Start-up Costs to Establish Yourself as a Freelance Writer

Many people struggle with the decision to become a freelance writer. Generally, these are people who love to right and have a real talent for it, and yet they fear that there just isn’t any money in a job as a freelance writer. Further, they fear that there will be financial costs associated with getting started in a new career that they really cannot afford to pay.

If you share these dreams of being a freelance writer as well as these worries and fears, you should know that the start-up costs of becoming a freelance writer are minimal. Plus, you can absolutely ease into a career as a freelance writer, continuing whatever work you are currently doing to pay the bills while you get established in this new job. So what do you need to become a freelance writer?

  • Equipment. Generally to become a freelance writer, you will need basic office equipment. The most important thing for most freelance writers is to have a computer and a high speed internet connection. There are other things you may want to have (which are not necessarily a requirement for most assignments you may work on), and these include a printer, a fax machine, and other such basic office equipment. You will find in many cases that as long as you have a computer and internet connection, you can pretty much work anywhere, but it will help if you have a dedicated work space inĀ  your home.
  • Work-Related Fees. There are some scams that target those who work from home, or those who desire to work from home, and so generally you will want to shy away from most sites that require you to pay an up-front fee for tips on how to get started in the business and so forth. However, there are some companies that legitimately will connect you with potential clients for a small fee, and you will find that when you use the services of these companies, you can enjoy a much faster start in your career as a freelance writer. There are several of these sites available, and is the largest and most reputable. Such fees are generally nominal, though, and shouldn’t amount to more than about $10-$40 per month per site. You likely only need join one or two sites to get started, and may cut that down to just one site after awhile.

These are essentially the only costs that most freelance writers will incur to get started in the business. most people already have a home computer with an internet connection, the you really only need to research top websites that connect you with clients to really get started in the business. While you may be eager to jump right in, you should ease into the job slowly. Do a few small assignments for the first month or two and learn the ropes of freelance writing. This transcends writing skills and involves actually learning how to pick and choose good assignments, how to pick and choose quality clients, managing your work schedule, and more.

You will find that getting started in a career as a freelance writer is not as difficult, cumbersome, or costly as you might have initially thought, and that you can make more money in this job thanĀ  you likely thought at first, too. Before you know it, you can make a smooth transition into leaving your current job and becoming a full-time freelance writer.


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