10 Magazines that Pay Writers $150 Per Article

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These magazines and websites accept articles on food, travel, politics, the arts, tutorials on design/graphic and on web development, articles about the woodlands, time, profit and marketing hacks, Renaissance Faires, history, and sailing. Some also accept reviews, fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Most of these magazines pay up to $150, a few pay more. Some of these are regional opportunities.   –– S. Kalekar
Midwest LivingThis is a bimonthly lifestyle magazine focusing on the American Midwest. Articles focus on travel, food, home and garden. They are not interested in personal essays, vacation stories, humor, nostalgia, or routine pieces on familiar destinations.
Length: 100-1,000 words
Pay: Up to $150 for writers working with them for the first time
Details here.

Newcity They want timely, magazine-style stories about Chicago, its culture, or topics of interest to the urban dweller. They like stories about politics, the arts, social affairs and social policy. They like a sense of humor, and seldom publish stories about national or international affairs.
Length: 1,500-5,000 words for print features; 450-750 words for arts features; 350 words for reviews
Pay: $75-150 for print features; $15-50 for short items; $15 for web articles
Details here.

Northern WoodlandsTheir audience consists of conservation-minded people with an interest in all aspects of the forests of the Northeast. Topics could include woodlot management, wildlife species, scat, chainsaw maintenance, woodworking, and reflections on natural landscapes.  They work with both new and established writers, but specify that the more editorial work they have to do, the less they will pay. They prefer pitches to completed articles.
Length: Various for columns; unspecified for features
Pay: $0.10/word for writers new to the magazine, for features; $25-150 for columns, reviews and poetry.
Details here.

Tutorial BoardThey want tutorials to produce an impressive effect/design/graphic. They want people skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Autodesk Maya or any other industry standard CG software to write tutorials.
Length: Unspecified
Pay: Up to $150
Details here.

ScotchThey want tutorials on web development – on Angular, React, Vue, Node and Laravel. They also want content, including guides and courses.
Length: Unspecified
Pay: Up to $150
Details here.

B Michelle PippinThis website accepts articles from people who are experts in something business-related; from those who have a time, profit or marketing hack that will help increase income, impact or influence. Articles should be instructive, with actionable takeaways for readers. The editor is particularly interested in certain topics, including making sales and making money using Google +, making sales and money using YouTube, savvy tax tips and productivity secrets. They want to know about the writers via a Web form, and do not want complete articles.
Length:  Unspecified
Pay: $50-150
Details here.

Renaissance MagazineThey want articles on history, travel, Renaissance Faires, the SCA and related reenactment groups, and interviews with artists, artisans, performers, reenactors, and scholars. They also accept book reviews (historical fiction and non-fiction), and music CDs and CD reviews.
Length: 1,200-2,000 for features; 200-1,000 words for columns
Pay: $150 for features; $20-50 for columns
Details here.

Northern BreezesThis sailing magazine focuses on the Great Lakes and Midwest sailing community. Topics of interest include sailing destinations, local sailors, racing, boat maintenance, cruising, day sailing, boat buying, vacation trips and reviews of boats, books and products. Articles relating to the region have a better chance of getting accepted.
Length: Up to 2,000 words
Pay: $50-150; $25 for book reviews
Details here.

The New QuarterlyThis magazine publishes work by Canadian writers. They accept fiction, non-fiction and poetry. They have a range of features that focus on the writing life. Mailed submissions only.
Length: Up to 6,000 words
Pay: CAD250 for non-fiction and fiction, CAD40 for poetry or a postscript story
Details here.

Ruminate MagazineThey publish non-fiction, fiction and poetry, a blog and a column. The non-fiction reading period is 1 January-14 May, and fiction submissions open on 16 February.
Length: Up to 5,500 words for fiction and non-fiction; up to 5 poems
Pay: $17/400 words for prose, $17/page of poetry
Details here.


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