10 Magazines & Sites that Pay Writers $300+ Per Word

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Here’s a variety of publishers that pay up to $300 or more for the writing they publish. Topics include video games, gardening, news, travel, politics, urban design, and more.

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(Thanks to Fatima Saif for her research on this article.)

Midwest Living is a regional magazine covering the 12 states of the Midwest U.S. They have a circulation of 925,000, and reports indicate they pay up to $1.25 a word. New writers should expect $150 for a short “scouting” assignment or website article. To learn more, read this interview with their editor, and their submission guidelines.
Forbes is a global media company that covers business, lifestyle, leadership, entrepreneurship, and technology. According to one payment report, they paid $2.00 per word for a 3,000-word profile or interview. To contact them, visit this page.
Politico Magazine features “ambitious, distinctive journalism about the people, ideas, and institutions that matter most in Washington—and beyond.” They are always seeking smart and timely journalism aimed at people with a deep interest in politics. Payment reports indicate that they pay up to $0.43 per word. To learn how to pitch them, visit this page.
Lonely Planet is a travel media company. They “enable curious travelers to experience the world and get to the heart of a place via guides to every destination on the planet, an award-winning website with booking capabilities, a suite of mobile digital products and a dedicated traveler community.” According to one payment report, they paid €290 for a travel feature of 1,000 words. To contribute, refer to this page.
Wirecutter is a product review site owned by The New York Times Company. They cover electronics, home appliances, travel gear, home and garden tools, kitchen and dining products, money management and personal finance, office gear and supplies, and much more. According to one payment report, they paid $0.28 per word. Contact them here.
Thinking City is a website that features news, stories, discussions, and events that explore urban life, the built environment, and inclusive cities. According to one payment report, they paid £200 for an 800-word piece. To contact them, refer to this page.
Canadian Healthcare Technology is a print and digital magazine that covers the latest news in healthcare technology. They publish 8 times a year. They welcome “articles from healthcare providers and companies with innovative solutions.” They particularly “like to profile how new technologies and methods are making an impact on the delivery of care in hospitals and long-term care centres, and by home-care providers.” One payment report indicates payment of $300 for a reported story of 900 words. For details, read their writers’ guidelines.
Modern Gardens is the United Kingdom’s best-selling lifestyle gardening magazine. They publish monthly. They help their readers create a more beautiful outdoor space. They feature real reader gardens, easy tips, craft ideas, shopping trends, and simple upcycling projects. One payment report indicates payment of £300 for 4 pages and images. Another payment report indicates payment of £325 for 6 pages and images. To contact them, refer to this page.
Newsday is a website and daily newspaper that offers the latest news on Long Island. They cover news, business, sports, real estate, travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and more. According to one payment report, they paid $300 for a 700-word reported story on real estate and architecture. To contact them, visit this page.
Wireframe Magazine is a fortnightly print magazine about video game development. They are always looking for great writers for their magazine. According to one payment report, they paid £80 per page (300 words per page) for a feature. For details, refer to this page.


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