10 Publishers Paying Writers $300+ Per Article

Writers! Every week we find publications that pay writers, write short descriptions of them, and send the opportunities to our readers.

This week, we’ve found quite a few such publications. Here are eight of ten of them, covering a wide variety of topics.

If you don’t know how to approach these publishers, please read this first.

  1. The Local is an independent magazine that explores urban health and social issues in Toronto. They are always seeking “smart Toronto pitches.” They pay about $1,500 for short features. For details, refer to this Twitter post by their features editor.
  2. The Surfer’s Journal is a bi-monthly, reader-supported surf publication. They are always seeking writers, photographers, artists, and surfers to introduce them to new areas of interest. Payment reports indicate that they pay up to $0.60 per word. To learn more, visit this page.
  3. Columbia Insight is an online publication that “publishes news and feature stories about the Columbia River Basin environmental challenges, the people and places affected, and the successes.” According to their Twitter post, their starting rate for freelancers for a 750 to 1,000 word article is $250. They top out at $350. To contact them, refer to this page.
  4. Study Hall is “a media newsletter & online support network for media workers.” They are looking for “media criticism, reported media-adjacent stories, etc.” They especially encourage pitches from trans, queer, and people color. They pay $100 to $500+ per piece. To learn more, refer to this Twitter thread.
  5. Business Airport International Magazine is “the quarterly industry guide to business airports, FBOs and ground support partners aimed to helping readers discover new partners, routes and destinations.” According to one payment report, they paid £200 to £250 for a feature of 1,000 words. Contact them here.
  6. Modern Railways is a magazine that provides news, views, and analysis on the British railway network. According to one payment report, they paid £370 for a 2,000-word article. To contact them, visit this page.
  7. Honeybadger is an error monitoring company that helps developers find and fix bugs quicker. They are looking for developers to create several series of articles. A series will consist of 3 to 5 stand-alone articles of 500 to 1,000 words each. Payment for one article will start at $500. Payment will be higher for longer pieces. For details, visit this page.
  8. London Review of Books is Europe’s leading magazine of culture and ideas. They publish twice a month. Each issue of the magazine contains poems, reviews, reportage, memoirs, letters, ‘short cuts’, and a diary. They accept unsolicited submissions as well as proposals. Payment reports indicate that they pay up to $0.60 per word. For details, visit this page.
  9. Lacuna is “an online magazine that exposes injustice and promotes human rights.” They specialize in environment, equality, politics, migration, food poverty, and conflict. They “welcome unsolicited submissions and proposals from both new and established writers.” They publish features of at least 3,000 words and shorter essays of 1,500 to 3,000 words. One payment report indicates payment of £400 for a 3,000-word piece. For details, visit this page.
  10. East Bay Express is an alternative weekly newspaper for Oakland, Berkeley, and the greater East Bay. They provide coverage of local politics, arts, culture, music, theater, events, and food and drink. According to one payment report, they paid $0.25 per word for a 2,000-word feature. To send a pitch, refer to this page.


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