Download Page: The Freelance Writer’s Success Formula

About This Book: 

Does the thought of marketing your freelance writing business inspire anxiety attacks? Do you dream of grabbing certain gigs, only to pass them by because you’re not sure what to say, or who to reach out to? Do you spend more time looking for template letters so you know what “real writers” send to potential clients than you do actually contacting clients?

If so, this book is for you.

By the time you’re done reading this book you’re going to know exactly what to do. The process of getting a gig will be boiled down to a simple, easy formula that anyone can follow. And you’ll never, ever need to be afraid of looking foolish when you reach out to editors or potential clients, ever again.

But watch out! If you follow this formula correctly, you may just get more work than you know what to do with in the future…even if you don’t have any experience right now. (Okay, okay, so that’s a great problem to have.) Follow the formula, stop spinning your wheels, and start making money.


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