The Freelance Writers Work Area: Cluttered or Neat?

Every freelance writer is a unique individual with a preferred work style and work environment. Some prefer to work in a high energy, cluttered environment, and others prefer to work in an absolutely neat and organized work environment. The fact is that both have their benefits, and the bottom line is that you have to be comfortable with the environment you create for yourself. A closer look at what these two environments offer is in order.

The Messy Desk. Freelance writers are creative individuals, and so they need to creative an environment that nurtures their creative spirit. Many freelance writers find that what may appear to be messy to some actually is organized chaos to them, and inside this neatly disorganized clutter is the inspiration for creative. Other freelance writers find that they are inspired to really stay on task and focus on their efforts when they see piles of work mounting on their desk. So while you may think that a messy desk would only detract from your work efforts, it actually can have some positive effects, too.

Neat and Organized. While some freelance writers thrive in a chaotic, high energy work area, such a work area only serves to stress out others and distract them from their task at hand. Many freelance writers find that they need a work area to be organized in order to foster the ultimate level of focus and attention on the project they are working on at the moment. Staring at other projects only serves to distract them. In fact, many freelance writers have to not just clean their desk before they can begin working but also may even need to clean the entire room so that they can fully relax into their work.

Creating Your Ideal Work Space. You may have not put much thought into your ideal work space up until now, and you may simply sit down each day and try to pound out some great work. The fact is, though, that if you are like most freelance writers, there are days when you are better able to focus onĀ  your tasks than others. You will want to pay attention to how the state of your work environment feeds on your creative energy or detracts from your work efforts so that you can make an effort to give yourself the work environment that best suits your needs each and every day.

Moving forward, you will want to pay attention to your productivity over the next week or two, taking notes of how much work you get done and how clean and organized your area is. You may actually be surprised about how the status of your work area feeds into our creative energy or takes away from it if you haven’t really paid attention before. This simple exercise can really help you to hone in on your preferred work environment so that you can ultimately boost productivity and profitability. Take time today to get started with your observations so you can make changes in your work environment soon.


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