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This 2nd 2019 Edition Now Includes 1143 Publishers

About this book: This is a practical book for writers who are ready to get paid to write. It includes hundreds of publishers that accept queries, pitches, and submissions from freelance writers.

This edition of the book includes the addition of a guide to pitching your work, a case study from a successful freelance writer, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

All of the publishers listed in this book pay for the writing they publish. All of them publish work from freelance writers. Many of them are not listed anywhere else, including the famous “Writer’s Market.”

In fact, if you’re a writer submitting to publishers listed in the Writer’s Market, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Because it is so popular and so widely distributed, you’re facing very stiff competition.

The publishers in this book are less likely to be famous or widely known. Because of that, the discerning writer will have better odds of getting published. Less competition means higher odds of connecting with the right publisher.

Many of these markets are presented with expected payment information. This information should be considered a starting point for your negotiation with the publisher. Payment for some markets are “set in stone”, while others are quite flexible.

Of course, there is quite a lot that goes into building a successful freelance writing career. If you’re looking to launch your freelance writing career, I highly recommend The No B.S. Course on Freelance Writing.

The Paid Publishing Guidebook — 2nd Edition (2019 Edition) (FREE)