womansworldstyle.blogspot.com/2012/10/womans-world-fiction-guidelines.html.

Contract Management is a monthly magazine published by National Contract Management Association. Its content includes various issues of interest to contract management professionals: case studies, insights, problems, best practices, how-to, opinions, and applications. Editors look for articles covering personal experience and lessons learned.

Editors accept simultaneous submissions. Contributors should provide published clips with queries and check 2018 Editorial Calendar:



Payment is $300 for features (1,800-4,000 words) and columns (1,500-2,000 words)

(payment information can be found in Writer’s Market 2018).




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