What Freelance Writers Need To Know About Elance.com

For many freelance writers, Elance.com is a lifesaver. There are a wide range of websites that promise to connect freelancer writers to actual paying gigs. Some of these websites offer limited job opportunities. Others are difficult to work with. Many freelancer writers agree that Elance.com takes the hassle out of finding freelance writing jobs. The website is well-suited for freelancers who are new to the job, experienced freelancer writers, and those who are looking for both part-time and full-time opportunities. Here’s what you need to know about getting jobs through Elance.com.

Getting Started. One of the first steps to find jobs through Elance.com is to create an account. Elance.com will ask you for relevant contact information, previous job history, credentials, and more. There is a one-time $10 fee to establish your account, as well as an additional fee that is charged to place bids on jobs which will be discussed later in this article.

Part of the set-up process also involves setting up a profile page. Each time you bid on a job, potential employers will have the option of clicking a link to this page to read more about you. You can write a free narrative on your profile page, which many people use to explain their background experience in writing, their passion for the job, and what niches they are focusing on. You can also include your minimum pay rate and other relevant information on this page. The profile page may also be used by employers who may request that you place a bid on a certain job.

In addition, there are various tests available that will let you prove your proficiency in certain areas. These tests include English Basic Skills, English Editing Skills, Microsoft Word, Research, and more. It’s highly suggested that you spend some time working on creating a great profile page as this, along with how your bid proposals are worded, are what employers will base their decision to hire (or not hire) you on.

Getting Jobs. There are a wide range of freelance writing jobs available on Elance.com. These include ghostwriting, editing, e-books and blogs, technical writing, creative writing, and more. Potential employers may be looking to put together a team of writers or may be looking for just one writer. Others may want someone with a significant amount of experience with proven writing samples while others may be going off of the lowest bid. You can usually get a good idea of what a potential employer is looking for as well as how easy (or difficult) they are to work with by reading the job description carefully.

Look for jobs that have not already been bid to death to ensure you have the best odds of getting a job. Also look for jobs that you may have a special background in or in a topic that you know extensively to give you an edge in the bidding process. After you’ve found a job, the next step is to prepare your job proposal by placing your bid. Those who are awarded the most jobs on Elance.com largely have a bid that is free of grammatical and spelling errors, that gives the employer some background information on their writing experience, and tells them why they are the best person for the job (such as special experience you have in the topic area.)

With each job that you bid on, you will use up a certain number of “Connects.” You purchase “Connects” from Elance.com with a credit card, and you may use anywhere from one to four or more Connects for each job. The higher amount of Connects are used for larger jobs. You can easily adjust the number of Connects you pay for on a monthly basis, which is beneficial so you can control this fee based on your own work schedule and how many jobs you need to bid on in a given month.

At first glance, paying for Connects may seem ridiculous, but it actually helps to keep everyone under the sun from bidding on jobs that you may be very qualified for. If you are bidding a competitive amount on jobs, writing a great proposal, and have some background or experience to bring to the table, you can usually get by with a minimum number of bids each month. If you can find solid work that offers long-term income potential, you may find that you aren’t bidding on any new jobs for months yet are still earning income through Elance.com

Income Potential. If you follow the guidelines and advice set forth in this article, and if you can produce quality work while still meeting deadlines, you can make a good income from Elance.com gigs. The trick for many people is to do quality work at a fast pace. With freelance writing, you are not getting paid by the hour, so the more work you can complete in a day or week, the more income you can make. Many freelance writers who have been working with Elance.com for several months have no trouble finding all of the jobs they have time for – again, provided their work is good.

Elance.com is great for picking up a few side jobs to supplement your regular income. It’s also a great starting point for beginning a full-time freelance writing career. Income potential available for full-time writing can exceed several thousand dollars per month, even more than $5,000 or $6,000 per month once you are established with a solid client base. Can everyone see these kinds of results? No, but some people may even enjoy more income than that. The bottom line is that you need to work efficiently and accurately if you want to make the most money possible with freelance writing through Elance.com, or through any other freelance writing website.

Elance.com is among the most popular websites for freelance writers. If you haven’t checked it out, you are missing out on a great resource.


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