Download Now: The eBook Formula for Freelance Writers

You’ve picked up this book as a writer because you’d like to write and publish your own book. That’s awesome! The aim of this book is to help you get started in writing your book. I’ll walk you through coming up with idea to sitting at your desk, getting your book written, and selling it to the right readers.

Maybe you’ve sat down to write a book before, and you’ve struggled to know what to write about. You’ve doubted yourself, and wondered if anyone would really buy your book. Or perhaps you’ve had a great idea for a book, but you’ve struggled to expand your idea into a book outline. Or maybe you’ve actually sat at your writing desk, then been stumped by writer’s block.

Whatever difficulties you’ve had with creating and writing your book, you’ll find help in this ebook.

I’ll show you:

  • How writing an ebook helps you as a writer
  • Techniques for finding an idea for a book to give your book the best possible chance of making sales-driven
  • How to title your ebook
  • How to plan and structure your ebook
  • How to write your ebook

As such, this book is all about helping you find the motivation and ideas you need to get writing. It’s not a complete how-to guide on self-publishing, but rather a writer’s manual to help you plan and complete a book. After all, without having written a book, you have nothing to publish.

What if your book is already written? You’ll still find some helpful ideas in this book. In particular, you’ll find out what makes a book likely to sell. Like it or not, if you’re planning to sell books, then the marketing process starts before you write a single word. This book will cover the marketing strategies you should consider while planning and writing your book.

Once you’ve written your book, you’re well on your way to being a self-published ebook author. You’ll still have a few steps to go before your book is published, but you’ll have done the hard work. After your book is written, you’ll need to edit, format and publish it.

Are you ready to write your book? The let’s get started!

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