10 Calls for Short Stories: Fiction Markets Paying $50 to $360 for June 2019

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These markets publish fiction, and a few also publish other genres, like non-fiction and poetry. They pay writers, from $50 to $360. None of these venues charge a submission fee. Some deadlines are coming quickly. – S. Kalekar

The Puritan
This Canadian literary magazine publishes fiction, non-fiction – interviews, essays and reviews – and poetry from all over the world. They can only accept a limited number of fee-free submissions per month, so it is best to get the submissions in early.
Deadline: 25 June 2019 for Summer issue; reads year-round
Length: Up to 10,000 words for fiction, up to 4 poems; various for nonfiction (see guidelines)
Pay: CAD200 per essay; CAD150 for fiction; CAD100 per interview or review; CAD25 per poem (or page, capped at CAD80)
Details here.
Gallery of Curiosities: Special Session – WW2
They want retropunk fiction set during the World War II era, from the rise of Nazi Germany to the troop homecoming era. Retropunk could include steampunk, dieselpunk, dreadpunk, bronzepunk, but not atompunk. They also accept reprints.
Deadline: 30 June 2019
Length: Up to 7,500 words
Pay: $0.04/word
Details here.
­­­­­They publish fantasy short fiction on their website and as a podcast. They are open to all the sub-genres of fantasy, from magical realism to urban fantasy to slipstream to high fantasy. Fantastical or non-real content should be meaningful to the story. They publish reprints.
Deadline: 15 July 2019
Length: Up to 6,000 words
Pay: $0.06/word
Details here.
The House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature
This is a new speculative fiction magazine and they are reading for their first issue. They want “literature that explores possibilities for the future. We want challenging short stories that are character driven, that reimagine the world and our place in it. We are looking for radical authors, feminist authors, LGBTQ2S authors, authors who experiment. Themes that thrill us: transhumanism, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, new systems, resistance, activism, queer perspectives, feminist perspectives, nature”, according to their guidelines. They also publish poetry.
Deadline: 15 July 2019
Length: 1,500-7,500 words (prefer 3,500-5,000); 1-3 poems
Pay: CAD50-75 for fiction, CAD25 for poetry
Details here.
NonBinary Review #22: The Odyssey
They publish poetry, fiction, essays, and art around a theme. They are open to submissions which relate to Homer’s The Odyssey. Their guidelines say. “While there are many excellent translations of this epic, we particularly like the 2017 translation by Emily Wilson.” Submissions must have a clear relationship with a specific aspect of the source text.
Deadline: 24 July 2019
Length: Up to 5,000 words for fiction
Pay: $0.01/word
Details here.
Signal Horizon
They want horror, or science fiction with a dark or weird edge. Their guidelines say, “If your story uses older horror tropes or concepts our expectation is that you will offer a unique perspective on them. … There is a audio aspect to what we publish so authors should pay close attention to what your story sounds like.”
Deadline: 21 August 2019
Length: Up to 3,000 words
Pay: $0.03/word
Details here.
This is a market for “revised folktales, legends, myth and other traditional narratives that have been made new by your retelling or your original fiction that has these folkloric elements or mythic elements”, according to their guidelines. They also accept fiction reprints, poetry, and art.
Deadline: 30 September 2019
Length: 1,000-3,000 words for fiction, up to five poems
Pay: $0.02/word; $15/poem
Details here.
Agnes and True
This Canadian literary journal accepts work from outside Canada, but places emphasis on fiction that exhibits a Canadian sensibility. They celebrate the achievement of women, and are particularly interested in discovering and publishing fiction by emerging older writers, both female and male. They especially like workplace stories, travel stories (but not travelogues), insightful stories about friendships and family, and stories that highlight the political side of the personal.
Deadline: Rolling
Length: 500-10,000 words
Pay: CAD75
Details here.
Funny Times
They want short stories that are funny, and poke fun at “politics, news, relationships, food, technology, pets, work, death, environmental issues, business, religion (yes, even religion) and the human condition in general.” They also publish cartoons, and accept mailed submissions only.
Deadline: Rolling
Length: 500-700 words
Pay: $60
Details here.
Write Ahead/The Future Looms
They publish cyperpunk stories and art. They value fiction that is experimental with regard to narrative techniques, yet retains strong character and plot elements.
Deadline: Rolling
Length: 750-2,500 words; also serialize works, with each instalment of that length
Pay: £0.02/word
Details here.


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