10 Calls for Submission: $50+ Per Story

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These fiction markets pay up to $50 for fiction, and a few pay considerably more. They are open for submissions, or have deadlines approaching soon, or have short submission periods coming up. – S. Kalekar

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly
This is a quarterly ezine dedicated to publishing heroic fantasy — in both prose and poetry. Their guidelines say, “We are unrepentant in our goal of elevating unapologetic sword and sorcery to a rightful high place.”
Deadline: 30 September 2018
Length: Up to 10,000 words; up to 30 pages of poetry
Pay: $100 for short stories, $25 for poems (see guidelines for details)
Details here.
Escape Artists
Escape Artists is currently open to works by women and non-binary writers who identify as women, in a call they have named ‘Artemis Rising’. They are currently accepting work for all of their podcasts: for science fiction, Escape Pod; for fantasy, PodCastle; for horror, PseudoPod; and for young adult works, Cast of Wonders (also see their flash fiction contest guidelines).
Deadline: 30 September 2018
Length: Up to 6,000 words (see individual guidelines)
Pay: $0.06/word
Details here and in the links above.
The editor is looking for fantasy, dark fantasy, sword and sorcery, ghost, horror, heroic fantasy, science fantasy, or just plain odd stories.
Reading period: 15-31 October 2018
Length: Up to 10,000 words
Pay: $5 per 1,000 words
Details here.
Goal Publications: Coffee anthology
Goal Publications publishes furry fiction. For this anthology, their guidelines say, “While your story may have a central theme that does not directly involve coffee, coffee must share the spotlight.” Despite the coffee theme, they are not looking for stories in the “Fox in Starbucks” trope. Human characters are allowed, and can even be main characters. As with all work by this press, stories must utilize the anthropomorphism of the furry characters to their full extent. See guidelines for further details on the theme, and suggestions on the kind of stories they are looking for.
Deadline: 14 November 2018
Length: 3,000-12,000 words
Pay: $0.0075/word
Details here (scroll down).
Copper Nickel
This award-winning literary journal accepts poetry, fiction, essays, and translation folios.
Deadline: 15 December 2018
Length: Unspecified for prose; 4-6 poems
Pay: $30/page; an editor’s prize for poetry and prose, of $500 each, for every issue
Details here.
This is a new children’s flash fiction magazine. Their guidelines say, “…we look for stories that will surprise, move, and amuse both young and mature imaginative minds. We like fiction that dives deep into meaning and resists banality. We believe the moral, if any, of a great story should evolve naturally from within and not be imposed from without.” They are open to pieces that defy traditional storytelling, and particularly welcome tasteful humor and a strong voice. They will accept fee-free submissions until end-December.
Deadline: 31 December 2018 (for free submissions)
Length: 500-1,200 words
Pay: $100
Details here.
This is a horror podcast for Black horror writers. They accept fiction, occasionally flash fiction, and reprints that have not previously appeared in radio format.
Deadline: Open now
Length: Flash up to 2,500 words; short fiction of 2,500-10,000 words
Pay: $75 for short fiction, $35 for flash
Details here.
The Wild Musette Journal of Music, Mystery and Myth
This is a biannual print and e-book literary magazine focused on stories, poetry, traditional music and dance, and fantasy. They are currently open to four themes: Music and dance, Fantasy and mythic fiction, Women’s fiction and consequential relationships, and Environmental and earth-related concerns. Their guidelines say, “The Wild Musette Journal always circles back to a few core pieces focused on music and dance, but along the way we stray very far afield. … Though our readers are enchanted by Euterpe and Terpsichore, they are also thrilled by a great adventure, a steamy romance, edgy fiction, and thoughtful (or humorous) reflections on nature and the human condition.”
Deadline: Open now
Length: 1,000-7,500 for short fiction; up to 1,000 words for flash
Pay: $50 for fiction and non-fiction; $15 for poetry and flash fiction
Details here.
Leading Edge
This is a science fiction and fantasy magazine. It is affiliated with Birmingham Young University, so submissions must confirm with the BYU Honor Code, including no excessive violence or belittlement of traditional family values.
Deadline: Rolling
Length: Fiction up to 10,000 words, under 5,000 words for non-fiction, unspecified for poetry
Pay: $0.01/word, up to $50 for fiction, up to $20 for poetry, up to $75 for art, unspecified for non-fiction
Details here.
St Anthony Messenger
This is a Catholic monthly magazine. Apart from articles, they also accept fiction and poetry. Their guidelines say, “Stories that sound more like essays or monologues with no dialogue or interaction on the part of the characters will not succeed.” Also, “Dialogue should move the story forward and sound real—the way people speak in real life.” For features they want pitches, not unsolicited submissions.
Deadline: Rolling
Length: 2,000-2,500 words for fiction; up to 2,000 words for features; up to 20 lines for poetry
Pay: $0.20/word for prose ($500 for 2,500 words), $2/line for poetry
Details here.


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